Who Is Ryan Darvill From The Cabins? April Banbury Relationship Discussed On Married At First Sight

The Cabins and April Banbury Due to the lockout, Ryan Darvill’s romance couldn’t progress much farther.

She is one of the Married At First Sight UK 2022 candidates who was brave enough to go down the aisle and marry a complete stranger.

Banbury, a 32-year-old fashion designer, married George Roberts, a British-born financial advisor. George, a father of four who has previously been married, battled in his previous relationship but now wishes to establish a long-term connection with his newest partner April.

April tried numerous other dating shows before joining MAFS in the hopes of finding the proper match, but it didn’t work out. Despite having a strong relationship with London-based model Ryan Darvill, things didn’t work out owing to the lockdown situation.

April Banbury
April Banbury

April Banbury Quick Facts

Name April Banbury
Country Great Britaiin
Age 33
Birthday February 18, 1989
Husband George Roberts
Known For Married at First Sight
Pageantry Ms. Great Britain 2020
Previous Dating Show The Cabins & The Bachelor
College Oaklands College
University Arts University Bournemouth
Degree Bachelor in Fashion Design
Ambassador SEED Lancashire
Profession Fashion Designer

April Banbury’s relationship with Ryan Darvill from The Cabin

April Banbury was also a cast member of The Cabins, where she met Ryan Darvill. However, due to COVID and other obstacles, the partnership could not endure long.

April’s stint on Married At First Sight was not her only experience on a dating show; prior to MAFs, she appeared on several other series in search of the ‘one.’ But it appears that she was successful in her aim at MAFs because she opted to marry George.

April Banbury was the runner-up in the Channel 5 dating show The Bachelor in 2011, where she competed for the heart of Hanson. Gavin, the ex-boyfriend of British singer and rugby player Charlotte Church, did not chose the previous Ms Great Britain winner, who finished third.

Similarly, in 2020, the bridal gown designer appeared in ITV’s dating show The Cabins, this time with Ryan Darvill. Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, their romance did not last long.

She said to Dailymail UK in March that finding the proper partner had been quite tough for her. April didn’t find the one who was ready to commit to a meaningful relationship despite dating over 100 men. Instead, after a couple of dates, most of them would ‘ghost’ her, which saddened her, and she wanted to attempt reality TV shows. April is looking for a partner who doesn’t mind her being a ‘bossy’ businesswoman and how independent she is.

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April Banbury Won Ms. Great Britain in 2020

The 32-year-old bridal gown designer won Ms. Great Britain in 2020, becoming the first woman to win over 28 categories. But that wasn’t the first time the Hampshire beauty queen had competed in a beauty pageant. She competed in Ms. Great Britain in 2014 and 2016, but finished as the first runner-up both times.

April Banbury won Ms Great Britain 2020
April Banbury won Ms Great Britain 2020

Giving up was not an option for her since she believed she could win if she fought for her dreams. Her father became the youngest cyclist in Olympic history to earn a bronze medal. April now works as a Fashion Designer for her own company, April Banbury Designs. Her father and grandmother raised her and her sister when her parents divorced when she was young.

April’s Brief Relationship With Ryan Darvill

April starred on ITV’s The Cabins in November 2020, a dating show in which singletons abandon dating applications in order to find true love the old-fashioned way. The Cabins’ expert paired her with Ryan Darvill, a London-based fitness fanatic. The two shared a cabin together, and there was passion between them at first, but it didn’t work out. After the show concluded, the former began dating, but their romance did not last long.

The pair kissed many times while lying on the sofa and in the hot tub in their logged cabin. They were madly in love and went on several dates after the concert. Ryan assisted April in decorating her Christmas tree and met her pals. Ryan and April were still together and appeared to be happy at The Cabins reunion. But, as the virus spread, their affection began to fade and they called it quits.

Ryan Darvill, April’s The Cabins Partner

Ryan, 32, is a model and fitness fanatic from Winchester, England. Ryan presently works for EST Models in London. He is six feet and one inch tall. He enjoys frequent gym workouts as well as skating and surfing on occasion.

Ryan Darvill
Ryan Darvill

The freelance model previously worked for Bureau model Management. Ryan, who is a professional electrician and carpenter, posts his work on Instagram. April’s The Cabins partner also works as an event planner in London. As a freelancer, he made his modeling debut in 2015.

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April and George In Married At First Sight

April Banbury was coupled with George Roberts; both were looking for life companions and appear to have found the one.

George Roberts, 40, is a financial advisor from Worcester, England. The financial advisor was previously married, and the former couple had four children over their 12 years of marriage.


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A post shared by April Banbury (@aprilbanbury)

George, a father of four, is loyal to his children and desires his happily ever after as he enters Married At First Sight. George understands what it takes to be a significant other, despite his anxiety that he would not be good enough for who MAFS had picked for him. He has struggled to locate the “ideal person” with whom he feels confident enough to spend the rest of his life after his divorce.

April was hesitant to enter the marriage since she was a little ‘nervous’ knowing George was already married and had four children from his previous marriage. April was terrified and under great pressure to fulfil the role of a stepmother. April, on the other hand, felt at ease knowing that George is the father of three daughters. Her friends frequently refer to her as “always the bridal designer, never the bride.” But she proved her pals wrong when she married George Roberts on MAFS.

April walked down the aisle with her father by her side, saying ‘I do,’ and decided to marry George, a 40-year-old financial advisor; her fantasy wedding would have been even better if her grandma had been present.

April just posted a photo of herself and her husband George on Instagram with the caption “How it started vs how it’s going.” In the first photo, the couple appeared pleased, while in the second, they appeared sorrowful. Her message perplexed MAFS fans, who wondered if the couple intended to divorce in such a short time.

While April’s husband, on the other side, uploaded a stunning wedding photo with the message, “I’d want to see both of you smiling as the honeymoon time comes to an end.” We can, however, assume that the celebrity pair is still married. Only time will tell if they will be together for the rest of their lives.

Her Mental Health Was Affected by a Kissing Scandal

April, who kissed another woman on the show while still with George, received anger on social media from MAFS fans. Her social media was inundated with harsh comments from internet trolls and insults.

She later calmed down the situation, urging viewers to be “gentle,” and reminding them that it’s just a TV show. George felt deceived and shed tears during the show, which may have contributed to the fans’ outrage. April struggled psychologically as a result of the scandal and had difficulties leaving her residence.

April Banbury is London based bridal gown designer
April Banbury is London based bridal gown designer

April Banbury has been involved with the anti-bullying charity group Bullies Out UK, which strives to transform teenagers’ attitudes and behaviour.

She is also an ambassador for the mental health service organization SEED Lancashire, which helps people who are struggling with mental health concerns. April suffered from Anorexia as a child, and she feels compelled to assist and encourage young girls suffering from eating disorders. So, through her work with SEED Lancashire, a non-profit organization, she strives to reach as many girls as possible who may be coping with the same issues she did throughout her formative years.

April Banbury studied Fashion & Apparel Design at Oaklands College in 2005. In 2007, she graduated from college with a Foundation degree in Fashion.

April did not stop there; in 2010, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from Arts University College Bournemouth. Her one design item sells for roughly 1500 euros as a successful London-based gown designer.

Trivia for April Banbury

  • April Banbury was born in London, England.
  • April Banbury was born under the sign of Pisces.
  • She is a trainee pilot with aerosparx as of 2022.
  • She is a model and reality television personality who was crowned Miss Great Britain 2020. She has collaborated with some of the most famous fashion designers, photographers, and periodicals.
  • She is a bespoke luxury designer headquartered in London. April has created dresses for herself. She created her gown for the Miss Great Britain contest.
  • She is a spokesperson for ‘BulliesOut UK’ and ‘S.E.E.D Lancashire.’
  • April appeared in the new series of the British dating show Married At First Sight UK 2022 on Channel 4 in 2022.
  • As a result of her fame, April’s Instgaram account, @aprilbanbury, has tens of thousands of fan followers.
  • www.april-banbury.com is her official website.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

On Married at First Sight, who is April Banbury?

April Banbury, who appears on Married at First Sight, is a London-based bridal gown designer. April Banbury Designs is her own business.

Who is the husband of April Banbury?

George Roberts, April Banbury’s spouse, is a 40-year-old financial advisor.

Is April Banbury dating anyone?

April Banbury, on the other hand, does not have a boyfriend. She is a married lady.

April Banbury has appeared on what other shows?

April Banbury appeared in the 2011 film The Bacehlors and the 2020 film The Cabins.

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