HC Verma Solutions PDF – Physics Part 1, 2

You will get the H.C. Verma Solutions – Physics Part 1 & Part 2 in PDF format along with the post. H.C.Verma is a renowned professor at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. IIT Kanpur has been grateful since 1994 to have this great personality in its institute. He teaches Experimental Physics and does research on Nuclear Physics. Physics that has always been a tough subject to most of the students since class 9th is the favourite subject of this personality and he has written various books on the subject. He has written books on all the levels for physics be it graduates, undergraduates or school levels. He has done social work as well for encouraging children from weaker sectors to study.

Download H. C. Verma Solutions – Physics Part 1, 2 – Chapterwise

Chapter Name Download
1 Introduction to Physics Download
2 Physics and Mathematics Download
3 Rest and motion Kinematics Download
4 The Forces Download
5 Newtons Laws of Motion Download
6 Friction Download
7 Circular Motion Download
8 Work and Energy Download
9 Centre of Mass Linear Momentum Collision Download
10 Rotational Mechanics Download
11 Gravitation Download
12 Simple Harmonic Motion Download
13 Fluid Mechanics Download
14 Some Mechanical Properties of Matter Download
15 Wave Motion and Waves on a String Download
16 Sound Waves Download
17 Light Waves Download
18 Geometrical Optics Download
19 Optical Instruments Download
20 Dispersion and Spectra Download
21 Speed of Light Download
22 Photometry Download

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Why H.C Verma Physics Solutions Download Now ?

When any student starts preparing for exams like medical entrances or IIT Mains, preparing for it isn’t just enough if a student isn’t preparing with an aim to clear the entrance. While preparing for the same also a student has in his/her mind that would he/she be able to clear the exam? Will he be able to keep up to the hopes of his/her parents under such questions running in the mind of an individual and pressure of clearing the exam it may be possible that things seem to be at the harder end. This can be overcome if an individual prepares from the best available material to prepare. Books do help an individual but the best books not only help the student but also increase knowledge and clear the concepts of the students which can be remembered for life long.

Coming down to preparing for IIT mains and Medical exams the toughest subject that comes forth is physics. Physics is a subject that is quite tough and needs potent assistance. It can be said that it’s not a subject to be learned or by hearted but needs to be understood practically.  A student mostly evolves at concepts of physics after he/she completes his/her +2 schooling. Physics have questions that are quite tricky and lead to various answers that get negatively marked leading to the loss of marks. Such situations arise because the students do have an idea about the concept but their concepts are not completely clear and thoroughly revised. They lack the complete knowledge of the subject which leads them to mark the answers wrong.

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Physics Part 1 & Part 2 Solution by H.C. Verma

These can be avoided if a student studies from H.C.Verma Physics solutions for the subject. The book is in two volumes and going through it physics for a student becomes a subject that helps him/her score the maximum.  Why one should prefer to H.C.Verma and not others book is a question mostly asked. well, it’s completely an aspirants call to prefer what he is willing to while preparing for exam for every book ahs the same purpose and that is imparting of knowledge but H.C.Verma stands out of the rest and is recommended by majority because the language of the book is exceedingly simple with explanations eloquent and are supported by simplest possible examples for the better understanding of the students. Moreover, the book doesn’t just focus on the theoretical knowledge and memorizing of things rather it pays more importance on practical knowledge for better understanding and clearing of concepts.

Various simple experiments are defined and described in the books that can be easily carried out by an individual at home and have a clear understanding of every concept. Also the book doesn’t restrict its reader to question that may only help him/her through exam but also provides question that would force a student to think, increase his/her capabilities and do research on topics to increase his/her treasure of knowledge. To say the least the book pushes a student to think and think out of the box. It also provides proper help to an individual to prepare well for exam and nail it.

It covers all the topics that would be needed by an aspirant to appear and clear IIT Mains exams. Referring this book a student is sure to gain the clarity of concepts and remember them for a lifetime.

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It’s a book recommended by almost all the teachers from schools and coaching or an aspirant who has already appeared for the exam and wasn’t able to make it through. The H.C Verma Solution books online have great ratings and are counted as one the most sold books. A few says it’s the books that helps you to swim and get to the shore when rest of the ways to reach shore seem to have closed upon you. It is also referred to as “the bible of physics” and a book must to go for. It’s a book that contains a mixture of questions both difficult as well easy. It takes you up a notch step by step instead of all at once. It is a book that can be referred by a student even while preparing for his/her boards. The student referring it is sure to emerge as a victor.

Seeing all the efforts that are put up by every student in either his/her board exams or when he/she is preparing for IIT exams we have come up with an easier solution for all. Preparing from physical books may seem to be tough for the habit of students of not referring the books but if the book is available on cell phones wouldn’t it be easier? So we provide you a H.C. Verma Solution in pdf  format of the books so you can download and  study easily and emerge as a victor in any of your exams.


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