Is Mark Van Dongen Dead or Alive? What Happened To His Face & Where Is Acid Attack Victim Now?

In 2015, Mark Van Dongen, a Dutch engineer, was hurt in an acid attack. He had been hurt so badly that no one could even imagine it.

Berlinah Wallace, who was dating Dongen, was found guilty at Bristol Crown Court of throwing acid on purpose. But why did she make his life miserable? Read on to find out everything.

Mark Van Dongen
Mark Van Dongen

Mark Van Dongen was burned by acid. Is he in a coma or dead?

Mark Van Dongen is dead. Fifteen days after the terrible acid attack, he took his own life.

The Vitriolage had left the 29-year-old engineer paralysed from the neck down, and he had lost a leg, an ear, and an eye. He was in a deep sleep for more than four months.

Dongen died by euthanasia, which is when a patient’s life is ended to end their pain. After Mark’s application was approved by three doctors, who said he met the criteria for “unbearable physical and mental suffering,” he was sent to prison.

On January 3, 2017, he died in a hospital in Belgium.

Dongen’s girlfriend, Berlinah Wallace, was found guilty of throwing sulphuric acid. She put the thing on Mark while he was sleeping. In the end, Dongen had many physical and emotional problems. In the end, he made the decision in 2017 to die with help.

Wallace was a student of fashion who was born in South Africa. She met Mark five years ago on a dating site for people with HIV, since they both had the disease.

Before and after picture of Mark Van Dongen’s face

Mark Van Dongen’s face was burned all over after the acid attack. As you can see in his photos, about 25% of his body was destroyed. His damaged skin was taken off by surgery.

When Dongen got to the hospital, he could finally see how hurt he was. He screamed, pleaded, and said he didn’t want to live.

Many of his pictures are not good enough for the public to see, and only a few have been in the news.

Berlinah Wallace made his body and limbs stop working from the neck down. After what happened, the Dutch engineer fell into a deep depression, and his mental health got much worse. The police said that Wallace had thrown a tumbler of 98 percent pure sulfuric acid.

Berlinah Wallace is facing charges. Why did she attack her boyfriend?

Berlinah Wallace will spend the rest of her life in jail. It was the first time someone got life in prison for attacking someone with acid.

The investigation showed that Mark and Berlin had a rough relationship. Two broke up more than once, and Mark sent mixed messages to Wallace. Instead of talking about how they had been together for five years, he came back to say that he was moving in with his new girlfriend, Violet Farquharson, 46.

Dongen had also sued Wallace for harassment and blackmail in the weeks before the attack. He said Wallace had made threats against his new girlfriend.

Wallace was jealous of Dongen’s new relationship, and in her pain, she tried to ruin the life of her ex.

The investigation by the police showed that she was looking into Sulphuric acid. The results showed that Wallace’s browser had looked up more than 82 websites. A bottle of acid was also bought from Amazon by the fashion student.

All of the good evidence showed that Berlinah Wallace was guilty on May 23, 2018.

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