Antonyms and Synonyms ‘C’

Get the Antonyms and Synonyms of all major words which start with character ‘C’ . It will help you in the preparation of SSC, Bank/IBPS, UPSC, Railway and other state level government exams.

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Candid fair, impartial, just, frank unfair, partial, biased
Canvas investigate, scrutinize, inspect leave alone, refuse
Caprice freak, whim, fancy, vagary steadfastness
Captivity bondage, servitude freedom, liberty
catastrophe calamity, debacle, disaster benefit, blessing, comfort, success
Caress fondle, hug, embrace repel, discourage
Cease leave off, stop, desist begin, continue
Cede give up, surrender, yield hold, refuse
Celebrated famous, notable, renowned unknown, undistinguished
Censure blame, condemn, rebuke praise, commend, endorse
Ceremonious formal, solemn, courtly unceremonious, undignified informal
Cessation ending, pause, rest beginning, continuance
Cheer gladden, encourage, refresh chill, depress, dispirit
Cherish nourish, foster, entertain neglect, repel
Chivalrous heroic, brace cowardly, ungallant
Circumlocution euphemism, periphrasis, indirectness brevity, conciseness, consensation
Circumscribe bond, contain, encircle open, unbound
Clamour outcry, uproar silence, peace
Clemency gentleness, mildness, mercy Harshness, severity
Coalition alliance, combination disunion, separation
Coarse rough, gross, thick, rude thin, fine, refined
Coerce compel, force, subdue,oblige lead, free, coincide, persuade
Collateral indirect, lineal, direct not lineal
Colossal gigantic, vast, big small, diminutive
Combat struggle, fight, encounter peace, rest
Commensurate equal, equivalent, tantamount unequal, opposed, incommensurate
Commodious convenient, roomy cramped, incommodious
Compassion pity, sympathy ruthlessness, antipathy
Comprehend comprise, embrace exculde, fail to perceive
Comprehensive inclusive, extensive exclusive, narrow
Compress squeeze, contract loosen, expand
Conceal hide, cover, keep secret reveal, disclose
Concede allow, permit, yield forbid, deny, unyielding
Concise short, brief, succinct diffuse, lenghty, large
Concord agreement, accord disagreement, discord
Condemn blame, censure, disapprove paise, approve
Confer give, bestow, award, grant refuse, take back, withdraw, with hold
Conjure adjure, implore, beckon command, injunction
Conscientious exact, honorable, meticulous principled, dishonorable
Considerate thoughtful, unselfish thoughtless, selfish
Consign deposit, commit, deliver with hold, withdraw
Conspicuous noticeable, remarkable insignificant, obscure
Conspiracy plot, combination, league counterplot
Contend strive, struggle, compete yield, give in
Contemptible despicable, detestable, execrable admirable, excellent, moral
Contemptuous audacious, disdainful, insolent considerate, humble, respectful
Contradict contravene, deny, oppose agree, maintain, uphold
Contradictory conflicting, contrary, opposite compatible, agreeing, accrodant
Contravene contradict, interface, oppose stand aside, assist, affirm
Corroborate strengthen, establish weaken, disapprove
Coruscate flash, glitter, gleam flame, burn, steadily
Countenance favaour, sanction, approve disapprove, forbid, discountenance
Counterfeit forged, spurious, shoddy, apocryphal accurate, authentic, genuine
Crafty cunning, artful ingenuous, honest
Cripple lame, disable, weak, hobbled help strengthen
Cruel brutal, bestial, nasty gentle, human, kind
Culmination summit, zentih, top bottom, base
Cursory transient, rapid, careless minute, profound careful, leisurely

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