NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science Solutions PDF Free Download

Here we are providing the most comprehensive NCERT Exemplar Problems for Class 7 Science Solutions PDF Chapter-wise. Science has always been a fascinating subject to learn. It is like a big banyan tree, holding different branches of science such as Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and the list goes on. But school education covers only these four subjects. Bio technologies, Microbiology, Paramedical Sciences, Nanotechnology are the other parts of Science.

CBSE Class 7 Science book contains many chapters that are very important for human lives. It is very important t know about our origin and body metabolism, Life on Earth and about how these organisms survive. It also includes weather cycles that make planet Earth function. Class 6 might be somewhat easier compared to Class 7, as some major modifications are done in the syllabus to brighten up young minds. The difficulty level is high and students might find it tough to search the textbooks for solutions.

NCERT Exemplar Problems –  Class 7 Science Solutions PDF Download Chapter-wise

Chapter No Chapter Name
1 Nutrition in Plants
2 Nutrition in Animals
3 Fibre to Fabric
4 Heat
5 Acids, Bases and Salts
6 Physical and Chemical Changes
7 Weather, Climate and Adaptation of Animals to Climate
8 Wind, Storm and Cyclone
9 Soil
10 Respiration in Organisms
11 Transportation in Animals and Plants
12 Reproduction in Plants
13 Motion and Time
14 Electric Current and Its Effects
15 Light
16 Water : A Precious Resource
17 Forests : Our Lifeline
18 Wastewater Story

So NCERT and DESM prepared this solution book for helping the suffering students. National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) provide solutions for Class7 exemplar problems. The solutions are prepared by a bunch of well-skilled teachers and experts. These experts are basically from NCERT and DESM (Department of Education in Science and Mathematics).

What solutions are provided in NCERT Class 7 Science Exemplar Solutions?

NCERT Exemplar solutions for Class 7 Science provides solution key to different types of questions asked in the textbook. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are asked consisting of Fill in the blanks, choose the odd one out, conclude whether the statement is true or false and choose the best answer from given options.

The solution book provides solutions for short answer type questions. Such questions are like picking the odd one out and explaining why it is not confined to that group. There are also some logical questions asked about weather conditions on friends going home. Such types of questions are to be solved by using NCERT Solution books because the answer we think might not provide us with good marks. It is wise to use solution books while learning these types of questions.

Long answer type questions are also solved in this NCERT solutions book. This is the most crucial type since we cannot gain full marks. This is due to the fact that you do not know what to actually write to get a full mark. There is nothing to worry and NCERT Solutions are there to help. They have provided solutions for long answer type questions with important points, necessary diagrams and highlighting keywords.

NCERT Class 7 Science Exemplar solutions PDF

You can download PDF of NCERT Class 7 Science solutions from this article. Before that, let you know the chapters you have in Science textbook for class 7. There are about 18 chapters, for which you have provided with solutions.

The chapters mentioned above comprise all branches of Science like Physics, Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry. Chapters 16 and 17 tell us the importance of water and forests respectively. Forests are the green covers of our environment. It acts as the shelter for many plants, trees, animals, insects, rare plant and animal species. The chapter explains well about these organisms and any change in their ecosystem will automatically disturb the food chain. Deforestation is another danger to these forests.

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This makes the wildlife to move towards human regions. We all know how water resources are depleted every day. It is our duty to protect these water resources. Many factories and industries are draining their polluted waters directly into water bodies. Chapter 18 Wastewater story explains the types of wastewaters and how can we prevent them from our side. Chapter 5 gives a detailed explanation of Acids, Salts, and bases. Chapter 1 and 2 is about Respiration in plants and animals.

Tips for preparing Science Examination

Science is the subject where we can score more marks easily. You can score even better with the help of NCERT Class 7 Science Exemplar solutions. In addition to that, follow these steps to get good marks in your examination.

  1. Diagrams are the essence of Science subject. Make sure you practice well because only by practicing you can master them. Some zoology related diagrams are difficult and the only way to perform better is through practice.
  2. As said earlier, diagrams are very important. This is the first thing, the supervisor sees. So if your diagram is neat and marked correctly with all parts, there is a good chance for scoring high marks.
  3. Presenting a paper is very important. For long essay questions, divide the content into headings and sub-headings. This makes your paper look pleasant.
  4. Make sure you write in points according to the marks. By practicing this, you would master in writing answers only necessary. Irrelevant answers annoy the supervisors.
  5. Highlight the keywords using a different color. This gives an idea about your learning and presenting skills. And the teachers search for necessary keywords to provide you full marks. By this way, you make their job easier and in turn, you will get a good score.
  6. As there are multiple names to plant and animal species, there is a good chance of twisting a question. Read the question properly at the time of examination. You might not be familiar to that particular question, but if you read it again and again, you get to know that the question was already prepared by you.
  7. Do not panic and get stressed at the time of exams. Be chill and give your best.

Practice hard with NCERT Class 7 Science Exemplar solutions and do well in your upcoming examinations. Best of luck!

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