Revenue Patwari Recruitment Exam Sample Question Paper

Patwari Paper

Revenue Patwari Recruitment Exam Sample Question Paper 1.    Which Indian Satellite was declared by functioned in the year 1997? a.    INSAT-2C    b.    INSAT-2D C.    INSAT-1C    d.    INSAT-1D 2.    ‘Bihu’ is related to which State? a.    Asom                   b.    Punjab c.    Uttar Pradesh    d.    Gujarat 3.    The Indian Civil Service was introduced during the name of […]

SSC Constable (GD) Recruitment Exam Sample Question Paper

SSC GD Paper

SSC Constable (GD) RECRUITMENT EXAM 2015 Part-A General Intelligence and Reasoning Directions (Q.Nos. 1 -5) Select the related words/letters/numbers from the given alternatives. 1.    Post office : Envelope :: Bank : ? a.    Account    b. Money c. Cheque    d. Manager 2.    Paisa : Rupee :: ? a.    Kilogram : Quintal b.    Metre: Centimetre c.    Coin […]

SSC Constable (GD) Recruitment Exam 2015 – Mock Paper


SSC Constable (GD) Recruitment Exam 2015 MODEL CRACK SET Exam Date October 4, 2015 No. of Questions 100                                                                                                                                       Time 2 hr Part-A General Intelligence 1.    If ZEBRA can be written as 2652181, how can COBRA be written? a. 302181    b. 3152181 C. 31822151    d. 1182153 2.    A bus starts from city X. Then, number of […]

Indian Postman Mail Guard Exam Question Paper


India Post Postman/Mail Guard Recruitment Exam  Question Paper Answer 2016 India, a hub of generating tremendous opportunities has emerged with government jobs in its postal department with many vacancies offered by them. The Indian postal department has various branches in different states, which keen on bringing its vacancies for the recruitment process and this time, the mail […]

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