Angelica Carrillo: KOLD News 13 Anchor Departs Rumor, Where is She Going Now? Golf Tournament and More

Angelica Carrillo, the highly regarded morning news anchor for KOLD News 13, has bid farewell to her viewers after deciding to leave the station

As a prominent journalist who had been with the channel since April 2016, her departure has left many Tucson residents wondering about her future plans.

Angelica Carrillo’s departure from KOLD News 13 marks the end of an era for Tucson residents who woke up with her every morning.

Her impact on the community will be missed, but her legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire many. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Angelica Carrillo
Angelica Carrillo (Image: Source)

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Angelica Carrillo: Where is She Going Now?

Born in Douglas, Arizona, and raised in Silver City, New Mexico, Carrillo is a well-respected journalist with a strong connection to the desert southwest.1

She became a familiar face to Tucson residents during her seven-year stint as the anchor of KOLD News 13’s morning show.

Angelica’s Departure from KOLD News 13

After wrapping up her last show, Carrillo decided to move on and embrace a more relaxed schedule.

Her on-air farewell was sweet and sincere, leaving her audience with fond memories of her time at the channel.

The Future of Angelica Carrillo

Many in Tucson are curious about Carrillo’s future plans and whether she will continue to work in the broadcast industry. While she has not yet disclosed her next move, it is certain that she will excel in whatever she chooses to do.

Angelica Carrillo
Angelica Carrillo (Image: Source)

Angelica Carrillo: Leaves KOLD News After Ten Years

After dedicating a decade of her life to the broadcast industry, Angelica Carrillo has decided to take a break from her hectic on-air schedule.

Her last day at KOLD News 13 was on April 20, and her colleagues gave her an emotional farewell on air, sharing funny memories of their time together.

Carrillo’s Decision to Prioritize Rest and Self-care

Through social media and on-air announcements, Carrillo made it clear that she has decided to prioritize getting more sleep and focusing on herself.

It is evident that she is taking time off to rest and rejuvenate. Carrillo has earned prestigious awards for her work, including the Regional Edward R. Murrow Award and two Rocky Mountain Regional Emmys.

Possible Future Plans

While Carrillo has not yet announced her future plans, fellow reporter Jack Cooper wished her well on social media, suggesting that she may be leaving for a “new job opportunity.”

Carrillo has received various awards for her outstanding work in journalism, particularly in her coverage of both sides of the US/Mexican border.

Award-winning Journalism

Carrillo reported on the immigration and humanitarian crisis during the 2018 Migrant Caravans in Tijuana, Mexico, and continued reporting from different communities.

She received a Northwest Regional Emmy Award in 2016 for reporting on the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon.

Angelica Carrillo’s departure from KOLD News 13 may leave viewers wondering what’s next for the talented journalist.

However, her decision to prioritize rest and self-care is admirable and necessary after years of hard work in the broadcast industry. Whatever Carrillo’s future plans may be, there is no doubt that her award-winning journalism will continue to make an impact in the field.

Angelica Carrillo
Angelica Carrillo (Image: Source)

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Angelica Carrillo: Career

Angelica Carrillo, the award-winning news reporter who left KOLD News 13, has yet to reveal any information about her next job or project.2

However, rumors abound as to where she will take her talents next. While we wait for further updates, let’s take a closer look at her career journey and the impressive awards she has earned.

Education and Early Career

Angelica Carrillo’s passion for journalism started early, and she pursued her dream by earning her AA degree in liberal studies from Western New Mexico University in 2009.

She later went on to earn a BS in Mass Communication and Biology from the University of New Mexico in 2013.

After completing her studies, Carrillo started her career as a Multimedia Journalist at KCBY-TV in Coos Bay, Oregon, before moving on to serve as the Weekend Anchor and Weather Forecaster for the CBS and NBC affiliates in Eugene.

Her Path to KOLD News 13

Although Carrillo initially planned to attend medical school, she changed her mind and interned for three years at KOAT-TV in Albuquerque until she graduated. In 2016, she returned to her roots and joined KOLD News 13 in Tucson as a multimedia journalist.

Her impressive skills and dedication led to a promotion to cover breaking news and co-anchor the morning newscasts with Andrew Capasso.

Additionally, she reported live from the scene of major events, delivered weather forecasts, and even produced stories for the channel.

Awards and Achievements

Angelica Carrillo’s coverage of border issues earned her several prestigious awards, highlighting her exceptional work as a journalist. Although she has not disclosed any specific job opportunities or projects, her track record of excellence suggests that she will continue to make waves in her future endeavors.

Salary Update

Although Carrillo has not publicly commented on her recent salary changes, reports suggest that her yearly earnings decreased from $110,500 to $40,000.

However, her outstanding work and recognition as an award-winning journalist will undoubtedly open up new and exciting opportunities for her in the future.

Angelica Carrillo’s career journey is nothing short of impressive, showcasing her passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence in journalism.

Although we are still waiting for updates on her next move, her achievements so far suggest that her future in the field is bright. Stay tuned for more updates on this remarkable journalist’s career.

Angelica Carrillo
Angelica Carrillo

Angelica Carrillo: Bio

Angelica Carrillo is a renowned journalist who has earned recognition for her exceptional work in the field of journalism.

She has worked for two popular news channels, KOLD News 13 and FOX 11, and has made a significant contribution to the industry. Let’s take a closer look at the life and career of this talented journalist.

Early Life and Education of Angelica Carrillo

Born on October 2, 1976, in Douglas, Arizona, United States, Angelica Carrillo is currently 45 years old as of October 2021.

Carrillo pursued her higher education at the University of New Mexico, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and a Bachelor of Science in Biology. During her time at the university, she interned for three years, which helped her gain hands-on experience in the field of journalism.

After completing her education, Carrillo started working for KOLD News 13 in April 2016. She began her journey with KOLD News 13 as a reporter and eventually climbed the ladder to become a morning news anchor.

With her dedication, hard work, and exceptional reporting skills, Carrillo has been able to make a mark in the field of journalism. She has also worked for FOX 11, where she covered important stories and events.

Angelica Carrillo: Height

Carrillo stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.6 meters).

Angelica Carrillo is a talented journalist who has earned recognition for her excellent work. Her education in both Mass Communication and Biology has helped her bring a unique perspective to her work.

Her hard work, dedication, and exceptional reporting skills have helped her climb the ranks in the news industry. We can expect to see more great things from Angelica Carrillo in the years to come.

Angelica Carrillo
Angelica Carrillo

Angelica Carrillo: Family Life

Angelica Carrillo’s Married Life

  • Angelica Carrillo is a successful journalist who has also managed to find happiness in her personal life.3
  • She is married to Luis Gonzalez, and together they have a son. However, the couple has chosen to keep their son’s identity private.
  • Angelica and Luis are enjoying their married life and are often seen together attending events and spending quality time with each other.
  • Angelica Carrillo’s Career as a Journalist Angelica Carrillo is an award-winning journalist who joined KOLD News 13 in April 2016.
  • She has a variety of responsibilities at KOLD, including breaking news in the live center, anchoring, field reporting, and weather forecasting. Angelica began her career in television news as a Multimedia Journalist for KCBY-TV in Coos Bay, Oregon.
  • Later, she served as the Weekend Anchor and Weather Forecaster for the CBS and NBC stations in Eugene. Angelica completed a three-year internship at KOAT-TV in Albuquerque before graduating.
  • Angelica has received numerous honors for her work on both sides of the US/Mexico border.
  • She covered the immigration and humanitarian crises from Tijuana, Mexico, during the heart of the 2018 Migrant Caravans. She’s reported from various places along the southern border since then.
  • The Crisis on the Border series was covered by Carrillo. She also reported from Tijuana, Mexico, during the 2018 Migrant Caravans’ peak.
  • Angelica is dedicated to covering stories that affect people’s lives, and her hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed.

Angelica Carrillo’s Contribution to Journalism

Angelica Carrillo has made significant contributions to journalism through her work. She reported on the terrible Umpqua Community College massacre in Oregon, which earned her a Northwest Regional Emmy Award in 2016.

Angelica’s reporting on immigration and the ensuing humanitarian situation has also helped to shed light on the plight of migrants and refugees.

Angelica Carrillo is a dedicated journalist who has achieved great success in her career. She has also managed to find happiness in her personal life, with a loving husband and a son.

Angelica’s work has helped to bring important issues to light, and her dedication to journalism is an inspiration to many. She is a talented and accomplished journalist who is sure to continue making a positive impact in the industry.

Angelica Carrillo: Golf Tournament

Angelica Carrillo participated a golf tournament and a Chocolate judge at Rincon Rotary Club.


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