Antonyms and Synonyms ‘F’

Get the Antonyms and Synonyms of all major words which start with character ‘F’ . It will help you in the preparation of SSC, Bank/IBPS, UPSC, Railway and other state level government exams.

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Fabulous False, Not real, Fictitious True, real, actual
Facetious Merry, Jesting dull, serious
Fallacy deception, illusion truth, real
Fantastic fanciful, imaginative, queer real, practical
Fastidious particular, meticulous indifferent, careless
Feeble weak, debilitated, frail strong, vigorous, sane
Felicity joy, happiness, bliss, gladness misfortune, sorrow, grief, misery
Ferocity cruelty, savagery kindness, gentleness
Fervent glowing, vehement cool, unimpassioned
Fictitious False, untrue true, genuine, actual
Figurative typical, metaphysical actual, straightforward
Finite bounded, limited infinite, unlimited
Flimsy slight, thin, trivial substantial, serious
Fluctuate waver, vacillate, vibrate, swing constant, uniform
Fold crease, crimp, line smooth, straighten, unfold
Fore Knowledge foresight, forethought, prescience heedlessness, ignorance, hindsight
Forgo give up, sacrifice, waive demand, keep, preserve
Forswear abjure, disavow, disclaim, recant assert, calim, uphold
Fortify secure, strengthen, brace, encourage weaken, discourage, unnerve
Fragile weak, brittle, frail, delicate, friable strong, solid, tough, flexible
Fraudulent dishonest, cheating honest, can dour, sincere
Frivolous foolish, vain grave, serious
Frown grimace, pout,scowl smile
Funeral dismal, mournful, gloomy cheerful, bright
Furtive stealthy, secret, sly, sneaky open, above board, overt
Futility useless, vanity, worthlesness utility, advantage, profitable

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