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Antonyms Synonyms ‘A’-

Get the complete Antonyms and Synonyms starting with Alphabet A. In this post you will get all major words which start with ‘A’ and their Synonyms and Antonyms. Read this post and prepare yourself for upcoming govt. exams. If you have any question or suggestion then feel free to tell us via comment section.


Word Synonyms Antonyms
Abandon forsake, leave, give up, relinquish retain, stay with
 Abase humiliate, disgrace, humble exalt, uplift
 Abash confuse, confound encourage, cheer to
Abet help, assist, encourage discourage, hinder, block
Abate lessen, reduce, diminish raise, increase, rise
Abhor dislike, detest approve, like
Abject degraded, mean proud, independent
Abnormal unusual, irregular normal, usual
Abjure disclaim, disavow accept, claim, avow
Aboriginal native, indigenous immigrant, imported
Abortive futile, fruitless, unsuccessful successful, effective, well-timed
Abridge condense, shorten, curtail expand, extend, enlarge
Abrupt sudden, steep, hasty gentle, gently, sloping
Abscond decamp, run away remain, stay
Absolve acquit, release, pardon condemn, sentence
Abstain refrain, desist, forbear continue, permit
Abstruse hidden, obscure simple, open, revealed
Abundant ample, plentiful inadequate, poor, insufficient
Abuse injure, maltreat, revile praise, use well
Accede consent, assent refuse, resign, quit
Accelerate hasten, expedite, quicken retard, hinder
Accession addition, enlargement, extension diminution, loss
Accommodate suit, oblige refuse, disoblige
Accomplish finish, execute, achieve fail, leave, undone
Accord aggreement, harmony discord, disagreement
Accredited authorized, entrusted discredited, unauthorized
Accumulate collect, pile up squander, waste
Acquaintance knowledge, cognizance ignorance, unfamiliar
Acute sharp, penetrating dull. Hunt
Addicted devoted, accustomed to unaddicted, free
Adept skilful, expert clumsy, not expert
Adhere stick, abide by, cling break from, come undone
Adjacent close, near, contiguous remote, distant, far away
Adjourn postpone, defer, delay, put off advance, hurry on schedule
Adoration worship, reverence, beautify irreverence, contempt
Affinity alliance, liking, sympathy dislike, discord, repulsion
Aggravate intensify, made worse diminish, reduce, Satisfy
Alienate estrange, transfer, desolation reconcile, recover
Alienation desolation, disaffection allegiance, cammaraderie
Allegiance loyalty, fidelity disloyalty, treachery
Alleviate lessen,-lighten, reduce enlarge, escalate
Alliance union, combination, league separation, oppositic
Altercation dispute. discord agreement, consensus
Ambiguous doubtful, uncertain, suspicion clear, simple, confidence
Amicable friendly, cordial, in goodwill unfriendly, cold
Analogy likeness, resemblance, comparison difference, dissimilar
Annihilate destroy, abolish, nullify restore, ratify
Annul cancel, quash, nullify ratify, restore
Antagonistic opposed, adverse friendly sympathetic, associated
Anticipate foretell, forecast, prejudge miss
Antipathy dislike, aversion, hostility liking, sympathy,
Antique ancient, old, hoary modern, fresh, recent
Apparent clear, evident, plain obscure, invisible
Assuage calm,lessen, allay excite, disturb, enlarge
Atonement reconciliation, amends happiness, satisfaction
Augment increase, enlarge, swell decrease, lessen
Authentic true, certain, genuine unauthentic, spurious
Auspicious lucky, favourable unlucky, unfavourable
Avenge retaliate, punish forgive, pardon
Aversion hostility, dislike willingness, readiness
Avocation recreation vocation, business
Awful venerable, solemn, dreadful secular, pleasant



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