14 October 2016 Current Affairs

CBSE to make sure no non-teaching work for teachers in private schools

Education (CBSE) for performing non-academic work in private schools, the CBSE has assured to issue a circulation to around 16, 000 private affiliated schools. The 16,000 schools would summit the staff information of both the teaching and non-teaching staff before the CBSE. n the complaint lodged by the teachers association, distressed teachers states that they were asked to perform the task of non-teaching employs such as submitting fees and school bus services barring other administrative duties. Several individual teachers and teachers’ federation complaint to CBSE that private schools asked the school teachers to perform non-teaching jobs in order to maintain low costs budget. Teachers were asked to perform clerical duties such as collecting fees and calling the guardian and informing them regarding tuition fees and also performing school-bus duties. Some top schools in Delhi have been directed to share data regarding the details of non-teaching and teaching staff. Around 1, 200 schools will slice data for that matter to CBSE. According to CBSE’s directions, private schools should maintain separate teaching employ, non-teaching employ, and administrative staff. “By burdening those (teachers) with the non-teaching job, we kill their creativity and education will suffer,” said CBSE official.

The second mega PTM will be held tomorrow, on October 15

Delhi government said this mega-meeting will help in starting a first positive dialogue between and it is hoped that guardian will feel proud that they are also a part of the several initiatives being taken by the AAP government. Meanwhile, according to reports, teachers have said they are not fully prepared for the PTM.

Parent teacher Meeting

With government asking teachers to focus on the first term results for this meeting, many teachers told that since the school was closed from October 6 to October 12 on the occasion of Dussehra, they didn’t get adequate time to prepare the results. Delhi government has decided to conduct the PTMs twice every year. Also, parents would be getting the report cards of their child. Meanwhile, as per IANS report, in the first mega PTM, parents of 16 Lakh students attended the meeting. Further, the government will also elaborate in details about the parents of the initiatives undertaken by the government to improvise the quality of education in its schools.

IITs may soon decide their own fee structure

According to sources, the move to give an independent hand to the institutions various campuses is aimed at enhancing their independent.”The Board of Governors is likely to be given the authority to decide the fee structure for the respective IIT. Recently, they are part of the fee deciding process but are not the final authority,” a source said. The fee blueprint is determined by the IIT council, the top decision-making body, which is chaired by the Union human resource development minister and comprises IIT directors and board of governors of each institute. Former HRD Minister Smriti Irani had in April announced an extend in the annual fees for undergraduate courses from existing Rs 90,000 to Rs 2 Lakh, a rise of 122 percent, for new enrollments from the recent academic session.

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