5 October 2016 Current Affairs

In Madhya Pradesh for MBBS admission dispute arise over domicile reservation

When several social activists alongside Vyapam whistle-blowers want the bill particularize for the domicile students in medical colleges. Controversy over MBBS admission once a new hit the headlines when medical colleges denied domicile reservation in Madhya Pradesh.


The aggrieved masses wanted domicile reservation in both government and private medical colleges. The Prima facie promote the Vyapam whistle-blowers and social activist, demanding the rights specified for the domicile students in Madhya Pradesh. Several students were intimidated by the irregular counseling process at the Gandhi Medical College. One former MLA Paras Saklecha described the government of favoring the benefits to the private medical colleges.


According to World Bank research Automation threatens 69 per cent jobs in India

World Bank research which has said that technology could basically derange the pattern of a traditional economic path in developing countries. We all know that technology has and will peruse to fundamentally reshape the world,” World Bank president Jim Kim said. In large parts of Africa, it is likely that technology could fundamentally derange this pattern. Research based on World Bank data has foretold that the proportion of jobs menace in India by automation is 69 per cent, in China, it is 77 per cent and in Ethiopia, the percentage of jobs menace by automation is 85 per cent.

Union Home Ministry to simplify the process of work visa 

The Union Home Ministry has decided to settle the issue by granting work visa for those who are earning over $ 15, 000 annually. The HRD Ministry regarding the norms of hiring foreign faculties in India’s premier institutes. The foreign faculties were engaged on a 5-year contract basis in the centrally funded institutes such as IIM’s and IITs. , the Union Home Ministry has decided to settle the issues by permitting work visa for those who are earning over $ 15, 000 annually. As of now, work visa in India was accoutered only to those who earned not less than $ 25, 000 annually. Despite the fact that the Union Home Ministry affirm for alleviating work visa, the duration of acquiring the clearance still frighten the HRD Ministry fearing it may not allure foreign teachers. While the Union Home Ministry points out that the demolition process could take six months, the HRD Ministry wanted to shorten the clearance period to two months or even less than that. The HRD Ministry suggests that it is not mandatory for the foreign teachers from the ‘most favored nation’ (MFN) to go through the political clearance.

IIT’s and NIT’s battle to the seat vacancies by HRD

The HRD Ministry has composed a 3-member committee headed by IIT Kharagpur Director, Partha Pratim Chakraborty on Tuesday. Every year, thousands of seats have been staying vacant at the IITs and NITs. Of the 3, 000 seats staying vacant, 73 seats were in the IITs. There are over 1, 518 seats staying vacant across the NITs. Learning about the increasing number of vacancies, which the HRD Ministry contemplate as a waste of resources, the ministry attempt to conduct another round of counseling to fill every seat across the institutes. The committee constituted by the HRD Ministry will submit its report within three weeks time. As of now, an applier can reserve a seat at IITs by paying Rs 1 Lakh. However, the amount would be refunded if the candidates secure admission in other institutes thus leaving the seat vacant.

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