Antonyms and Synonyms Start with ‘H’

Get the Antonyms and Synonyms of all major words which start with character ‘H’. Practice with these words and prepare for the competitive exams.

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Haples unfortunate, unlucky lucky, fortunate
Harbour shelter, lodge, dwell eject, banish, remove
Harmony concord, agreement, accord discord, disagreement
Hazardous adventurous, bold, dangerous timid, safe, protected
Heartily cordially, ardently insincere, cold
Heed mind, pay, attention disregard, neglect
Herculean laborious, colossal, difficult slight, easy, simple
Homogeneous uniform, similar, pure heterogeneous, mixed
Hobby avocation, pastime, sport business, labour, profession
Humane gentle, kind cruel, ungentle
Hostile bellicose, unfriendly cordial, friendly, tolerant
Humility humbleness, modesty pride, arrogance
Humorous comic, comical, funny, jocular gloomy,dull, sedate
Husky beefy, stocky, brawny thin,lean, weak
Hypocrisy deceit, imposture honesty, sincerely
Hypocritical disloyal, false, traitorous candid, honest, loyal, moral

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