28 September 2016 Current Affairs

28 September 2016 Current Affairs

Indian professionals come back to Indian Premier Institutes  indian professional

Scores of professionals and academicians are returning to India with an expectation to join premier institutes as faculties. Dr Arvind Perathur from the New York State University has returned to Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi last month. Enroll professionals from abroad appears quite credible  as several alumni of the Indian premier institute, who are appointed  abroad, help the institutes in finding capable candidates. While some institutes took the initiatives to went abroad and enroll or inform the capable candidates about the openings in various institutes across the country.”A team of senior academicians accompany our chancellor for programmes abroad to look out  for candidates,” said the vice-chancellor of Amrita University, Venkat Rangan.It is hypothesize that the increasing competencies in India has cause the institutes to recruit competent professional from abroad.

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SAARC summit has to be postponed, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Bhutan put their steps back

India Wednesday said the SAARC Summit in Islamabad has to be postponed as it and three other countries have pulled out of the meet. However, External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Vikas Swarup said a formal announcement to this effect will be made by Nepal, the current Chair of the SAARC.The current rule is that if any one head of State or Government decides not to participate in the SAARC Summit, it has to be postponed. All eight Heads of SAARC countries must be present for the Summit, Swarup said, adding if any one country decides not to participate; the Summit has to be postponed. “In the current case, not just India but Bangladesh Bhutan and Afghanistan have also written to current Chair of SAARC, Nepal that they are unable to participate in the SAARC Summit, which means there is no option but to postpone it,” the Spokesperson said.

 India, Pakistan reach out to World Indus Water Treaty

The World Bank, the international money lender which had moderate the Indus Water Treaty, on Wednesday said it was approached by India and Pakistan and it is “responding in its limited, procedural role as set out in the treaty”.”India and Pakistan have informed the World Bank that each has initiated proceedings  agreeable to the Indus Waters Treaty 1960 and the World Bank Group is responding in its limited, procedural role as set out in the Treaty,” a World Bank spokesperson told PTI here.”For further details on the proceedings brought under the Indus Waters Treaty 1960, your enquiry is best directed to the member governments,” the spokesman said, refusing to comment any further.

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Medical admission has been delayed in Maharashtra: SC

The appeal was filed by the Directorate of Medical education and Research (DMER) on the first week of September this year appealing the apex court to win DMER advantage  over the consider  universities and private colleges so that the admission for medical course. Despite the September 30 deadline set by the Supreme Court in April for medical admission, the controversy over pursue admission in the consider  universities and self-financing medical colleges in Maharashtra has once again occasion  the Supreme Court on Tuesday to postpone the final hearing.

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