Antonyms and Synonyms ‘N’ and ‘O’

Get the list of Antonyms and Synonyms of those words which starts with character ‘N’ and ‘O’ .

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Native aboriginal, indigenous, endemic alien, exotic, foreign, imported
Nebulous cloudy, misty, confused clear, unclouded
Nefarious depraved, corrupt, evil chaste, honest, moral, pious
Nervous edgy, excitable, fidgety composed, steady, tranquil
Nicety accuracy, precision carelessness, indifferent
Notorious disreputable reputable
Nugatory trifling, insignificant important, effective
Numb anaesthetized, insensible, paralysed lively, active, aware
Obedient dutiful, good, well-behaved mischievous, stubborn
Oblivion forgetfulness, obscurity memory, remembrance
Oblivious absent-minded, inattentive, abstracted aware, observant
Obnoxious exposed, harmful, hateful free, cheerful, harmless, humane
Obscene filthy, indecent pure, clean
Obscure darken, dim, abstruse, arcane clear, explicit, plain
Obtuse stupid, dull intelligent, bright
Obsessed addicted, addictive, hooked instinctive, natural
Onerous burdensome, laborious light, easy, trifling
Opportunistic ambitious, aspiring, pushy indolent, lazy, timid
Oppress crush, harass relieve, help
Optimistic confident, hopeful, sanguine pessimistic, cynical, defeatist
Oration speech, address silence
Orifice opening, aperture, hole ending
Ostentatious boastful, pretentious reticent, restrained
Outrageous atrocious, bold, daring, monstrous timid, appropriate
Outstanding distinguished, dominan, foremost mediocore, usual
Overbearing arrogant, domineering deferential, docile
Overture offer, invitation withdrawal, finale

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