Interview  5:

Interview Experience: Kolkata 17/03/2015 Morning Shift

There were 6 panelists 5M 1F.I was 4th in the panel and interview went around 7-8 Mins. So here goes my detailed interview experience.

M1: So Rupam I am not going in basic things like to introduce yourself.Just tell us something about you to make us feel to hire you

Me: Started with Job experience and banking IT Project and then told that I am aware of some banking terms as my elder brother is branch Manager in Allahabad bank.

M1: So what are the prevalent problems that Indian banking industry is facing.

Me: Told about NPA.

M1: How to reduce NPA

Me: Told some ideas and basic things like awareness through campaigns offering ppls attractive package so that they repay it.

M1: Even if they dont care what step you will take?

Me: Then bank will legally acquire the mortgage kept against the loan and auction it to raise the fund.

M1: So that must be a legal process and should be handled by court right?

Me: Yes sir.

M1: Is there any way bank acquire it without intervention of court.

Me: I don’t have idea regarding that kind of process.

M1: Ever heard of SARFARESI act?

Me: Heard about it but dont have detailed knowledge.

M1:That act enables banks to legally acquire land without intervention of court.Smiled and passed on to M2.

M2: In which domain you have worked in TCS?

Me; Testing.

M2: What is Test case? Whio prepared test cases for you peoples? Tell us overall process of your work and some quetions on it like why delay in delivery happens?

Me: Answered and looked satisfied.

M2: What are the things you know apart from testing?

Me: SQL,Networking.

M2: What are the different routing protocols?

Me: Answered.

M3: Which banks have headquarters in kolkata?

Me: UBI, UCO,Allahabad bank.

M4: Have you heard of any mortgage banking issue that happened 2 years back in USA?

Me: No sir, haven’t read about it.

F1: What is IFSC code and why it is used?

Me: Answered and they looked satisfied.

M5: What is Mainframe.

Me: Sir Mainframe is a Software platform but I dont have detailed knowledge about this as I have never worked on Mainframe.

M5 passed on to M1

M1: Ok Rupam Thank You and All the best.

Me: Thank you all and Have a nice day.

That’s it.Wish you all the best. Views please.

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