Antonyms and Synonyms ‘S’

We are providing the Antonyms and Synonyms of those words which start with character ‘S’. use these words and prepare for upcoming exams.

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Scared blessed, consecrated temporal, worldly
Sad dejected, depressed, despondent joyous, blithe, lively
Saddle load, burden unload, disburden
Sane sound, healthy, sensible unsound, confused, insane
Saucy impertinent, rude polite, reserved
Savoury tasty, spicy, palatable unsavoury, tasteless
Sarcastic biting, caustic, cutting favourable, flattering
Scandal shame, infamy, slander credit, praise
Scandalous atrocious, monstrous appropriate, humane, polite
Scanty insufficient, meager, scarce abundant, plentiful, adequate
Scatter sprinkle, disoerse, diffuse retain, hold, gather
Sceptic agnostic, atheist, doubter, unbeliever believer, bigot, pietist
Seclusion separation, withdrawl publicity, union
Secular temporal, civil, lay, profane religious, eternal, pious
Sedate calm, composed, sober, serious perturbed, agitated, fighty
Seductive alluring, enticing, attractive repelling, chill, dissuade
Semblance resemblance, likeness unlikeness
Sensual carnal, fleshly ascetic, spiritual
Servile slavish, menial masterly, lordly
Shackle fetter, hamper loose, release
Shuffle mix, confuse clear, be frank
Slender slim, fragile, weak, thin fat, bulky, stout
Sloth torpor, inactivity, laziness activity, vigour
Smite strike, beat, hit spare, repair
Snug close, comfortable uncomfortable
Smudge soil, besmirch, dirty bleach, clean, purify
Sober moderate, calm immoderate, excited
Solace console, comfort, peace vex, pain, irritation
Solicitude care, concern, worry, anxiety careless
Solitary lone, single, secluded companionable, sociable
Sophistry casuistry, hair-splitting uncontroversial
Sordid dirty, foul, filthy clean, polished
Sovereign royal, regal, authority subject, ineffectual
Speculation thought, theory action, fact
Speculator barracker, observer performer, participant
Splendid gorgeous, sumptuous shabby, cheap
Spontaneous voluntary, without preparation involuntary
Spurious illegitimate, forged genuine, authentic
Squander dissipate, waste save, economics
Stagnant still, motionless, stationary running
Stake risk, hazard shirk, avoid
Staunch firm, resolute infirm, unsteady
Steadfast fixed, established unfixed, infirm
Steep abrupt, preciptious flat, gentle, level, low
Sterile arid, barren, childless bearing, fruitful, viable, productive
Stimulate arouse, stir calm, tranquil
Stout strong, robust, portly thin, lean, weak
Stray wander, err, portly thin, lean, weak
Stringent astringent, contracting, tight relaxing, gentle
Strip denude, uncover, bare cover, clothe
Stubborn obstinate, unyielding, adaman adaptable, docile, yielding, tractable
Sublime high, exalted low, depressed
Subdue check, constrain, curb incite, stimulate
Symbolical typical, representative actual
Synonymous equivalent, similar dissimiliar, contrary

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