Chris Stewart (Alabama): Who Is He? Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Personal Life and More

Chris Stewart is not just a sports broadcaster; he is a unifying force and a beacon of inspiration for Alabama fans. Beyond his professional career, he is a devoted husband, a loving father, and a man whose faith has carried him through numerous life-threatening challenges.

Born and raised in Alabama, Stewart’s passion for sports and broadcasting developed at a young age. His journey into the world of broadcasting began with humble roots, starting out in local radio stations before eventually making his mark on larger platforms.

Stewart’s career spans an impressive 25 years, during which he has become a respected and influential figure in Alabama’s sports and broadcasting landscape. His voice has become synonymous with Alabama sports, guiding fans through the highs and lows of their favorite teams.

Throughout his career, Stewart has faced and overcome numerous challenges, both personal and professional. His resilience and determination have been tested time and time again, but he has always emerged stronger, inspiring those around him with his unwavering spirit.

Despite his professional success, Stewart’s greatest joys come from his roles as a husband and father. His faith has been a guiding light in his life, providing him with strength and perspective during the toughest of times.

Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart (Image: Source)

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Chris Stewart: Who Is He?

A Sports Enthusiast’s Rise to Broadcasting Fame

Chris Stewart, a renowned sports broadcaster, was born in 1971 in Birmingham, Alabama.1

His passion for sports, especially the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide, blossomed during his childhood.

Stewart attended Shades Valley High School, where he actively participated in baseball and basketball. In 1989, he graduated from high school and went on to pursue a degree in mass communication at the University of Montevallo.

University Years and Athletic Achievements

During his time at the University of Montevallo, Stewart continued to fuel his passion for sports by playing baseball for the Falcons.

His dedication and skill were evident, and he was part of the 1992 team that made it to the NCAA Division II World Series. This achievement not only highlighted his athletic prowess but also laid the foundation for his future career in sports broadcasting.

Broadcasting Career

After graduating in 1993, Chris Stewart embarked on his broadcasting career, which would soon become his claim to fame.

His love for sports and natural talent for storytelling propelled him forward in the competitive world of sports media.

Stewart’s career has been nothing short of remarkable, with his insightful commentary and engaging style winning him a loyal fan base.

Rise to Prominence

  • Stewart’s rise to prominence in the broadcasting industry can be attributed to his unique ability to connect with his audience. His deep-rooted passion for sports shines through in his work, making him a respected figure in sports media.
  • Over the years, Stewart has covered a wide range of sporting events, from college football to professional baseball, earning him accolades and recognition from his peers and fans alike.
  • Outside of his broadcasting career, Chris Stewart is known for his philanthropic efforts and community involvement.
  • He has been actively involved in various charitable causes, using his platform to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Stewart’s legacy extends beyond the world of sports broadcasting, as he continues to inspire others with his dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence.
  • Chris Stewart’s journey from a sports-loving kid in Alabama to a respected sports broadcaster is a testament to his hard work, determination, and unwavering passion for sports.
  • His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring broadcasters and sports enthusiasts alike, reminding us that with dedication and perseverance, anything is possible.
Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart (Image: Source)

Chris Stewart: Career

  • Chris Stewart’s journey in broadcasting started back in 1993 when he embarked on a sports reporting and producing role at WAPI-AM in Birmingham.2
  • His early days also saw him take on the mantle of a play-by-play announcer for high school and college sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and softball.
  • Notable among the teams he covered are Hoover High School, Samford University, Birmingham-Southern College, and UAB. Moreover, he hosted a popular daily sports talk show titled “The Chris Stewart Show.”
  • Transitioning into a more prominent role, Stewart joined the Crimson Tide Sports Network (CTSN) in 1998 as a sideline reporter for Alabama football games.
  • His tenure with CTSN saw him hosting shows such as “The Gene Stallings Show” and “The Mike DuBose Show.” Stewart’s association with CTSN lasted until 2003, when he made a move to the University of Southern Mississippi’s broadcast team.
  • At Southern Miss, he took on the role of play-by-play announcer for football and men’s basketball, and also hosted shows like “The Jeff Bower Show” and “The Larry Eustachy Show.”
  • Returning to CTSN in 2005 marked a significant milestone in Stewart’s career, as he became the play-by-play announcer for Alabama men’s basketball.
  • He resumed his duties as the sideline reporter for football and the host of “The Nick Saban Show.” Additionally, he covered Alabama baseball and other sports like gymnastics, soccer, and volleyball. His hosting duties extended to shows such as “The Mark Gottfried Show” and “The Anthony Grant Show.”
  • Stewart’s expertise and passion for broadcasting have also been recognized beyond CTSN. He has contributed to various regional and national networks, including CSS, ESPN Regional, and Fox Sports South.
  • His coverage spans a wide array of sports, including SEC football and basketball, Conference USA basketball, Sun Belt basketball, and Southern Conference basketball. Stewart has also made appearances as a guest analyst on ESPN’s renowned shows like “College GameDay” and “SEC Nation.”
  • Chris Stewart’s broadcasting career is a testament to his dedication and proficiency in delivering top-notch sports coverage across various platforms. His versatility as a play-by-play announcer, sideline reporter, and show host has solidified his position as a respected figure in the world of sports broadcasting.
Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart (Image: Source)

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Chris Stewart: Personal Life

Chris Stewart, a resident of Hoover, Alabama, shares a deeply intertwined life with his wife, Christy Stewart, who is a nurse practitioner.3

Together, they are the proud parents of three wonderful children. Their family includes two sons, aged 18 and 14, and an 18-year-old stepdaughter.

The Stewarts are not just a family; they are an integral part of their community, actively participating in the Church of the Highlands and engaging in various charitable initiatives.

Married Life and Family

Chris and Christy Stewart’s bond is a testament to their commitment and love for each other. Their shared journey includes both joys and challenges, which they navigate together with unwavering support and understanding.

As a blended family, they have created a harmonious and loving environment for their children, ensuring that each member feels cherished and valued.

Community and Charitable Initiatives

Beyond their family life, the Stewarts are deeply involved in community and charitable work.

Chris Stewart’s commitment to causes such as the American Heart Association, the American Stroke Association, and the Children’s Miracle Network reflects his compassion and desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

His involvement in these initiatives demonstrates his dedication to serving his community and advocating for health and wellness.

Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart

Health Challenges and Triumphs

Chris Stewart’s personal life has been marked by significant health challenges, which he has faced with remarkable courage and faith.

In 2018, he experienced a life-changing event when he suffered a stroke caused by two blood clots in his brain. This stroke left him partially paralyzed and unable to speak, presenting him with a daunting road to recovery.

Stroke and Recovery

Despite the challenges he faced, Stewart underwent surgery and embarked on a rigorous rehabilitation program.

His determination and resilience were evident as he worked tirelessly to regain his strength and mobility. With the support of his family, friends, and medical team, Stewart made a remarkable recovery and was able to return to work in 2019.

Heart Bypass Surgery and Recovery

However, Stewart’s journey to recovery faced another hurdle later that year when he underwent major heart bypass surgery.

Shortly after the surgery, he developed a severe infection that put him in a coma for a month, pushing him to the brink of death. His wife, Christy, faced the unimaginable as she prepared for the worst.

Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart

Miraculous Recovery

In a miraculous turn of events, Stewart defied the odds and recovered from the brink of death. Thanks to the right antibiotics and the unwavering support of his loved ones, he emerged from his coma and began the long process of healing.

His journey of recovery has been nothing short of miraculous, inspiring those around him and reaffirming his faith in the power of prayer and perseverance.

Advocacy and Awareness

Since his recovery, Chris Stewart has become a vocal advocate for stroke awareness and prevention. He uses his platform to educate others about the signs of a stroke and the importance of seeking medical attention promptly.

His advocacy extends to heart health, where he emphasizes the significance of a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, a balanced diet, and stress management.

Stewart has shared his remarkable story of survival and hope with various media outlets, including the Shelby County Reporter, WVTM 13, and Additionally, he has authored a book titled “The Voice That Wouldn’t Die,” chronicling his journey of recovery and faith.

Through his book and media appearances, Stewart aims to inspire others facing similar challenges and offer them hope and encouragement.

Chris Stewart’s life is a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and community support. His journey through health challenges has not only transformed his life but has also inspired those around him. As he continues to advocate for health awareness and wellness, Stewart’s story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all.

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