Antonyms and Synonyms ‘W’ ‘Y’ and ‘Z’

Get the Antonyms and Synonyms of those words which starts with character ‘W’ ‘Y’ and ‘Z’.

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Wander meaner, ramble, range, roam remain, rest, settle
Wariness caution, vigilecnce, watchfulness incautious, careless
Warrant guarantee, certify, authorise forbid, disallow
Wearisome fatiguing, irksome, tiring refereshing, restful
Whimsical freakish, fanciful, eccentric serious, staid
Wistful pensive, thoughtful, dreamy cheerful, happy, airy
Wretched unfortunate, sad, miserable fortunate, happy, joyous
Wrinkle fold, crease, crimp smooth, surface, flat
Yearn hanker, long, pine, crave be satisfied, be contended
Yield forgo, give in, surrender, concede resist, withhold, refuse
Yoke link, bondage, slavery freedom, liberty
Zeal passion, eagerness apathy, weakness
Zenith top, apex, climax, acme base, bottom, foot, low
Zest brio, dash, drive, energy dullness, blandness, dislike, distaste

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