Is Ashley Johnson Pregnant With A Baby? Here Everything We Know About The Last Of Us New Cast

Ashley Johnson’s acting career began when she was a child and appeared in the TV show Growing Pains. She has been with her boyfriend for a while, and people on the Internet have been wondering if she is pregnant or not.

After acting as a child, Ashley Johnson’s most well-known roles were in The Killing and as FBI agent Patterson on the NBC show Blindspot. She has also been in a number of movies, which may not have done well at the box office but gave her experience in the film industry.

Johnson is more well-known for her voiceover work than for her acting. She has given her voice to animated characters like Recess, Terra on Teen Titans, Gwen Tennyson, and Ben 10.

Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson

Is Ashley Johnson Pregnant With A Child?

Ashely Johnson’s baby bump was seen, and sources said the actress and her partner were going to have a child. Ashely was seen out with her boyfriend on a romantic date with a big bulge in her stomach.

She also raised her glass in a toast to her partner, but instead of wine, she drank water. Since the actress doesn’t seem to have posted anything important on social media, it seems likely that she is pregnant.

In the same way, the actress has kept her personal life pretty quiet, and she doesn’t seem to want to talk about it. Also, her niece and nephew were homeschooled until they were six years old because she was afraid the media would come after them.

Fans are also happy for the actress because they are congratulating her on the baby she is going to have.

Last Of Us New Cast’s Boyfriend And Dating Life

Last of Us is an upcoming American post-apocalyptic TV show that will probably air on HBO. It is based on the same-named 2013 video game.

Ashley Johnson, who did voiceover for the game, has also been cast in the show. So, the show is likely to come out in 2023. Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, and Gabriel Luna will be in it.

Brian W. Foster is a poet, singer, and writer, and he is Ashley Johnson’s boyfriend. The two have been together since 2012. From 2016 to 2021, Brian was also the host of the Critical Role after-show Talks Machina.

In 2018, the couple got engaged at the same time, so they announced it together. The 38-year-old actress is working hard to keep her relationship with her partner strong, even though they are about to have a child together.

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