Antonyms and Synonyms ‘P’

Find the Antonyms and Synonyms of those words which start with character P. If you have any query then feel free to ask from our expert via comment.

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Pacific peaceful, gentle violent, hostile
Palatable tasty, appetising unpalatable, tasteless
Palpable tangible intangible
Paltry little, beggarly fine, great, sufficient
Paramount supreme, predominant, essential subordinate, inferior, irrelevant
Paucity scarcity, fewness, inadequate abundance, multitude, adequate
Penitence repentant, remorseful obstinacy, stubbornness
Pensive thoughtful, sorrowful active, gay, happy
Perennial everlasting, perpetual temporary, unenduring
Perseverance persistence, steadiness slackness, inconstancy
Petition request, appeal command, order
Piercing sharp, acute, penetrating soft, low
Piteous sad, sorrowful, mournful joyful, cheerful
Plague annoy, harass, pester please, comfort, solace
Plausible specious, credible, convincing doubtful, implausible, incredible
Plunge immerse, dip draw out, come out
Preamble introduction, preface conclusion, ending
Precarious risky, uncertain safe, secure
Precedence priority, preference inferiority
Precipitate hasten, expedite, impulsive delay, retard, cautious
Preclude prevent, stop, hinder, hamper help, allow, permit
Predicate assert, affirm deny, doubt
Prefatory introductory, opening concluding, final
Pregnant full, teeming empty, meaningless
Prejudiced biased, slanted, subjective unbiased, disinterested
Pretence affection, show, pretext sincerity, reality
Prey victim, capture captor, hunter
Proclamation announcement, ordinance silence
Prodigal extravagant miser, economic
Profane unconsecrated, impious sacred, religious
Profuse lavish, prodigallavish, prodigal meager, sharing
Progeny descendant, offspring ancestors
Prolific productive, fruitful unproductive, barren
Prohibit ban, debar, enjoin endorse, permit, allow
Prone inclined, prostrate averse, upright
Propel press, push, shove, thrust discourage, pull, stop
Proscribe outlaw, enounce pardon, forgive
Prosecute indict, pursue abandon, defend
Prototype archetype, exemplar copy, counterpart, duplicate
Provident foreseeing, thrifty improvident, extravagent
Provisional conditional, contingent, tentative conclusive, definite, permanent
Prudent judicious, cautious, frugal imprudent, incautious
Pungent sharp, stinking mild, harmless

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