Antonyms and Synonyms ‘D’

Get the Antonyms and Synonyms of all major words which start with character ‘D’ . It will help you in the preparation of SSC, Bank/IBPS, UPSC, Railway and other state level government exams.

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Danger hazard, jeopardy, peril, risk defence, protection, safeguard
Daring adventurous, venturesome timid, cautious, cowardly
Dainty delicious, palatable, nice, delicate unpalatable, inelegant, uncritical
Dash hurl, cast, smash retain, encourage, standstill
Daunt dismay, terrify, scare encourage, cheer
Dawdle dally, dilly-dally, loiter decide, persevere, quicken, push on
Debar hinder, exculde, prevent facilitate, admit, allow
Debase degrade, hummiliate, disgrace praise, complement, respect
Debility weakness, infirmity strength, health
Declare advertise, announce, proclaim censor, conceal, withhold
Decrease abate, decline, drop climb, enlarge, grow
Decorum propriety, decency, gravity impropriety, lack, degnity
Defame malign, asperse, libel praise, commendation
Deference respect, reverence, honour disrespect, rudeness
Defile corrupt, soil, stain cleanse, purify
Deformity malformation, ugliness, blemish shapely, beautify, restore
Defray discharge, liquidate, settle be in debt
Defraud cheat, fleece, swindle honest, sincere
Deleterious harmful, deadly, killing harmless, innocuous
Delusion fantasy, illusion, mirage actuality, fact, reality, truth
Demur pause, stop, hesitate agree, act promptly, accept
Depose dethrone, degrade enthrone, exalt
Depraved corrupt, degenerate, evil exalt
Descend decline, drop, fall climb, increase, lift
Desert abandon, run away stay with, retain
Deseeration debasement, defilement, violation consecration, sanctification, purification
Despair dejection, depression, hopelessness confidence, expectation, hope
Desist leave off, stop continue, go on
Despotic unconstitutional, arbitrary, autocratic contitutional, reasonable, lawful
Destitute wanting, needy, poor well-provided, well to do
Desultory rambling, casual, random steady, orderly, systematic
Deteriorate lower, spoil, decline ameliorate, improve
Devoid empty, vacant full, well, supplied
Devout religious, pious irreligious, profane
Dexterity skill, facility clumsiness, not skilled
Diffident hesitating, doubtful confident, trusting
Dilapidated ruined, wasted restored, in repair
Dilate expand, widen, broaden contract, narrrow, squeeze
Diligence industrious, care laziness, slackness
Discern perceive, descry misunderstand, confuse
Disconsolate sad, cheerless, disturb happy, cheerful, glad
Disgrace abase, debase, degrade compliment, exalt, raise, respect praise
Disinterested unbiased, objective interested, biased, partial
Disown disclaim, deny acknowledge, accept
Disseminate withhold, withdraw, unite, gather spread, scatter, disperse
Dogmatic authoritative undogmatic, vague
Dreadful awful, appalling, ugly harmless, pleasing, soothing
Dress apparel, attire, costume undress, unclothed
Dwell reside, abide, live travel, move on
Dwindle decrease, shrink, decline increase, grow, exapnd

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