Antonyms and Synonyms Q’ and ‘R’

Get the Antonyms and Synonyms of those words which starts with character ‘Q’ and ‘R’ . If you need more study materials or any help then feel free to contact us via comment.

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Quack charlatan, imposter professional, qualified
Quash annual, cancel ratify, confirm, restore
Quell calm, placate, subdue noisy
Quench extinguish, put out light, ignite, arouse
Radiance brilliancy, luster dullness, dimness
Radical fundamental, organic superficial, incomplete
Ragged torn, jagged untorn, even
Raid foray, incursion, sortie depress, descend
Random casual, desultory formal, invariable, orderly
Rancid tainted, sour untainted, sweet
Rational intelligent, reasonable irrational, foolish
Rebuff reprimand, rebuke encourage, approve
Recede retire, withdraw advance, retreat
Reciprocal mutual, correlative selfish, individual
Reckless rash, regardless cautious, prudent
Rectify repair, renew, remedy destroy,save, keep, repair
Redeem buy back, recover retain, detain
Reduntant exuberant, excessive scanty, deficient
Relinquish abandon, abdicate, cede, yield retain, cherish, maintain
Remission abatement, relaxation increase, augmentation
Repudiate renounce, reject allow, admit
Repugnant distasteful, offensive agreeable, pleasant
Repulsive abhorrent, disgusting, loathsome admirable, alluring, amiable
Resolute determined, firm irresolute, undecided
Respite pause, cessation continuance, perpetuity
Restoration recovery, reinstatement destruction, withholding
Restraint check, hindrance freedom, frankness
Reveal publish, disclose conceal, hide
Revive renew, reanimate depress, deject
Revolt rebel, mutiny loyal, obey, submit
Ridiculous laughable, absurd grave, serious
Robust strong, hale, stout, lusty thin, lean, weak
Ruinous dilapidated, harmful whole, sound
Rupture breach, break union, attachment
Rustic rural, simple, rude urbane, polished

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