CCC Exam Previous Year Question Papers, Model Papers

CCC Exam Question Paper, Online Test Paper

You should practice the CCC exam paper for the preparation of CCC exam. All students await for the latest updates in CCC course will now able to join them as the notification of the exam has been released by National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (DOEACC) who conduct this exam across many states in India. CCC stands for Course on Computer Concepts. It’s a government examination that aims to provide the basic knowledge of computers to the common man who has no knowledge of how to operate computers. The course is more practical oriented than theoretical. You can get the CCC Question Paper from the below post.

So, it will be a full packed informational channel for those who want to build a career in Information Technology and Computer domains. All the aspiring candidates can fill the application form by visiting the website

Time Duration for CCC Online Test Exam

The course is of the time duration of 80 hours consisting of:

Serial Number Courses Duration
1. Theory 25 hours
2. Practical 50 hours
3. Tutorials 5 hours

CCC Compulsory For Govt Job

The examination fee is 360 which is to be paid online and there is no provision of late submission.  The examination covers the basic knowledge on computer. The theoretical exam is a MCQ based which requires a candidate to answer question based on topics like:

  • History of computers
  • Web browsers
  • Internet etc.

CCC Model Question Papers

Candidates need to focus on the written exam. Keep checking the official site for the notification. Download CCC Previous year question papers for the preparation, it will boost the confidence of the candidates and increase the time management skills. CCC Online Test Paper will help the candidates to get ready for the exam.

>>> How to Crack CCC Exam <<< 

Our team ( is glad to provide you the important information of such exam by bringing CCC solve previous year papers and the pattern of the exam. Thus, we have provided ccc practice paper in PDF form without any restriction and free to download. You will have the access to these ccc previous year question paper only after downloading them. 


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Exam Pattern for CCC Exam

This CCC exam is conducted by NIEIT which consist of the conceptual Questions in Computer and English. The total marks for the exam are 100 and time allotted -90 Min. The exam paper consists of questions based on Computer, Information Technology and English. 

Imp: CCC Online Quiz Free

Why do you need CCC Sample Question Papers

One of the most important steps during the preparation of an examination is practising the CCCC sample question paper. Practising the sample question paper during preparation helps you in the examination hall. The previous year question papers help you practice the questions with the exact difficulty level as in the real exam. The CCC model paper helps in the same way. It makes you acquainted with the question pattern of the exam.

The CCC examiners prepare the CCC test question paper in the objective pattern. Answering questions of the objective pattern may seem easy, but choosing the best option out of the four provided options is not an easy task. In the exam, out of the given options, more than one option may seem correct. It is very important to practice well to make a clear differentiation between the correct answer and the incorrect ones. CCC objective question and answer PDF would help you practice the objective pattern questions well. Moreover, the PDF format makes it easy to access the CCC question paper. With the help of the PDF, you can go through the questions anytime, anywhere. The PDF also contains detailed answers to the objective questions. The CCC online test papers may be a bit tough, but it is not impossible to crack the exam. Just a little effort and with the help of CCC model papers you can easily crack the CCC exam.

>>> Online Quiz for CCC Exam <<<

Sample Model Questions for CCC Exams

1.   First Computer is

. Abacus
. Calculator
. Anatur
None of the above

2. CD stands for-

. Compact Disk
. Computer disk
. Connector DJ
. None of the above

3.AMD stands for-

Advantage Micro Distance
And Mad Dam
Advanced Micro Devices
None of the above

4. CD-R stands for-
Compact Disk – Recordable
Collect Data – Radium
Color Data – Ring
None of the above

5. OMR stands for-

Optical Mark Reader
Optical Mark Reading
Optical Mark Radar
None of the above

6. LAN stands for-

Local Area Network
Limited Area Network
Limit And Notice
None of the above

7. WWW stands for-

World Wide Web
World Wide Websites
World Wider Webs
None of the above

8. TB Stands for-

Tina Byte
Terra Byte
Team Byte
None of the above

9. What is the full form of BIOS-

Basic Input Output System
BIO Settlement
None of the above

10. What is the short key for COPY-

ctrl + B
ctrl + C
ctrl + A
None of the above

11.What is the short key for BOLD-

ctrl + C
ctrl + B
ctrl + A
None of the above

12. What is the short key for REBOOT-

ctrl + Alt + Del
Alt + Del
None of the above

13. What is the short key for HYPERLINK-

ctrl + K
None of the above

14. ASCII stands for –

American Standard Code For Information Interchange
American Standard Code For Inter Interchange
Australia Standard Code For Inter Interchange
None of the above

15. ALU stands for-

Arithmetic Logic Unit
Artur Log Unit
Armetur Leg Unit
None of the above

CCC Online Test Question Paper

Before you start the preparation of the exam, first go through a basic quiz to check your current knowledge, it will help you to know your skill level.

1. Computer Knowledge Online Test (Quiz 1)
2. Computer Knowledge Online Test (Quiz 2)

Download DOEACC CCC Previous Question Papers with Answers PDF

Get the CCC previous year question papers for the preparation of CCC recruitment exam. Just click on the below link and download these papers.

CCC Previous Question Paper

CCC Test Question Papers

CCC Question Paper PDF

Important Books for the Preparation of CCC Exam

CCC Exam has a very vast course and there are endless things which are needed to be noted. You need to study for the additional knowledge instead of just sticking to the syllabus. Undoubtedly, the previous year’s questions are the ultimate source to crack any exam. But practically, one has to cover the syllabus inch-by-inch. If you are looking for the study material of the CCC Exam, you should be aware of the whole syllabus. Later on, you can see the study material on its basis.

Here are suggested some of the most preferred and effective books for the preparation of CCC Exam.

CCC(Course on Computer Concepts) – This book is updated with OS-Ubuntu & Liber Office Hindi and English Book For 2020 Exam. It’s written by Rahul Aggarwal and Surendra S. Chahar. People reviewed this book as the best book to get all the topics cleared quite easily. 

Computer Fundamentals– It’s written by Pradeep K. Sinha and Preeti Sinha. People reviewed this book as a basic book for the CS students who are coming from different streams.

UPPCL-CCC-ARO Computer Solved Papers– It’s written by Youth Competition Times. People reviewed it as the best book to revise and memorize questions.

CCC Course on Computer Concepts by Arihant Publication – It’s written by Arihant Experts. Many people reviewed it as a quite good book to score marks whereas few people found some printing errors. In this case, you can look for the newest edition of this book.

Our website and post will not only bring the latest updates to streamline your preparation but also gives you study material in the form of downloadable pdf to encourage your preparation to reach the finest level. So, make sure to comment below your necessary or additional information or your feedback about our portal updates. We will contact you soon, or bring all the information as requested.

We provide the CCC model Question Paper and for other exams and the syllabus of every examination so do subscribe our website in order to get the exam clear the syllabus and the exam pattern plays a great role in the examination so prepare according to that and you will get success in the examination. Keep visiting our website to get the latest updates and the news about the examination.

FAQs related to CCC Exam Previous Year Papers PDF

Q)What is the CCC Examination?

A) CCC or commonly known as the Course on Computer Concepts which is conducted by the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology.

Q) What are the advantages of CCC course?
  1. A) Various government recruitment exams ask the certificate for the CCC exam. It will be useful for LDC, data entry operator type jobs. CCC certificate is mandatory in the majority of govt. jobs recruitment exams.

Q) Is DCA and CCC are equivalent?

  1. A) No DCA and CCC are two different courses.

Q) What is the fees for CCC exam?

  1. A) Fee for the CCC exam is 500+ GST.

Q) What is the duration of CCC course?

A) CCC course duration is 80 hours in which 25 hours is allocated to theory and rest hours are for practical knowledge.

Q) What is the Exam mode of Course on Computer Concepts Exam?

A) The exam is online based and you don’t need any pencil/paper. There will be 100 objective questions that you will have to solve in one hour.

Q) Who issues the Certificate on completion?

The CCC certificates are issued by the NIELIT to successful candidates only.

Q) Is there any negative marking in CCC exam?

No, there is no negative marking.

Q) Is there any recent change in CCC exam?

Yes, NIELIT has made some changes in the CCC exam syllabus. Now, questions related to MS office will not ask in the paper. NIELIT has confirmed that Ubuntu, Linux, Libro office related questions will be the part of the syllabus.

CCC Syllabus Change News


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