RIE CEE Previous year Question Papers

RIE CEE Previous year Question Papers

The RIE CEE is the entrance examination of the Regional Institute of Education Common Entrance Examination. It is directed by The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). In this post, we will deliver you details about the RIE CEE PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPERS,  RIE ENTRANCE EXAM SAMPLE PAPERS, AND some PDF OF RIE CEE QUESTION PAPERS. 

Get: IBPS Previous Year Question Papers

Candidates will have all the information about the RIE CEE PREVIOUS QUESTION PAPER which is very important for those, who are preparing for the RIE CEE Exam. And the best part of this content is, all the RIE CEE PREVIOUS  YEAR QUESTION PAPERS have been provided for free of cost. Let’s know some useful details for the candidates. 


  • All the RIE CEE candidates are basically tested on Logical Reasoning, Language  Expertise, Teaching Aptitude. 
  •  The time provided by NCERT is 120 minutes. 
  •  The total question mark is 80 where each question carries 2. That means there is a total of 40 questions you have to answer. 
  •  0.5 negative marks will apply for a single wrong answer. 
  •  Reasoning, Teaching, and Language have 30, 30, 20 marks respectively. 
  •  In this exam negative marking plays a very important role.


Name of the Subjects Questions Marks
Language Proficiency In English 20 40
Teaching Aptitude/ Attitude 30 60
Reasoning Ability 30 60
TOTAL 80 160


For the best preparation, you have to always check the syllabus of the RIE CEE Exam. It is important for getting selected for this Exam.

Here is the syllabus for each of the parts :

LANGUAGE Comprehension,  Rearranging Sentences, Selecting suitable words for the blanks, Finding an error in parts of the sentences, Finding the same meaning to the blanks, Sequencing,  Synonyms, Antonyms,  Idioms, Prepositions, Tenses, Articles. 

TEACHING APTITUDE/ ATTITUDE – Attitude towards education,  Children and teaching profession, Teaching interest,  Leadership quality, and group management,  Emotional and social adjustments,  Interpersonal and interpersonal skills, General awareness of contemporary issues pertaining to school education. 

REASONING ABILITY Verbal and non-verbal reasoning,  Missing numbers, Number series,  Letter series,  Theme finding,  Jumbling,  Analogy, Odd one out, Arranging statements in a sequel meant form, Statement, and conclusions, Syllogism,  Logical problem,  Establishing relationship. 


Finding the RIE CEE PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPER and practicing it thoroughly is the best thing candidates should be done for the best result. The RIE CEE Exam,  exam date, exam pattern, and much more information will be available in the advertisements notification. Also in advertisements notification, you can get RIE CEE PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPER. For more information, you can check the RIE CEE Exam’s official website.

RIC CEE Question Papers for B.SC, B.A, M.Sc, M.Ed. :

Click Here to Download the papers.


Some FAQs : 

Q. What is the RIE CEE Exam?

A. It is basically an admission procedure for B.Sc, B.Ed, BA B.Ed, MSc BEd, M.Ed, B.Ed- M.Ed, B.Ed. It is conducted by NCERT. 


QWho is eligible for this exam

A. Candidates who have 50% marks in Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in science or Bachelor’s in Engineering or Technology with other specializations in Math or science or bachelors in Humanities or Social science are eligible for the Exam.


Q. Is an offline mode available for the RIE CEE Exam?

A. No. This is only an online process.  So there is no offline way for this Exam.

Q.Is any negative marking is available? 

A. Yes, according to the RIE CEE Exam board negative marking of 0.5 marks for every incorrect answer will be applied. 

Q. What is exact the RIE CEE Exam pattern? 

A. Total paper consists of a total of 80 questions. 2marks for each question with 0.5 negative markings for each wrong answer. Reasoning contains 30 marks, Teaching Ability contains  30marks, and Language Expertise contains 20 marks. 


Q. How much time candidates will get for the RIE CEE Exam?

A. Candidates shall be given 2 hours to complete the online written exam.


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Updated: June 24, 2021 — 3:45 pm

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