SSC CHSL Previous Year Question Papers

SSC CHSL Previous Year Question Papers

The candidates will be glad to know that one of the important positions are available to get filled with the inspiring candidates who wish to be in SSC CHSL. The candidates must go for this exam as it is always observed that large amount of applicants are observed who fill the application form before the last date of submission. The exam is considered highly important for all those who are aspiring to be in government sector. The details associated with this exam is provided here which also captures the previous papers and sample papers along with syllabus and pattern that will encourage you to follow the listed detailed information of the SSC CHGL. The Staff selection Commission of India conducts recruitment for various positions of data- Entry operator, Clerk, Postal and sorting Assistant through SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level Examination. Lakhs of students appear for this exam, and therefore is very crucial among other exams.

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For all those who are preparing and have decided to give this exam, must take the benefits we offer in this site and begin the preparation from the material that we offer through links, as accessing these links is very easy and doesn’t require any additional charges. The vacancies is also observed to be in great amount and one has to prepare from finest material to score well in SSC. Thus, it manifest to hold greater importance, and it consist of the specific syllabus and pattern which we provide below, in this post. The Commission declared the notification and also released the syllabus at the official page, so we encourage you to visit the official website and read the notification before filing the application form.

Name of the Institute        – Staff Selection Commission

Name of the post               –   DEO, LDC, Postal sorting Assistant

Job Location                        –   Anywhere in India

Job Category                      –   Previous papers

Type of Job                     – Government


The pattern is shared with you as it includes the area from which the exam will get prepare and bring ease in understanding the exam well. Along with this, we also bring out the sample and previous papers that also help you in developing the concept well. There is objective type Questions followed with the skill Test. The Written Examination consist of the following sections and the objective type Question paper is conducted for 2 hrs. So, take benefit and prepare from the exam pattern and syllabus.

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Subject Questions Marks
General intelligence 50 50
English language 50 50
Quantitative aptitude 50 50
General awareness 50 50

The complete Sets of previous papers is mentioned in these links which you can download easily and get the sample papers also as it contains questions from the previous sets as well as some questions from the desired pattern.

Sample Questions:

1.    3/5th of a number is more than 40% of the same number by 35. What is 80% of that number ?
a)    175
b)    105
c)    150
d)    140    (Ans)

2.    The sum of two digits of a number is less than the number by 54. What is the difference between two digits of the number ?
a)    2
b)    4
c)    6
d)    Data inadequate   (Ans)

3.     In the equation given below which number (approx.) will replace the question mark ?   6.59 x 149.36 + 159% of 1642 = 10000 – ?
a)     6800
b)    7500
c)    6500 (Ans)
d)    5500

4.    The inequality of b2 + 8b > 9b + 14 can be removed if —–
a)    b> 5, b< -5
b)    b> 5, b< – 4     (Ans)
c)    b > 6, b< -6
d)    b > 4, b < -4

Explanation : b2 + 8b – 9b –  14 > 0
b2 -b –  14 > 0
b2 – b  + 1/4 > 14  +1/4
(b-1/2) >  +  √57/2
b>    1 +   7.55
> 4.28 or – 3.28
:.                 b  > 5 or b < – 4

5.    If the radius of the base and the height of a right circular cone are increased by 20%, then what is the approximate percentage increase in volume ?
a)    60
b)    68
c)    73     (Ans)
d)    75

Explanation : 2a + b +    a2 +2ab    a2b     (Here a = 20=b)
100        10000
= 2 x 20 + 20+   (20)2 + 2 x 20 x 20    +         (20)2 x 20
100                        10000
= 40 + 20 +    1200 +   8000
100      10000
= 72.8 = 73 (Approx.)

PQRS is a diameter of a circle of radius 6 cm as shown in the figure above. The lengths PQ, QR and RS are equal. Semi-circles are drawn on PQ and QS as diameters. What is the perimeter of the shaded region ?
a)    12 Π     (Ans)
b)    14 Π
c)    16 Π
d)    18 Π

7.    In the equation given below, what (approx.) number will replace the question mark ?
162 √7+18068 – 2 and 1/7 of 5162 = ?
a)    7200
b)    8700
c)    9200
d)    7600  (Ans)

8.    In the equation given below what will come in place of question mark ?  5672 + 3805 = ? + 39846
a)    21615
b)    20031
c)    219751
d)    20751  (Ans)

9.    When 40% of a certain number is added in an other number, then the second number is increased by its 60%. What is the ratio between the two numbers ?
a)    3:2 (Ans)
b)    2:3
c)    3:4
d)    Data inadequate

10.  The average marks of 55 students of a class is 60. The average marks of passed students is 70 and the average marks of failed students is 45. What is the number of failed students ?
a)    33
b)    22 (Ans)
c)    28
d)    Data inadequate

Download SSC CHSL Previous Year Question Papers

SSC CHSL Question Paper Download link PDF
SSC CHSL Question Paper 1
Download here
SSC CHSL Question Paper 2
Download here
SSC CHSL Question Paper 3
Download here
SSC CHSL Question Paper 4
Download here
SSC CHSL Question Paper 5
Download here

The candidates interest and aspirations is followed here, so if you are finding any inconvenience related with any notifications or want to sort your query, let us know about that, we will look forward to it and find relevant solution for the same. To get more updates, visit the official page.

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