CJ McCollum’s Height: How Tall Is He? Bio, Career, Contract, Salary And More Explained

Growing up in Canton, Ohio, CJ McCollum exhibited an early affinity for basketball, honing his skills on neighborhood courts and school gyms

CJ McCollum’s collegiate odyssey at Lehigh University epitomizes the fusion of talent, perseverance, and triumph.

From humble beginnings to historic victories, McCollum’s journey serves as a testament to the power of determination and dedication in the pursuit of greatness.

As he transitioned to the professional realm, McCollum carried with him the invaluable lessons learned on the courts of Lehigh, shaping the trajectory of his remarkable career.

C.J. McCollum’s recent contract signing with the Portland Trail Blazers marks a pivotal moment in both his career and the team’s trajectory.

With a multi-million dollar deal in place, McCollum is poised to continue making significant contributions on the court while solidifying his status as one of the premier players in the NBA.

CJ McCollum
CJ McCollum (Image: Source)

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CJ McCollum’s Height: How Tall Is He?

CJ McCollum’s Stature: Leveraging Height for Success

In the realm of basketball, height often plays a pivotal role in a player’s effectiveness on the court. Standing tall at 6 feet 3 inches, CJ McCollum maximizes his stature to dominate the game.

His towering presence, coupled with impeccable ball-handling skills, grants him a significant advantage, enabling him to effortlessly shoot over most defenders. Let’s delve into how McCollum’s height shapes his gameplay and sets him apart as a formidable force in basketball.

Leveraging Height Advantageously

McCollum’s towering 6-foot-3 frame isn’t just a physical attribute; it’s a strategic asset on the court. With his remarkable height, he towers over many opponents, giving him a clear line of sight to the basket.

This advantage allows him to execute shots with precision, often bypassing defenders with ease. Whether driving to the hoop or launching a long-range shot, McCollum’s height gives him the upper hand, making him a scoring threat from all angles.

Dominating the Court with Ball Handling Skills

Height alone doesn’t define McCollum’s prowess; his exceptional ball-handling skills elevate his game to new heights. Possessing the ability to maneuver the ball with finesse, he navigates through defenses effortlessly, creating scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.

McCollum’s seamless combination of height and ball-handling makes him a multifaceted player capable of outmaneuvering even the most tenacious defenders.

CJ McCollum’s Wingspan: Expanding Defensive Capabilities

While height plays a crucial role in McCollum’s offensive game, his wingspan further enhances his prowess, particularly on the defensive end.

With an impressive wingspan spanning 6 feet 6 inches, McCollum extends his reach beyond his height, becoming a formidable obstacle for opposing players.

Disrupting Passing Lanes and Generating Steals

McCollum’s elongated wingspan isn’t just for show; it’s a defensive weapon that disrupts passing lanes and stifles opposing offenses.

By extending his arms, he effectively intercepts passes and creates turnovers, giving his team crucial possessions. McCollum’s ability to anticipate plays and utilize his wingspan to his advantage showcases his defensive acumen, making him a valuable asset on both ends of the court.

Versatility in Positional Play

McCollum’s unique combination of height and wingspan allows him to excel in various positions on the court.

Whether operating as a point guard or a shooting guard, he seamlessly adapts his gameplay to suit the team’s needs. His versatility ensures that he remains a dynamic presence on the court, capable of fulfilling different roles effectively.

CJ McCollum
CJ McCollum (Image: Source)

CJ McCollum: Career

Early Life and Career Beginnings

CJ McCollum, born on September 19, 1991, hails from Canton, Ohio, and has swiftly made a name for himself as a prominent shooting guard in the NBA.1

College Success and NBA Draft

Before gracing the NBA courts, McCollum honed his skills playing college basketball for the Lehigh Mountain Hawks. His stellar performance earned him the title of Patriot League Player of the Year in both 2010 and 2012.

It was no surprise when he was selected by the Portland Trail Blazers as the tenth overall pick in the 2013 NBA draft.

NBA Stardom and Achievements

McCollum’s talent shone through during the 2015–16 NBA season, where he was recognized as the NBA Most Improved Player, showcasing his relentless dedication and drive.

Transition to Starter

Initially serving as a reserve player in his first two years, McCollum’s prowess on the court led him to become a full-time starter for the Trail Blazers in his third season.

This strategic move to the shooting guard position solidified his impact on the team.

CJ McCollum
CJ McCollum

Beyond the Court: Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

Outside of his NBA career, McCollum delves into the realm of podcasting, hosting the popular show “Pull Up with CJ McCollum.”

Co-hosted by ESPN analyst Jordan Schultz, the podcast features engaging discussions with notable guests, including basketball icons like Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony.

Community Engagement

McCollum’s philanthropic endeavors extend to his community involvement, where he established the CJ McCollum Dream Center.

This innovative learning space, located at the Blazers Boys & Girls Club, aims to empower underserved youth through education and creativity.

Journalism and Mentorship

With a passion for journalism, McCollum actively contributes to media outlets, offering insights into the NBA landscape.

Through initiatives like CJ’s Press Pass, he mentors aspiring journalists, providing them with invaluable opportunities for growth and development.

Wine Connoisseur

Away from the basketball court, McCollum indulges in his love for wine, boasting his own label, McCollum Heritage 91.

His appreciation for fine wine even extended to the NBA coronavirus bubble, where he meticulously preserved his collection.

Social Justice Advocacy

McCollum utilizes his platform to address pressing social issues, launching the talk show “ReMaking America” during the NBA offseason.

Through PlayersTV, a media company he co-owns, McCollum endeavors to spark meaningful conversations surrounding social justice, with notable figures like Democratic VP nominee Kamala Harris as guests.

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CJ McCollum: Career

McCollum’s Lehigh University Stint

CJ McCollum embarked on his collegiate journey at Lehigh University nestled in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.2

Remarkable Freshman Year

As a freshman, McCollum set the court ablaze, averaging an impressive 19.1 points in 33 games with 31 starts. His stellar performance not only garnered attention but also secured his position as the leading freshman scorer nationwide.

Notably, McCollum made history in the Patriot League by becoming the sole player to clinch both the Player and Rookie of the Year titles in a single season.

Rising Success in Sophomore Year

McCollum’s sophomore year witnessed a surge in his performance as he elevated his average to an outstanding 21.8 points per game, further solidifying his prowess on the court.

Junior Triumph and Historic Victory

In the 2011-2012 season, McCollum clinched his second Patriot League Player of the Year accolade.

This remarkable achievement coincided with the Mountain Hawks’ historic victory in the NCAA Division I tournament, where they triumphed over the formidable Duke Blue Devils with a resounding score of 75-70.


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Record-Breaking Finale

As McCollum approached his final season at Lehigh, he etched his name in the annals of history by surpassing Rob Feaster to become the Patriot League’s all-time leading scorer.

This monumental feat underscored McCollum’s exceptional talent and dedication to the sport.

Academic Endeavor

In tandem with his athletic pursuits, McCollum pursued academic excellence, graduating from Lehigh University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism in 2013.

Through his remarkable collegiate career, CJ McCollum not only left an indelible mark on the basketball court but also exemplified the essence of dedication and perseverance, setting a benchmark for aspiring athletes nationwide.

CJ McCollum
CJ McCollum

C.J. McCollum: Contract And Salary

In this article, we delve into the recent contract signing of basketball star C.J. McCollum with the Portland Trail Blazers, highlighting the financial details and implications.3

McCollum’s Contract Details

C.J. McCollum recently inked a lucrative 3-year contract with the Portland Trail Blazers, totaling an impressive $100,000,000.

This deal guarantees McCollum the full $100,000,000 amount, making it a significant milestone in his career.

CJ McCollum
CJ McCollum (Image: Source)

Salary Breakdown

For the duration of the contract, McCollum will enjoy an average annual salary of $33,333,333, positioning him among the highest-paid athletes in the league.

Financial Outlook for McCollum

In the upcoming 2023-24 season, McCollum is set to earn a base salary of $35,802,469.

This substantial income reflects his invaluable contributions to the team and underscores his importance to the Blazers’ success on the court.

Cap Hit and Dead Cap Value

McCollum’s contract also carries a cap hit and dead cap value of $35,802,469 for the same season.

These financial figures highlight the significant investment the Blazers have made in securing McCollum’s talents for the foreseeable future.


1. Who is CJ McCollum?

CJ McCollum is a professional basketball player who currently plays as a shooting guard for the Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA (National Basketball Association). He was selected by the Trail Blazers with the 10th overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft.

2. What is CJ McCollum’s playing style?

CJ McCollum is known for his exceptional scoring ability, particularly his shooting prowess. He is a skilled shooter from both mid-range and beyond the arc, making him a constant threat on offense. Additionally, McCollum possesses a strong ball-handling ability and is adept at creating his own shot off the dribble.

3. How has CJ McCollum contributed to the Portland Trail Blazers?

Since joining the Portland Trail Blazers, CJ McCollum has been a key contributor to the team’s success. Alongside his teammate Damian Lillard, McCollum forms one of the most dynamic backcourt duos in the NBA. He has consistently provided scoring, playmaking, and leadership on the court, helping the Trail Blazers reach the playoffs multiple times during his tenure.

4. What are CJ McCollum’s career achievements?

Throughout his NBA career, CJ McCollum has achieved several accolades and milestones. He has been named the NBA’s Most Improved Player for the 2015-2016 season and has been selected to participate in the NBA Skills Challenge. Additionally, McCollum has received various All-NBA honors for his outstanding performance on the court.

5. How has CJ McCollum impacted the community off the court?

Off the court, CJ McCollum is actively involved in philanthropic efforts and community outreach programs. He is known for his dedication to giving back to the community through initiatives such as youth basketball camps, educational programs, and charitable donations. McCollum is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others both on and off the basketball court.

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