Who Is Cherie James NZ and How Old Is She? Meet Actor Billy T James Daughter And Family

Cherie James NZ paid respect to a New Zealand entertainer of legendary status by presenting Billy T James’s story. Cherie James NZ is the daughter of actor Billy T James. Keep scrolling to learn some interesting information about Cherie here.

William James Te Wehi Taitoko, often known by his screen as Billy T. James, is the father of Cherie James NZ. Cherie James NZ is his daughter. He was a well-known performer in the New Zealand comedy, music, and acting scenes.

He was a well-known character in New Zealand during his lifetime and played an important role in the evolution of the country’s comedic culture. In the later 1980s, Cherie James, who was raised by Billy, had her first appearance in front of the camera.

She was a regular on The Billy T. James Show as a cast member. 1997 marked the year that she debuted the documentary Billy T. James: A Daughter’s Story, which was about her famous entertainer father. In this documentary, Cherie James, Billy T James’ daughter, pays tribute to her father, who was a well-known comedian in New Zealand. Cherie James recounts her father’s life story from the viewpoint of a daughter.

Cherie James NZ
Cherie James NZ

How Old Is Cherie James From NZ? Age Details

There is currently no information on the Internet on the age of Cherie James, who is from New Zealand.

When Cherie’s father passed away, she decided to pursue a career in the film industry. She talked about her famous entertainer father in a documentary that came out in 1997 and was titled Billy T. James: A Daughter’s Story.

She landed a modest role on the television series Mercy Peak after completing her studies in performing arts at Unitec in Auckland. The school is located in New Zealand. Members of the showband The Mori Volcanics share their stories, while Billy’s family members reflect on Billy’s childhood in the Waikato region of New Zealand.

Cherie talks about the conflicts that took place after Billy’s passing and how they received a lot of media attention. She went on to explain why it was of the utmost importance for Billy to be buried with his mother on the sacred Mount Taupiri, which is located in the vicinity of Huntly.

It is possible to recall a number of Billy’s most well-known personalities, in addition to the resounding boom of his well-known chuckle.

Actor Billy T James’ Daughter Cherie James’ Wiki

Despite the fact that Cherie is listed on the Wikipedia entry for actor Billy T. James as his daughter, she does not yet have a page of her own.

She has racked up quite a few acting credits over the years, including a guest appearance on an episode of the Mori spooky television series Mataku. Because of the series, he was put in consideration for the award for Best Actor at the New Zealand Television Awards in 2003.

In addition, Cherie was nominated for an Air New Zealand Screen Award in 2006 for her performance as a vindictive family matriarch in the television show The Market.

Around the same period, she also appeared in the short film Point Annihilation, in which she played a mysterious Mori tattoo artist.

Is Cherie James Married? Meet Her Husband

It is not known for certain whether Cherie James is married or not to another person. He has never disclosed any information regarding her husband, much like the other aspects of her private life that he has discussed.

As of right now, it is unknown whether she is single or whether she is involved with someone else in a relationship. However, because she has avoided social media, her admirers do not know much about her private life. This keeps her a bit of a mystery.

On the other hand, when he passed away, her grandfather was wed to Lynn Matthews and they had a child together. It’s possible that not everyone is aware of this, but Lynn is actually James’ mother.

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