Antonyms and Synonyms ‘U’ and ‘V’

Find the Antonyms and Synonyms of those words which starts with character U and V.  These words will be very useful in the preparation of the govt. job entrance exams.

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Unethical amoral, immoral moral, principled
Unanimous accordant, harmonious discordant, disagreeing
Unique solve, single, unmatched common, frequent
Uphold back, champion, defend betray, destroy, drop
Urbane cultivated, genteel brusque, gauche, vulgar
Urbanity civility, politeness rudeness, harshness
Utopian ideal, imaginary practical, real
Vacillation hesitation, wavering decision, firmness
Vagrant wandering, roaming settled, homely
Vague uncertain, indefinite certain, definite, sure
Vain empty, worthless useful, effective
Valiant brave, gallant cowardly, unheroic
Validity efficiency, authority inefficiency, weakness
Vanish disappear, pass away appear, live, survive
Vehement violent, boisterous weak, cold, lean
Veil screen, hide, conceal disclose, uncover
Velocity swiftness, rapidity slowness, tardiness
Verbose wordy, diffuse, repetitious terse, silent, speechless
Veracity truth, reality, correctness fiction, unreality
Vexatious annoying, harassing, knotty satisfying, pleasing, easy, simple
Vicious faulty, defective, corrupt perfect, incorrupt, moral
Viable fertile, fruitful aborted, sterile, untenable
Vibrate fluctuate, oscillate motionless, stationary
Vigour power, strength weakness, sickness
Vindictive revengeful, spiteful benevolent, kindly, friendly
Vivid lively, clear dull, unimpressive
Vogue fashion, usage, tend unpopular, outdated
Voluntary spontaneous, free involuntary
Voracious greedy, ravenous satiable, satisfied
Vulnerable weak, exposed, untenable fortified, strong

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