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Get the ICAR Exam Previous Year Question Papers for the preparation of ICAR recruitment exams. We have provided some questions below to revise and to get update you on the present syllabus. Below are some questions that have been asked before in this exam.Candidates have to concentrate more on the written exams.

The ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research is an) independent department which is accountable for co-ordination in agricultural education and research in India. ICAR is one of the largest firm of agricultural research institute of the world. The ICAR guides the refurbishment and regeneration of higher education (formerly known as YashpalCommitte) for setting up a constitutional body and it operates and regulates all the major sectors of higher education including agricultural education.

Currently, modulation of agricultural education is the prime objective of ICA. UPA government has also incorporated ICAR in the ‘hundred day’s agenda’ and it was awarded as one of the leading agriculture institute of India.

ICAR Previous Year Question Papers PDF

Keep checking the official website for the advertisement. As it is expected of candidates to know and understand the exam specifications early. Some question samples for ICAR examination has been pen down so that the aspirants preparing for this examination can get an outlook of the examination. The below questions will help them to prepare well for the examination.The exam paper and the syllabus helps the aspirants in clearing the examination and thus we upload ICAR Question Paper and the question paper on the daily basis so that the aspirant can get whole profit from us and by preparing it hard one can easily crack the examination.

ICAR is also going to release recruitment notification for the various vacancies for managing the firm and they will conduct the examination for these vacancies. Applicant who are going to appear in the examination have to prepare the current affair, Exam syllabus, Exam Pattern and one the most important thing which is previous year question paper. The previous year question papers for ICAR exam are available below in this article in PDF format, so aspirant can easily download and begin the preparation.

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Sample Questions for ICAR

1. Dangerous gas for depletion of ozone layer is:

(A)Ethane (B) Methane

(C)CFC (D) Carbon-dioxide

2. Which of the following is not a bio pesticide?

(A) Bioneem (B) Carbaryl

(C) Biolap (D) Dipel

3. Major cropping system of trans-gigantic plains is

(A)Soybean – wheat (B) Rice – rice

(C) Rice –wheat (D) Maize – wheat

4. Photosynthetic inhibition by 02 is called:

(A) Reaction (B) War burg’s effect

(C) Back inhibition (D) Competitive effect

5. Crop logging is done in

(A) Sugarcane (B) Maize

(C)Tobacco (D) Cotton

6. Blue revolution is related with:

(A) Crops (B) Energy source

(C) Fish (D) Oil seeds

7. Inflorescence in rice is known as

A) Ear (B) Raceme

(C) Spike (D) Panicle

8. Alluvial soils are found in :

(A) Deserts (B) Forests

(C) River delta (D) Mountains

9. Weight of one cotton bale is

(A)170 Kg (B) 160 Kg

(C) 180 Kg (D) 190 Kg

10. Hybrid cotton in India was evolved for the first time in

(A) 1975 (B) 1980

(C) 1970 (D) 1985

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11. Net cultivated area in India during 2004- 05 was

(A)138 million hectare (B) 141 million hectare

(C) 135 million hectare (D) 144 million hectare

12. The relative proportion of sand, silt and clay is called

(A) Soil texture (B) Soil aggregation

(C) Soil structure (D) Soil taxonomy

13. Which of the following crops is thermo-insensitive?

(A) Sunflower (B) Wheat

(C) Rice (D) Jowar

14. The IARI was established in : 24.

(A)1907 (B) 1909

(C) 1904 (D) 1905

15. In which of the following crops GM varieties are available for cultivation in India

(A) Mustard (B) Cotton

(C) Soybean (D) All of the above

Download ICAR Previous Year Exam Question Papers

ICAR Question Paper Download link pdf
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ICAR ARS NET previous year question paper pdf 1 Download here

Previous year question papers are very important as far as exams are concerned as it gives you the idea of the exam paper format to follow. So it will be very beneficial for the aspirants to start the preparation by referring the ICAR previous year question paper by considering the latest syllabus pattern.

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