11 October 2016 Current Affairs

SCERT to conduct ‘Reading Melas’ on October 15.

The State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT) has decided to do the training sessions for School Management Committee (SMC) members on October 15. The SCERT will be giving necessary material for organizing ‘Reading Melas’ on all Sundays till Children’s Day. reading melas The Delhi government said that the planning for the ‘Every Child Can Read’ programme has begun on pilot basis. It is expected that over 250 melas will occur on all Sundays till November 14. In coordination with the government, schools are making all possible efforts to certify that each and every child from class six to eight will be able to read grade-level textbooks by this Children’s Day.

Indian professor tests self repairing road in Karnataka

An Indian- origin Canadian professor has completed work on a project in Thondebhavi, Karnataka that helped build a road that could repair itself. Targeting greater sustainability and longevity. The professor said that the road would be cost effective and enhance rural connectivity by improving access.

Air raid alert system not functional in parts of Rajasthan

The air raid precaution (ARP) system that alerts citizens against an enemy air attack has gone on the flutter in Rajasthan. The ARP system, under which sirens at different locations in cities go off with one lever at a telephone exchange, is functional in only 2 of the 13 towns where it has been installed.

NASA mission tests thrusters on journey to asteroid

NASA has maneuvered its spacecraft on way to asteroid Bennu, fine tuning its trajectory to outstretch it and bring back samples from a potentially dangerous asteroid that could collide with the Earth. The OSRIRIS-Rex spacecraft is on a journey that could revolutionize our understanding of the early solar system.

Myth buster! Social media won’t affect your ability to concentrate

Frequent use of online social media does not guide to long term problems with your ability to concentrate says a new study. Five hypotheses were trial on the relationships of social media technologies with attention span, time pressure long term orientation polychromic attitude index and sociability.

Parliament under threat after surgical strike

Sources have stated that Pakistan based jaish-e-mohammed is planning attacks in India. In response to the army’s surgical strike across the LoC.Reprts indicate that the jeM, who attacked the Indian Parliament in2001 are planning a similar attack in complicity with Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI.

Over 740 tribal students in schools died in last 10 years

Over 740 students studying in residential schools covering Maharashtra have died due to malnutrition and other health related issues in the last 10 years as per an internal report of the Maharashtra government tribal development dept. On an average, 70-80 students from tribal residential school die every year, it stated.

China ready for NSG Talks with India; opposes ban on azhar

Ahead of President Xi Jinping’s call on to India, China on has said that it is “Ready” for talks with India on its entry into the NSG but defended increase a hold on India’s bid for a UN restrict on JeM chief Masood Azhar.Bejing stated that it is opposed to anyone making political gains in the name of counter-terrorism.

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