HR Interview Preparation Question Answers for TCS Job Aspirants

TCS HR interview Questions for Freshers with Answers


TCS CompanyTATA Consultancy services is a huge IT consultancy company across the globe. Around 300000 engineers are working here. Current CEO and managing director of TCS is Mr. Natrajan. Every candidate from I.T field wants to join TCS company. In order to be appointed by TCS as Engineer, one should go through number of phases like aptitude test, technical interview, HR interview, Managerial interview and so on. You will get the TCS HR Interview questions from this post.

Today every one is struggling to get the government job and in this competition world every one is fighting to get good job.Students preparing for the examination should be well versed with the syllabus and the exam pattern, along with this they should solve the previous year question papers more and more so that they can have an idea what type of questions will come in the exam.

Every year government releases vacancies on a large scale for the candidates preparing for the examination and a large number of candidates fill form or apply for the same. Getting a government job is not a cup of tea in today’s time as it is getting tougher day by day. The whole scenario of the examination has been changed and the exam pattern has been evolved differently. So keeping in mind we at here giving the latest and the updated information to the aspirants preparing for the examination whether it is of government or non-government examination so that the aspirants did not feel any trouble while preparing for the examination.

About TCS Interviews

The interview is the first physical interaction between the employer and the employee. It is only through that interaction that the employers are able to choose the perfect candidate for their company. Therefore, the interview is an important event for both the company as well as the candidates. For candidates, it is the opportunity to join the company of they always dreamed of and for the interviewers, it is the process of increasing the assets of their company by employing capable candidates. Today, being qualified or possessing prestigious credentials is not a big deal. Many people study in a prestigious university, thanks to the mushrooming of universities for all kinds of studies. In such a scenario, the competition for grabbing a job has increased. This makes the interview important for the competition today.

Computer science and information technology have turned to be the booming field of interest in recent years. It is continuously developing and new jobs are created in this field every month. Evidently, there is huge competition for jobs in computer science and information technology sector. Tata Consultancy Services better known as TCS is one of the highest employing companies over the world. TCS is known to recruit a huge number of engineers from different departments of study. Moreover, TCS is a reputed company and thus everyone wants to grab a job in TCS. What troubles the candidates in the interview procedure. The TCS interview questions are designed to select the best among all the applicants. Therefore, it is important to get used to the frequent questions asked in the interview. TCS company interview questions are not very difficult. Nevertheless, tackling the interview questions requires smartness and confidence. Therefore, the frequently asked questions must be practised before going for the actual interview. But, never depend on what you have learned, make sure you have enough presence of mind to answer other questions smartly.

TCS HR Interview Questions with Answers

Here we will discuss some TCS HR interview questions answers which are generally being asked in the HR Round of TCS.

1. Introduce yourself?

One should introduce oneself from present n then try to explain him that why you are qualified for this job. Your answer to this question should cover your educational background very briefly. You should talk about your achievements, if any, either in your academic or in work or both. Then you can add a few details about what type of person you are, your likes, dislikes, can give detail of his family as well.


Hi Sir.

First of all I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Its pleasure to introduce myself.

I’m Maria , I’m from Lucknow,
I finished my schooling in C.M.S. LUCKNOW. And I’m pursuing from DELHI UNIVERSITY, and also I have four members in my family. My father, my mother, my brother besides me.
I am basically from LUCKNOW,
In technical side I’m interested in java , oracle ,C, and HTML.
My hobbies are listening songs and drawing, I have one year experience. I work as access control and Audit controller.My aim is to get a good job in good reputed company like yours.
Thanking you.

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2. Why should I take you in TCS?

Whether your interviewer asks you this question explicitly or not, this is the most important question of your interview because he must answer this question favorably in is own mind before you will be hired. So help him out. Walk through each of the position’s requirements as you understand them, and follow each with a reason why you meet that requirement so well.


As I am a good team player, innovative and dedicated to work, I can prove it to you that you will never regret after hiring me. With my positive attitude towards life and work I can assure you that my work will never let you down.

3.what is your weakness?

Do not mention key weakness here. This is not the place to say you are bad at meeting deadlines or you have communication problems or you never have mastered high school maths etc. turn this question in your benefit. Example-

I am over ambitious to complete my task or extremely attentive to detail etc etc.

4. Who is the founder of TCS?

J.R.D Tata and F.C. Kohli established TCS group in 1968.

5. What is more important for you , work or money?

This one will reveal the real you, obviously money is more important, but the work is most important as well. So, answer this question on the basis o some facts.

Example-Sir, I believe that job satisfaction is more important than the amount of salary I am paid. As a fresher I am open to learn the new technologies. I will not bother about the amount of salary.

So looking at my qualification amount of salary you want to provide me I am ready to accept that. Now, its my duty to prove myself by contributing to the growth of the company.

6.Why did you leave the previous job?

This question is for experienced candidates. Always answer in the positive manner regarding reasons. Never talk negatively it create bad impression on listener and about your previous organization.give suitable reason for leaving the job

Example-Sir first of all I would like to say thanks to my previous organization because I learned a lot of things from there But I had some salary issues and my package was not attractive there as well as according to me changing job is enhance you skills experience and knowledge so I resigned.

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7. Are u a team player?

Of course I am team player, always say this and get ready with an example. Tell you perform good for your team.

Example-Sir, I was the head of training n placement dept. in my institution.  I took an active part from student side to provide the knowledge about each and every company approaching to our institution. I was also an active member in all the extra curricular activities held.

8. Give me an example of your creativity?

Creativity is doing normal day life activity in some different way to make use of the available resource. I personally done some creative thing like.

. Using debit card for drawing lines.

. Using old cold drink bottles as pot for plants.

. Using bulb for drawing engaged sheets during my college days.

. Cooking food mixing 2-3 cuisines.

. Having altered rules of cricket ground for ease of playing.

Creativity is just using common sense more commonly.

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9.Do u have any question for me?

Always have some question prepare for your interviewer.

Example- How soon I will able to join and so on. But never ask about salary or salary hike in HR Interview process.

10. Who are the main competitors of TCS?

You should know about the competitors of the TCS. Research about their CEO, headquarters and their establishment year.

Example: Major competitors of TCs are HCL, Infosys, Wipro etc.

11. Who is the C.E.O of TCS?

You should know about the current CEO name and little information about the CEO.

12. Are you comfortable to sign 2 year bond with tcs?

Answer this question very honestly. If you are comfortable then say yes.

These are the question which are generally asking by HR. I hope this article will help you in the preparation of TCS HR round. I also hope “HR Interview Preparation Question Answers for TCS Job Aspirants” – article solved all your doubts and confusion. If you have some questions then feel free to ask. I will be glad to help you.

FAQS Related to TCS HR Interview

1.How to contact TCS HR?

You can contact to TCH from there official mail ID or you can also visit the TCS office. I recommend you to drop a mail to them and they will reply to your question. But if you are not an employee of TCS HR and want to know about the application status then it will be better for you to visit the TCS HR office and ask your query.

2. Can we negotiate for salary with the TCH HR?

Yeah sure! You can negotiate for your salary with the TCH HR.

3. My friend is in TCS and his HR is issuing the warning letter against him. Is it serious for him?

If you have not done anything wrong there then you don’t need to take tension and worry about it. Because HR can’t do anything and they can’t transfer you from your role. The TCS is a very transparent company with their employee so no need to worry. The HR is just want to make you in trouble or wants to show his ego may because you have not taken his or her into the loop.

4. How to know that you are selected or not for the TCS after the HR Round?

If you have given the TCS interview then after that you have to wait for sometimes. The selected candidates receive a mail from the college placement cell and after 2 days they receive an offer which they have to accept OL in TCS in the next portal.

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