Antonyms and Synonyms Start with ‘I’

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Word Synonyms Antonyms
Identity sameness, oneness difference, not similar
Imbibe absorb, engross, digest eject, discharge, vomit
Immaculate spotless, stainless spotted, stained
Immerse dip, plunge, douse draw out
Immunity exemption, release, freedom subjection, liability
Impatient restless, hasty patient, submissive
Impeach accuse, arraign, charge, indict exonerate, pardon, forgive
Impediment hindrance, prevention facility, liberty
Imperative obligatory, commanding, important, essential unimportant, submissive
Impertinent irrelevant, impudent pertinent, relevant
Implicate entangle, involve exclude
Impel drive, motivate, move inhibit, prevent, quell
Implicit implied, inferred, convert expressed, reserved, exposed
Impenetrable impassable, impervious, impermeable accessible, open, permeable
Imposter cheat, rogue honest person
Imprudence thoughtlessness, heedlessness prudence, carefulness
Imitate ape, copy, mimic create, originate
Inaccessible unapproachable, distant, remote approachable, accessible
Inadvertent inattentive, careless, over sighted attentive, heedful, thoughtful
Inclement unmerciful, harsh clement, merciful
Incumbent binding, compulsory, obligatory unnecessary, noncompulsory
Incite arouse, exhort, foment discourage, hinder, subdue
Indemnify compensate, reward, repay inflict, loss
Industrious busy, active, laborious idle, lazy
Inevitable unavoidable, necessary avoidable, unnecessary
Induce cajole, coax, persuade hinder, repel, subdue
Infirm debilitated, sickly strong, healthy, stout
Infinite boundless, illimitable, limitless finite, limited, circumscribed
Infringe break, violate submit, obey
Insanity lunacy, madness sanity, sensibility
Insipid tasteless, dull, flavoured tasty, well- flavoured
Instantaneous immediate, quick, momentary future, remote, tardy
Intermission suspension, stoppage continuance, resume
Intervention interposition, mediation, involvement neglect, hindrance
Intricate involved, complicated, obscure straightforward, simple, clear, easy
Intrude invade, encroach keep away, respect
Insolvent bankrupt, broke affluent, flish, rich
Intuition insight, instinct calculation, inference
Invigorate strengthen, stimulate weaken, unnerve

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