Who Is Carrie Cordero (CNN Analyst )? Facts To Know About The Legal Analyst

A few months ago, Carrie Cordero caused a stir on social media when she was accused of spreading false information.

In June 2022, Internet users pointed out that this finance expert’s message on CNN was wrong because she said “a judge said it could be obstruction of congress” when Judge Carter had said “obstruction of an official proceeding.”

Carrie has kept working in the network, but now she is more careful and has more experience because of her mistake.

She works with many different groups, such as CNN, CNAS, and Georgetown Law University.

Carrie Cordero
Carrie Cordero

CNN analyst Carrie Cordero is in her 40s, according to Wikipedia

As of 2022, this impressive financial expert who is at the top of her field seems to be in her 40s. She hasn’t told anyone her birthday or anything else about herself.

According to Ms. Cordero’s LinkedIn page, she has a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Political Science from Barnard College, which she earned in 1997.

Then, in 2002, she went to American University’s Washington College of Law to get her Doctor of Law (J.D.).

Lawfare confirms that Cordero has been an adjunct professor at Georgetown Law in addition to her executive role at CNAS. She used to work at Georgetown as the Director of National Security Studies.

Carrie’s first jobs were in public service. She was a counsellor to the Assistant Attorney General for National Security, a senior associate general counsel for the Director of National Intelligence, and an attorney advisor at the Department of Justice.

CNAS Counsel Carrie Cordero’s Marriage Credentials Remains To Herself

Carrie Cordero is open and talkative with the media about her work, but she has kept information about her marriage from the public.

Many people think that the CNAS Counsel has a happy married life with a supportive husband and children. They base this on her age.

But the public hasn’t heard much about Cordero’s marriage, his love life, or his personal life.

The CNN Financial and Security Analyst has kept her family life with her possible partner and kids out of the spotlight as long as she has been working there.

Carrie Cordero Family Members Are Financial Experts

Carrie Cordero is a big name among people who know a lot about money, and she comes from a family with a lot of knowledge in the field.

Cordero’s tweet from July 29, 2022, says that her brother Paul Franklin was chosen as one of the top 100 financial security professionals in the country.

In the same event, he also got into the top five in the Virginia category.

Cordero’s work problems have been solved by her brother’s recent success, but her whole family is proud of him.

Because the family has such a strong hold on the business, both sons and daughters rule the business world.

Cordero is one of them. Right now, she works for CNN, CNAS, and as a professor, among other places.

She also gives her own opinion on sports from time to time on her Twitter handle.

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