23 October 2016 Current Affairs

Is Now time to say goodbye to World’s oldest aircraft carrier, says Navy

The world’s oldest Aircraft carrier “INS Viraat” was awarded a grand send-off from the port city here today, after over five periods of ten years of service.

INS Vikrant

The ship, which underwent a retire better, is being push back by three tugs to Mumbai for the retire better, is being towed by three tugs to Mumbai for the retire ceremony, a Navy official said here.

Indian Army will receive the messages from citizens all over the nation for Diwali: PM Modi urges

The respect and admiration that Indians have for the armed forces will be expressed this festive season through a campaign led by Prime Minister Modi. The # Sandesh2 Soldiers campaign has been launched to invite people to send letters and messages to the armed forces , and official statement said here on Sunday .“The campaign gives every citizen an opportunity to spread happiness among the Indian armed forces, which are guarding our nation’s frontiers, far from their love ones on diwali,” it said.

Geared up to introduce nine more new trains including the first Humsafar service by November- end this year

The much hyped fully AC-3 Humsafar express for Gorakhpur will be the first among to Humsafar trains proposed for various states to be flagged off by railways next month in the election- bound state .Ahead of Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, the railways, which has already introduced about 57 trains in the last two and half years in the state crucial for the BJP- led government. Besides ,142 special trains originating and terminating in the political sensitive state and 550 specials passing through UP are being pressed into service to clear extra rush due to various festivals such as Durga Puja ,Diwali and Chhat in the current fiscal.

Air India sets world record for longest non- stop flight from Delhi to San Francisco

Air India set the record for the longest non-stop flight when it flew from Delhi to San Francisco (SFO) over the Pacific Ocean instead of the Atlantic .the flight covered the distance of 15,300 kilometers in 14.5 hours- two hours less than usual. The flight flew eastward which increased the speed due to the tailwinds instead of strong headwinds. Four pilots, captains Rajneesh Sharma, Gautam Verma, MA Khan and SM Palekar, and 10 cabin crew members to operate the flight.

About 50 percent of the IIMs are without their Directors

With plans of the Indian Government for IIMs to transition to world –class institutions, 10 out of 20 IIMs currently have no director. All the 10 IIMs are waiting for their shortlist of names by the search-cum- selection committee to be approved by the HRD Ministry. Except IIM Bangalore, the other 9 institutes are relatively new, operating out of temporary campuses.Intresting fact is that there are just only two classrooms and no library in IIM Bodh Gaya, full time faculty are absent at IIM sambalpur. As per the previous draft, the chairman had to be appointed by the President in consultation with the Board of Governors, which curtailed autonomy of the institutions in appointment process.

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