Antonyms and Synonyms ‘T’

Get the Antonyms and Synonyms of those words which starts from character ‘T’. Just read these words and prepare for the examinations.

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Tacit implied, implicit explicit, expressed
Taciturn close, reticent, secretive communicative, open, talkative
Tangible tactile, substantial impalpable, unreal
Tantamount equivalent, equal unequal, non-equivalent
Taunt jeer, flout, scoff, gibe soothe, commend, praise
Tedious wearisome, irksome delightful, agreeable
Tenacity obstinacy, adhesiveness looseness, inertia
Terrestrial earthy, worldly heavenly, celestial
Testimony witness, deposition concealment, denial
Terse laconic, concise, brief lengthy, talkative, tedious
Thrifty provident, economical prodigal, uneconomic
Thriftless wasteful, improvident cautious, frugal, miserly
Thwart oppose, frustrate, balk, foil help, advance, permit, allow
Tipsy drunk, nervous, shaken sober, calm, cool
Torment pain, torture comfort, easy, tranquil
Tortuous twisted, winding, crooked straight, honest, simple
Tranquil calm, quiet, composed disturbed, agitated
Trench infringe, trespass respect, observe
Trifle toy, play, wanton serious
Trivial paltry, petty significant, important
Triumph victory, achievement lament, fail
Turbulent blustering, riotous, stormy tranquil, peaceful
Turmoil bustle, confusion, hurry quiet, peacefulness
Turpitude baseness, depravity, vileness worthiness, goodness
Tyrant despot, autocray constitutional
Tyro beginner, novice expert, old hand, veteran

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