Anna Horford Got Married To Her Loving Husband Fabian Game On December Last Year

On December 9, 2021, the husband of Anna Horford, Fabian Game, gave a sneak peek of the couple’s wedding, which looked like something out of a fairy tale. In July of 2019, Anna and Fabian started dating each other.

In a similar vein, Horford and Game will commemorate the passing of one year together in one week’s time. To tell you the truth, her spouse works at the Isle of Wight Distillery as a marketing manager.

His Instagram post includes images that focus on his work and profession in various capacities. Horford, on the other hand, is the sister of AI Horford, a star player in the National Basketball Association, and she hosts a podcast called Horford Happy Hour.

According to the iTunes podcast, Anna complements each episode with a different variety of wine or champagne, which she then suggests to her listeners. In contrast, her spouse is employed by a company that specialises in the production of high-end beverages. It’s possible that the cocktails were what started the relationship between the two people.

Anna Horford and her husband, Fabian Game
Anna Horford and her husband, Fabian Game

Anna Horford Husband Fabian Game Works As A Marketing Manager

Since the beginning of 2015, Fabian Game, who is married to Anna Horford, has been employed in a beverage company. At the Isle of Wight Distillery, Fabian is the manager of the marketing department.

Similarly, Game’s Instagram posts advertise his professional accomplishments at the company while also highlighting various cocktails. On April 26, 2016, he released a screenshot from his email account, in which it was obvious that his connections had jobs on the Isle of Wight.

In addition to that, a few days later he published a post in which he highlighted a bottle of Mermaid Gin that was being offered as a reward in a Twitter contest. During his time at Yarmouth Harbour, Game also posted a picture on his Instagram account of the business banner for the Mermaid Gin.

According to an article published on the website Island Echo, the HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin produced by the Isle of Wight Distillery was awarded the prestigious “Best in Category” distinction at the 2017 American Distilling Institute (ADI) Spirit Competition.

In addition, Game and the other founders of the company received three bronze awards for the HMS Victory Navy Strength and Oak Aged Navy Strength gins on the night in question.

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Inside Anna Horford And Fabian Game Relationship History

Instagram was the venue for the public declaration of Anna Horford and her boyfriend Fabian Game’s romance. On November 30, 2019, both individuals were present at the American Fifth Spirits Tasting Room.

The two people had a common interest in cocktails and other alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, which may have been the initial connection that brought them together. The following are some of the most memorable moments from their partnership over the years.

Fabian Game and Anna Horford picture from Fabian's Instagram
Fabian Game and Anna Horford picture from Fabian’s Instagram

Anna And Fabian Started Dating On February 15, 2020

After they came out and said they were dating, Game posted a video of themselves kissing Horford on Valentine’s Day, which was their first holiday spent together as a couple. In addition, Anna made the details of her relationship known to her Instagram followers in the year 2020, however it wasn’t until many months later that her husband did the same on his profile.

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March 15, 2020

Osborne House was the destination of a family trip that included Horford, her husband, and their children. On their short trip, they were joined by Game, who was five years old and may or may not have been Fabian’s nephew.

They Went For A Romantic Picnic On 2020

The pair planned a picnic for two on Culver Down, where they drank wine and dined on delectable food while taking in the breathtaking views of the setting sun.

November 20, 2020

At the American Fifth Spirits Tasting Room, Harford greeted her most beloved person in the world and wished them a happy 30th birthday with an old photo of the two of them together. On the other hand, she closed the caption of the post by declaring that she loves him and including a heart emoji in the expression.

January 1, 2021

After a year had passed after the outbreak, Anna posted a photo of the pair and extended her congratulations to those who had survived the trauma. She also thanked her boyfriend at the time, who would later become her husband, Game, for helping her get through the difficult time.

Anna Horford and her beau, Fabian Game, spotted together for the first time
Anna Horford and her beau, Fabian Game, spotted together for the first time

January 9, 2021

On January 9, which was also Game’s wife’s birthday, he posted an image of the two of them together along with a caption in which he expressed his appreciation for the presence in his life of a companion who was both so incredible and so stunning.

June 7, 2021

The couple went to Reykjavik, Iceland, for a short vacation the previous year. Even though they haven’t posted an image of the two of them together, each of their individual Instagram posts is set in the same place as the photo shoot for their individual portraits. And then, five months after that, the happy couple had their fairytale wedding in the state of Michigan.

Anna Horford Bio

Sister of Al Horford, a Dominican professional basketball player who currently plays for the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association, Anna Horford is a member of the Horford family.

Anna Horford
Anna Horford

Who is Anna Horford?

She is the host of the Horford Happy Hour podcast, which combines two of Anna’s favourite activities: drinking alcohol and conversing with other people. Each episode will cover a new subject, and she will pair each one with a different variety of wine or champagne that she thinks her listeners would enjoy.

In addition, the topics will range widely, covering everything from popular culture and social issues to sports and social media. She has 8 thousand followers on Instagram, and Anna has 25.4 thousand followers on Twitter, where her bio says “My SIBLINGS & I pictured above in case you’re confused.”

Anna Horford Finds It Strange That Sixers Benched Brother Al Horford.

Anna Horford shared some of her opinions on the current issue involving her brother Al Horford when she spoke on The Bell Ringer Podcast to discuss the upcoming series between the Sixers and the Celtics.

“I’m hoping that you’ll get to see more of Al. It struck me as a really odd decision on Brett Brown’s part to take Al out of the game. He has never started a game in his entire career, and I can understand why they decided to add Al to the bench; they wanted the reserve players to be forced to contribute in a significant way. In my opinion, there have been some choices concerning how they will use him that are open to debate.

A crucial factor in the playoffs is Al. Even though it is common knowledge that he is at his best in the postseason, he has never once qualified for the postseason in his whole career. In other words, he maintains a consistent performance throughout the season, but when the postseason rolls around, he transforms into playoff Al. He is not on the same level as us, essentially, and Philadelphia should know that better than anyone else because he gave them a lot of trouble in the playoffs; he should be held accountable for that.

Off the court, Sixers fans started to get restless right from the beginning of the game. Anna claims that things were never able to become much better.

Horford laughed “”I don’t have the strongest relationship, I suppose, with Philly fans,” and added, “I think they’re really, really put off by the fact that I don’t publicly criticise Boston and I still like to see everyone thrive on that team.” “I don’t have the strongest relationship, I suppose, with Philly fans,” I still enjoy reading tweets about how well the boys are doing and other such topics, but you can’t fault me for that because I am familiar with them.”

Then Anna proceeded to say, “It was three amazing seasons (in Boston), and the community welcomed our family so I think that people do take that the wrong way, and that they would kind of just like to see me ditch the Celtics totally.” “But, you know, I’m not going to do it just because a group of people that I don’t know wants me to do it.”

Fabian Game and Anna Horford said their vows in Lansing, Michigan
Fabian Game and Anna Horford said their vows in Lansing, Michigan


Her first significant part on television was as a producer for the PBS show Soul!, which was hosted by Ellis Haizlip and ran from 1968 through 1973. In 1973, she made one of her first television appearances on the game show To Tell the Truth, which was shown in the first run of syndication. On the show, she pretended to be Laura Livingston, one of the first female military police officers.

Horsford has appeared as a guest star on a number of television shows, including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Sparks, Moesha, The Bernie Mac Show, The Shield, Girlfriends, and Everybody Hates Chris.

She played the leading character of “Dee Baxter” on The Wayans Bros. and “Thelma Frye” on Amen, both of which were sitcoms. On the drama series “Judging Amy,” she made an appearance.

Her most recent appearance was in the pilot episode of the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. She made her appearance on the big screen once again in the film A Madea Christmas (2013). She played the role of Helen on the sitcom Reed Between the Lines, which airs on BET.

Currently, Horsford can be seen on The Bold and the Beautiful playing a recurrent character named Vivienne Avant. She was considered for the award for Outstanding Special Guest Performer in a Drama Series at the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards because of her work in the part.

The commencement of the show’s second season marked the beginning of her run as a recurrent character on B Positive.

She has also played a recurrent part on the sitcom The Last O.G. Featuring Tracy Morgan, which airs on TBS. Tray’s mother is the role she plays.

Anna Horford and her husband, Fabian Game spent their wedding week with their families and friends
Anna Horford and her husband, Fabian Game spent their wedding week with their families and friends


She has five brothers named Al Horford, Josh, Jon, and Christian, and one sister named Maria. Her father’s name is Tito Horford, and her mother’s name is Arelis Reynoso.

Her father was born in The Bahamas and immigrated to the United States when he was a teenager. He attended Marian Christian High School in Houston, Louisiana State University, and Miami, and went on to play basketball professionally in the NBA and other countries.

In Santo Domingo on December 24, 2011, Al wed Amelia Vega, who had won the Miss Universe title in 2003. The couple now has a son and a daughter together.

NBA All-Star and Dominican Republic national team player Al Horford has been selected for the NBA All-Star game five times. Horford agreed to terms with the Philadelphia 76ers on July 10, 2019, which included a four-year, $97 million contract (along with bonuses totaling $12 million).


She has a height of about 5 feet 9 inches and a weight close to 59 kg.

Personal life

Horsford was bestowed the position of Antigua’s Ambassador of Tourism on October 29, 2011, marking the date of the ceremony. In addition to that, she is a sister in the Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

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