Abby Choi (Murder Case): Who Killed Her And Why? Investigation, Married Life, Career And Net Worth (2023)

On Wednesday, it was reported that Abby Choi, who is famous for her glamorous Instagram posts, had gone missing.

On Friday, the Hong Kong police located her remains, which were fragmented and missing some of her body parts.

A building that is four stories tall and has balconies and a tile roof is surrounded by police tape, and an officer is standing in front of it.

Abby Choi’s skeletal remains were discovered on Sunday in Hong Kong, and police were stationed outside the building to provide security.

In a case that has shocked the entire city of Hong Kong, the police have detained four individuals in connection with the murder of a model and influencer.

Abby Choi
Abby Choi

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Abby Choi: Who Was She?

Abby Choi, a young and promising model and actress, was born into a wealthy family in Hong Kong in July 1994.1

Unfortunately, her life was cut short when she was brutally murdered in February 2022 at the age of 28. Despite her untimely death, Choi left a lasting impact on the fashion and entertainment industry.

Choi started gaining traction in the fashion world through her social media account where she flaunted her luxurious handbags and jewelry.

Her popularity skyrocketed as she amassed a significant following and became a social media influencer and model. Her Instagram account, @xxabbyc, boasts 100K followers and features photos of her endorsing products by several top Chinese and international brands.

With her growing social media presence, Choi began participating in fashion-related events and rubbing shoulders with industry insiders.

Her striking looks and unique style quickly caught the attention of fashion brands, leading her to appear on several magazine covers and become the face of various products.

Most recently, on February 13, 2023, Choi graced the cover of the Monaco edition of the Paris Fashion Gazette. Her success was a testament to her talent and hard work in the fashion and entertainment industry.

Despite her promising career, Choi’s life was tragically cut short. Her legacy lives on through her work and contributions to the fashion industry. Choi’s fans, friends, and family continue to remember her as a talented and inspiring figure who left a lasting impact on those around her.


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Abby Choi: Personal Information

Real Name Abby Choi Tin-Fung.
Chinese Cai Tianfeng.
Profession Model.
Social media influencer.
Age 28 years old.
Birth Date July 11, 1994.
Death Date February 22, 2023.
Death Cause Murder.
Birth Place Hong Kong.
Gender Female.
Nationality Chinese.
Zodiac Cancer.
Chinsese Zodiac 狗 Dog.
Ethnicities Asian.
Abby Choi
Abby Choi

Abby Choi Was Missing Before Her Death

A woman who was reported missing on Wednesday has been found dead in a seaside residence in Lung Mei Village, Hong Kong.2

The discovery was made on Friday when officers discovered partial, dismembered remains, a meat grinder, and an electric saw in the residence, which was being rented by the father of Ms. Choi’s ex-husband.

Superintendent Alan Chung, who is leading the investigation, revealed that the victim was Ms. Choi and that her former father-in-law and brother-in-law had been arrested and charged with murder.

Superintendent Chung also revealed that Ms. Choi had been having disputes with her ex-husband’s family over the handling of finances. According to him, the family had given the police misleading information that had slowed the investigation.

However, after an extensive search, the police finally found evidence linking Ms. Choi’s former father-in-law and brother-in-law to the murder.

The former father-in-law and brother-in-law, who worked as Ms. Choi’s chauffeur, were arrested on Friday and charged with murder on Sunday.

The police have not released any further details about the investigation, but Superintendent Chung has promised that justice will be served for Ms. Choi’s family and loved ones.

The discovery of Ms. Choi’s remains in a seaside residence has shocked the people of Hong Kong.

Abby Choi
Abby Choi

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Abby Choi: Why Was She Killed?

The world was stunned by the brutal murder of Abby Choi, a prominent figure who graced the cover of L’Officiel Monaco magazine, in connection to a long-standing dispute involving millions of Hong Kong dollars.3

The roots of the case trace back to Choi’s divorce from her ex-husband Alex Kwong, and the ensuing legal battle over their assets, including valuable properties and money amounting to millions of Hong Kong dollars. The dispute also reportedly involved Alex’s family members.

On Tuesday, Choi disappeared in the Tai Po neighborhood, and was later found dead. The police were notified a day later, and immediately launched a city-wide manhunt for Alex, while his family members were taken into custody for questioning.

Authorities made a shocking discovery in a rural home close to Hong Kong. Choi’s remains were found fragmented and stuffed in soup pots, indicating a heinous act of violence.

According to police, the residence appeared to have been the site of a full-fledged human slaughter, and “a meat grinder” and “an electric saw” were discovered at the scene.

The case remains under investigation, and authorities have not yet revealed the motive behind Choi’s murder. Meanwhile, Alex and his family members remain in police custody.

The gruesome details of the case have sent shockwaves across the world, with many demanding justice for the victim.

Abby Choi
Abby Choi

Abby Choi: Husband And Married Life

After getting a divorce from her previous husband, Alex Kwong, Abby Choi tied the knot in 2016 with the son of the man who established TamJai Yunnan Mixian.

According to the rumours, Choi had a previous marriage and was the father of two children from that union.

Lam Shing Bun, also known as “A Bob,” presided as the “Gold Medal Master of Ceremonies” during her wedding to Chris, also known as “Prince Lord,” which took place on December 9, 2016, and they are now married.

On one of her social media accounts, Lam Shing had posted a picture of the newlyweds, in which Cai Tianfeng could be seen wearing a stunning red dress with gold accessories.

BOB responded to an inquiry by confirming that he had served as the master of ceremonies and adding, “Although I don’t have a vivid memory of that day, I do remember the groom’s business is Tan Tsai. ” Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the criminal is apprehended and brought to justice as soon as possible.

Abby Choi
Abby Choi

Abby Choi (Murder Case): Arrest And Investigation

On Friday, three suspects were apprehended in connection with the murder of Abby Choi, a 28-year-old model who was reported missing last Wednesday.4

The suspects, who are all relatives of the victim’s ex-husband (surnamed Kwong), were taken into custody and charged with murder and perverting the course of justice. The suspects’ case will be heard in court on Monday.

The suspects include Kwong’s father, 65, and his older brother, 31, who were charged with murder, and his mother, 63, who was charged with perverting the course of justice.

According to police reports, Kwong himself was caught at a pier on Saturday in what appeared to be an attempt to flee by speedboat. Local media reported that he was carrying a large amount of cash and luxury watches. Although he has been held for questioning, he has not yet been charged as of Sunday morning.

On Friday, the police discovered body parts in an unfurnished apartment near Tai Po in Hong Kong’s outlying New Territories. Various tools used for slicing and grinding meat, including an electric saw, were also found at the scene.

Abby Choi
Abby Choi

While the police have not confirmed the identity of the deceased, the victim has been widely identified in local media as Abby Choi.

During a press conference in front of the crime scene, the police revealed that they suspected a financial dispute between the victim and the suspects.

The apartment had been recently rented and was sparsely furnished, with tarps on the walls and windows.

Despite the arrest of the suspects and the discovery of some of the victim’s remains, about 100 rescuers and divers, including the police special unit known as the Flying Tigers, are still searching for the rest of the remains.

In conclusion, the horrific murder of Abby Choi has shocked and saddened the local community. The suspects, who are all relatives of the victim’s ex-husband, have been apprehended and charged, but the search for the rest of the remains continues.

This tragic event serves as a reminder of the need for vigilance and the importance of community in preventing such heinous crimes.

Abby Choi: Career And Net Worth 2023

Abby Choi has a long history in the modelling industry. She was recently featured on the cover of the fashion and luxury lifestyle magazine L’Officiel Monaco, which was published not too long ago.5

In addition, she was well-known for her role as a social media influencer. Her Instagram account, which features photographs of her posing with a variety of luxury brands in locations ranging from London to Paris and Shanghai as well as aboard yachts in Hong Kong, has almost one hundred thousand followers.

As of approximately the year 2023, Abby Choi’s estimated net worth is approximately $10 million thanks to the years of hard work she has put in.

She was the owner of several properties, one of which was the Kadoorie Hill home, which was estimated to be worth $5.7 million in today’s market.

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