Antonyms and Synonyms ‘E’

Get the Antonyms and Synonyms of all major words which start with character ‘E’ . It will help you in the preparation of SSC, Bank/IBPS, UPSC, Railway and other state level government exams.

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Eager avid, desirous, intent, enthusiastic impassive, indifferent, listless
Earnest eager, ardent, slack slack, apathetic
Eccentric irregular, anamalous concentric, regular
Eccentricity oddity, quirk commonness, normality, conventionally
Eclipse overshadow, dim, obscure reveal, illuminate
Ecstasy rapture, transport calmness, agony, displeasure
Edible eatable, harmless uneatable, inedible
Efficacy force, energy, virtue, potency weakness, impotence, incompetence
Elegant graceful, refined, deluxe ungraceful, inexpensive, simple, vulgar
Embarrass confuse, entangle help, enable
Embarrassment chagrin, shame, humiliation brashness, composure, exalation
Embezzle steal, flich be honest, sincere
Embrace incorporate, embody exclude, keep away
Emotion affect, desire, feeling indifference, reason, rationality
Encroach intrude, trespass, infringe keep away from, desist, withdraw
Endorse approve, sanction, back disapprove, oppose, reject
Endow dower, furnish, bequest deprive, withhold
Endurance continuance, persist, sustain forgo, cessation
Enormous colossal, gigantic, large small, puny, compact
Ensure follow, succed go before, cause
Entangle involve, implicate, ravel unravel, free, clear
Entice allure, attract, yield repel, repulse, resist
Entrap entangle, ensnare set free, liberate
Envy jealousy, ill-will goodwill, contentedness
Espouse betroth, marry, support refuse, oppose, resist
Escalate increase, intensify, step up decrease, lessen, weaken
Escape abscond, flee, fly confront, face, follow
Eternal endless, everlasting transient, temporay, non permanent
Evasive shuffling, equivocal frank, honest, sincere
Everlasting endless, eternal, timeless ending, temporary
Exaggerate amplify, magnify minimize, understate
Exalt lift up, raise, elevate cast down, lower
Excel surpass, superior fail, inferior
Exclaim call out be silent, quiet
Exhale breath out, evaporate, reject inhale, intake, assimilate
Exile banish, explusion, relagate welocme, greet, repatriation
Expatriate exile, expel, foreigner recall, repatriate
Exonerate absolve, acquit, vindicate accuse, implicate
Exlicit express, definite implicit, vague
Exquisite delicate, fine, graceful clumpsy, unrefined, common
Extenuate lessen, reduce, decline heighten, itensify, enhance
Extinguish quench, annihilate light, kindle
Extraneous foreign, extrinsic, immaterial, inessential enslave, bind


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