IOCL Trade/Technician Apprentices Syllabus and Exam pattern

IOCL Trade/Technician Apprentice Syllabus and Exam Pattern

IOCL Syllabus 2017 is available today. Candidates can get into the IOCL Exam Syllabus Pdf and Test Pattern here. More over, we’ve covered the most recent Syllabus of IOCL 20 17 and Exam Pattern on these pages for the further mention. Aspirants can also understand the more details concerning this IOCL exam @ Thus, syllabus plays with worth part in most exam prep. Through this IOCL Syllabus, candidates can able to gauge the questions got from the Examination from a specific topic. By doing this, aspirants can in a position to organize preparation perfectly for your own JE Written Exam to get the best score. Candidates need to clear the Written Exam to really go for further rounds at the IOCL Recruitment.

IOCL Technician & Trade Apprentice Syllabus | Exam Pattern

S. No Type of Exam Subject Name Duration
1. Objective Type Related Discipline  2 hours
2. General Awareness/ Reasoning
3. Logical Ability
  • IOCL Trade/Technician Apprentices written test is objective type test.
  • In IOCL exam, the questions will be framed from General Awareness, Logical Ability, and related subjects.
  • Each correct answer in IOCL exam carries one mark.
  • And the duration of IOCL Trade/ Technician Apprentice written exam is 2 hours.

IOCL Haldia Exam Syllabus

Haldia Refinery Exam Pattern

S.NO Subject Duration
1. Technical Subject 2 Hours
2. general Subject

Hence, the students are advised to prepare well for the written exam through the IOCL Trade Apprentice Syllabus 2017.

Download IOCL Technician Apprentice Exam Syllabus

In order to read the detailed syllabus of the IOCL Exam, here we have mentioned the Syllabus of IOCL 2017 in a detailed manner. Refer the IOCL Apprentice syllabus to know the topics to be prepared for the exam.

IOCL Technician Apprentice Syllabus for Reasoning Ability

  • Similarities and Differences.
  • Problem Solving.
  • Space Visualization.
  • Judgement.
  • Analysis.
  • Visual Memory.
  • Decision Making.
  • Relationship Concepts.
  • Discriminating Observation.
  • Figure Classification.
  • Arithmetical Number Series etc.

IOCL Technician Apprenticeship Training Syllabus for Numerical Ability

  • Percentages.
  • Averages.
  • Simplification.
  • Problems on Ages.
  • Profit and Loss.
  • Interest.
  • Time & Work.
  • Time & Distance.
  • Boats & Streams.
  • Pipes & Cisterns.
  • Data Interpretation etc.

IOCL Trade Apprentice Syllabus for General Awareness

  • Sports.
  • Culture.
  • History.
  • Economic Scene.
  • Geography.
  • Indian Constitution.
  • General Polity.
  • Scientific Research.
  • Current Events – International & National etc.

IOCL Syllabus for Mechanical

  • The Strength of Materials.
  • Heat Transfer,
  • Machine Design.
  • Theory Of Machines.
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.
  • Fluid Mechanics.
  • Fluid Machinery & Steam Generators.
  • Thermodynamics.
  • Engineering Materials.
  • Industrial Engineering etc.

IOCL Technical Apprentice Syllabus – Electrical Engineering

  • Network Analysis.
  • Electrical Instrumentation.
  • Electromagnetic Theory.
  • Switch Gear and Protection.
  • Power Electronics & Drives.
  • Electronics Devices.
  • Control Systems.
  • Analog and Digital Electronics.
  • Electrical Machines.
  • Power System Analysis & Control.
  • Power System Protection.
  • Utilization of Electrical Energy.
  • Power Systems etc.

IOCL Apprentice Syllabus – Instrumentation Engineering

  • Basics of Circuits and Measurement Systems.
  • Analog Electronics.
  • Control Systems and Process Control.
  • Instrumentation.
  • Digital Electronics.
  • Transducers, Mechanical Measurement, and Industrial Instrumentation.
  • Signal and Systems.
  • Analytical, Optical and Bio-medical Instrumentation.
  • Communications.
  • Electrical and Electronic Measurements.
  • Analytical, Optical, and Biomedical.

IOCL Trade Apprentice Syllabus – Physics

  • Laws of motion.
  • Thermal properties of matter.
  • Units and measurements.
  • Kinetic theory.
  • Gravitation.
  • Work, energy, and power.
  • Wave optics.
  • Oscillations.
  • Physical world.
  • Mechanical properties of solids.
  • Ray optics and optical instruments.
  • Motion in a straight line.
  • Thermodynamics.
  • Motion in a plane.
  • Nuclei.
  • Mechanical properties of fluids.
  • Systems of particles and rotational motion.
  • Electric charges and fields.
  • Moving charges and magnetism.
  • Electromagnetic induction.
  • Electrostatic potential and capacitance.
  • Magnetism and Matter.
  • Current electricity.
  • Alternating current.
  • Dual nature of radiation and matter.
  • Electromagnetic waves.
  • Atoms.
  • Waves.
  • Semiconductor electronics.
  • Communication systems.

IOCL Trade Apprentice Syllabus – Chemistry

  • The s – block elements.
  • P-block elements – group 14 (carbon family).
  • Organic chemistry-some basic principles and techniques and hydrocarbons.
  • Solutions.
  • Surface chemistry.
  • Thermodynamics.
  • Chemical equilibrium and acids-bases.
  • Hydrogen and its Compounds.
  • Atomic structure.
  • D and f block elements & coordination compounds.
  • Classification of elements and periodicity in properties.
  • Environmental chemistry.
  • Chemical bonding and molecular structure.
  • Solid state.
  • States of matter: gasses and liquids.
  • Electrochemistry and chemical kinetics.
  • Stoichiometry.
  • General principles of metallurgy.
  • Organic compounds containing c, h and o.
  • P- block elements group 13 (boron family).
  • P-block elements.
  • Biomolecules.
  • Chemistry in everyday life.
  • Haloalkanes and haloarenes.
  • Polymers.
  • Organic compounds containing nitrogen.

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IOCL Trade Apprentice Syllabus – Mathematics

  • Number Systems.
  • Computation of Whole Numbers.
  • Decimals and Fractions.
  • Relationship Between Numbers.
  • Fundamental Arithmetical Operations.
  • Percentage.
  • Ratio & Proportion.
  • Profit & Loss.
  • Simple Interest.
  • Average.
  • Discount.
  • Partnership.
  • Time & Work.
  • Time & Distance.
  • Use of Tables and Graphs.
  • Mensuration.

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IOCL Syllabus – Chemical Syllabus:

  • Chemical Arithmetic & Atomic Structure.
  • Solutions.
  • Chemical Equilibrium.
  • Chemical Kinetics.
  • Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry.
  • Chemical Thermodynamics.
  • Solid State & States of Matter.
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure.
  • Chemistry of Representative Elements.
  • Surface Chemistry.
  • Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties.
  • Transition Elements Including Lanthanides.
  • Nomenclature and Basic Concepts in the Organic Chemistry.
  • Organic Chemistry Based On Function Group-II.
  • Organic Chemistry Based On Functional Group-III.
  • Hydrocarbons.
  • Organic Chemistry Based On Functional Group-I.
  • Co-Ordination Chemistry and Organometallics.
  • Molecules of Life.
  • Polymers

So start preparing and download Civil Assistant Surgeon Exam papers and do well. we have covered all the sections in detail. Cover the parts as explained above and prepare for the best.

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