Antonyms and Synonyms ‘M’

Synonyms and Antonyms of those words which starts with character ‘M’. Practice these words for the upcoming exams.

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Maganimous generous, noble ungenerous, mean
Magnitude size, bulk, largeness smallness
Malevolent malignant, spiteful benevolent, kindly
Malice spite, hate charity, love
Malign asperse, defame, libel, slander praise, eulogize
Massive enormous, hefty, huge, vast minute, small, thin
Manifest exhibit, show, obvious, evident conceal, suppress, secret
Meager scanty, poor plentiful, plump
Melancholy sad, gloomy gay, joyous
Melodious tuneful, musical unmelodious, tuneless
Mercenary hired, mean voluntary, generous
Mingle mix, blend dissolve, disentangle
Migrate emigrate, immigrate, move, travel remian, stationary
Migratory wandering, unsettled settled, stationary
Miraculous marvelous, wonderful normal, natural
Miscellaneous mixed, mingled individual, separate
Misery sorrow, distress joy, comfort
Miserable dismal, sorry, unhappy cheerful, contended, joyous
Moderate restrained, limited immoderate, excessive
Monotonous uninfected, dull, boring, tiresome melodious, cheerful, dutiful, modest
Monstrous prodigious, horrible ordinary, normal
Mortal perishable, deadly immortal, imperishable
Mutable changeable, variable settled, unchanging
Mutiny revolt, insubordination loyalty, subordination
Mystify puzzle, perplex illuminate, enlighten
Myth fable, legend, saga fact, history
Mythical legendary, fabulous actual, historic

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