Video: Mirror Boy Band- Giant screen falling during a concert in Hong Kong

During a live show in Hong Kong, a big screen fell on two members of the “Mirror Boy Band,” which made the band’s fans very sad. All of the surveillance cameras and cell phones that people at the concert used to record what happened were turned on at the same time. They had no idea that so much tragedy would happen to them, so when their fans heard about it, they had a lot to say. You can find all the information you need here, plus some interesting things you might not have known.

According to insider information or sources, a video of the incident was posted online. It showed 15 dancers performing on stage when two of them were hit by a big LED screen that had fallen on the stage by accident. From the video that went viral, it was clear that the event was very scary. When the accident happened, people in the audience yelled and pointed at the crew because two of them were seriously hurt. The organizers had to stop the concert so that the medical team could take over.

Giant screen falling during a concert in Hong Kong
Giant screen falling during a concert in Hong Kong

What happened to the boy band Mirror?

The management team then called the right people, who looked into the situation and found that the team setting up the screens had made a mistake. But in the middle of all this, they also put out a statement that completely changed the way things were going. Even though the video shows that everyone was hurt, they said that “none of the band members were hurt.” Since the video is quickly going viral on social media, almost everyone is talking about how scared they are and asking God to keep them safe.

Reports say that the incident took place on Thursday, July 28, 2022, during the fourth of 12 concerts that the Mirror Band had planned. Still, despite all of this, a few reliable sources say that the hurt actors rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital so that doctors could treat them and help them get better. Their true fans never stop sending them good wishes, hoping that they will get better soon. Here, we talk about information like this that we got from other reliable sources.

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