Antonyms and Synonyms ‘B’

Get the Antonyms and Synonyms of all major words which start with character ‘B’ . It will help you in the preparation of SSC, Bank/IBPS, UPSC, Railway and other state level government exams.

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Baffle defeat, puzzle, confuse clarify, inform, ease
Barbarous uncivilized, cruel civilized, gentle
Bare naked, nude, stripped clothed, covered
Barricade obstacles, barrier, hurdle help, open
Beguide deceive, cheat enlighten, treat, honesty
Belittle depreciate,deprecate, discredit, disparage, minimize credit, encourage, exaggerate, enhance
Benevolent charitable, benign, kindness, generosity, unselfishness malevolent, malice, stringiness
Betray disclose, divulge, cheat conceal, defend be loyal
Bewilder puzzle, perplex, confuse enlighten,illuminate
Binding compulsory, obilgatory voluntary, laxative
Biased one-sided, partial, partisan disintersted, open minded
Bigotry bias, intolerance, narrow minded impartiality, objectivity, tolerance
Blandishment flattery, coaxing bluntness, disrespect
Blasphemy profanity, swearing, cursing reverence, exquisite, polite
Blatant noisy, vociferous, clamorous quiet, gentle, soothing
Bleak cold, cheerless, barren warm, comfortable, healthy
Bliss happiness, delight unhappiness, misery
Bloom freshness, flush decay, withered state
Boggle falter, doubt, noisy be certain, consent, accede act promptly
Boisterous loud, balant, noisy quiet, calm, soft, silent
Bombastic turgid, fustian simple, quite, brief, sober speech
Brandish flourish, swing, wield arrest, hang, suspend
Brashness brass, cheek, gall, hide civility, meekness, politeness
Brevity shortness, conciseness, summarized lengthy, circumlocution long windedness
Brutal cruel, rough, beastlike human, kindly, gentle
Brusque abrupt, rude, blunt, bluff diplomatic, gracious, mannerly
By Stander looker on, onlooker, spectator, beholder performance, actor


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