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General Knowledge Current Affairs Questions 2015

General Knowledge Questions

Today we have posted all current affairs question of all fields, it contains all recently current happenings question which help lots in exams and interviews. Recently IBPS exam was held, interviewers asked on budget topics, so keep your knowledge up to date. we cover each and every current affairs of all fields. If you require any question paper or study material just comment below we will provide you as soon as possible.

Current affairs
Current affairs

History Current Affairs Question

  • The Tungabhadra river provided sustenance to which empire? Vijayanagara [CDS-I 2015]
  • Name the three great composers who experimented with the ‘Kriti’ form to set the foundations for modern carnatic music in 18th and 19th century South India. Tyagaraja, Diksitar and Syama Sastri [CDS-I 2015]
  • In the course of uprisings in 1773, Warren Hastings issued a proclamation banishing all Sannyasis from Bengal and Bihar, is known as Sannyasi or Fakir Uprisings [CDS-l 2015]
  • Upari refers to a category of tenancy tenure held under the Maratha Regime [CDS-I 2015]
  • Which state was an important centre of learning in 18th century Kerala? Travancore [CDS-I 2015]
  • Which empire did Nocolo de Conti, Abdur Razzaq, Afanasy Nikitin and Femao Nuniz visit? Vijayanagara Empire [CDS-l 2015]
  • At the time of 185.7 Revolt, who was the British Commanding Officer at Barrackpore? Sargeant Hearsey [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • At the time of establishment of Asiatic Society of Calcutta, who was the Governor General of Bengal? Lord Warren Hastings [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • In British system, Ryotwari land revenue collection was prevalent in South India [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Who was the founder of Chistia branch of Sufism? Sheikh Muhiuddin [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • The ‘Panchasiddhantika’ of Varahmihira is based upon Greek Astronomy [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Which port handled the North Indian trade during the Gupta period? Tamralipti [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Which Indo-Greek ruler issued lead coins? Demetrius [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Ashokan inscriptions were first deciphered by James Princep [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Which King was a patron of Jainism? Kharvela [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]

Geography Current Affairs Question

  • Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi and Sutlej are the tributaries of Indus River [CDS-l 2015]
  • ……. are sections of plate boundaries that have not ruptured in the recent past. Seismic Gaps [CDS-l 2015]
  • In Northern India, what is the main reason of occurrence of cold waves in winter season? Lack of Maritime Influence [CDS-l 2015]
  • Tank irrigation is commonly found in which part of India? Peninsular India [CDS-l 2015]
  • The evaporation of surface water of rivers and oceans is responsible for cloud formation, is comes under Water Cycle [CDS-I 2015]
  • ‘Agulhas’ ocean current is associated with which coast? Mozambique-Madagascar [CDS-l 2015]
  • The difference of wind pressure between two places is known as Pressure Gradient [CDS-l 2015]
  • The horizontal wind circulation near the Earth’s surface is due to the Coriolis Force [CDS-l 2015]
  • Which instrument is used for the measurement of humidity in air? Hygrometer [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • The only State endowed with tin mineral in India, is Chhattisgarh [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Which glacier is located in Kumaun region of Uttarakhand? Milam [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Which biosphere reserve of India is spread over Garo Hills? Nokrek [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Kakrapara dam is located on which river? Tapi [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Gujarat’s Bhuj city falls under which seismic zone? Zone-V [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • ‘Angel Falls’ is located in which country? Venezuela [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Black forest in Germany is located along which river? Rhine [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Which river of India is called I ‘Biological Desert’? Damodar [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]

Indian Polity Current Affairs Question

  • Which category of persons is not treated at par so far as the availability of fundamental rights is concerned? Members of Armed Forces [CDS-I 2015]
  • In which case did the Supreme Court rule that constitutional amendments were also laws under Article-13? Golaknath Case [CDS-I 2015]
  • Which Schedule of Indian Constitution contains provisions for the administration of tribal areas? Sixth [CDS-I 2015]
  • Which Schedule was inserted by first amendment in Constitution of India? Ninth [CDS-I 2015]
  • Which scheme mainly focuses on bridging infrastructural gaps and gap in human development indices between scheduled tribes and other social groups? Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana [CDS-I 2015]
  • Information under the RTI Act, 2005 can be provided in respect of Border Road Organisation [CDS-l 2015]
  • The ‘Central Industrial Security Force’ is under the administrative control of which ministry? Ministry of Home Affairs [CDS-l 2015]
  • The power to decide the date of an election to a state Legislative Assembly rests with the Election Commission of India [CDS-l 2015]
  • Notification regarding commencement or cessation of a State of war is the responsibility of Ministry of External Affairs [CDS-l 2015]
  • Article-78 of Indian Constitution describes the responsibilities of Prime Minister [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Which High Court has said that the RTI applicant should tell the reason for asking information under Right to Information? Madras High Court [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Which Article of Indian Constitution provides for the creation of new All India Service? Article-312 [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • In which case, the Supreme Court regarded ‘Preamble’ as a part of the basic structure of Indian Constitution? Keshavanand Bharati Case [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Who was the architect of community development in India? Balwant Rai Mehta [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Which Act set-up Dyarchy system at the central level? Government of India Act, 1935 [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • The Eleventh Schedule of the Constitution is related with Panchayati Raj [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • How many women members were there in the Indian Constituent Assembly? Twelve (12) [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]

Indian Economy Current Affairs Question

  • Capital market in India is controlled by the Securities and Exchange Board of India [SBI Associates Clerk 2014]
  • In banking term, ‘Appreciation of Rupee’ means Availability of More Foreign Currency vis-a-vis Rupee [SBI Associates Clerk 2014]
  • The term ‘CASA’ is Used in which industry? Banking and Finance [SSI Associates Clerk 2014]
  • In India, ‘Bank Holidays’ are covered as per the order of Government of India [SBI Associates Clerk 2014]
  • It is an opposite activity of ‘Speculation’. Hedging [SBI Associates Clerk 2014]
  • The lock-in period for ELSS scheme is Three Years [SBI Associates Clerk 2014]
  • How many Bank Accounts were opened under ‘Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana’ on its inaugural day? 50 Crore [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • What is India’s ranking in the Global Peace Index 2014, published by the Institute of Economics and Peace? 143rd [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • When was the ‘National Development Council’ formed? August 6, 1952 [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • First Five-Year Plan was based on which model? Harrod Domer Model [Madhya Pradesh Invigilator 2014]
  • In which year, the process of nationalisation of banks was started? 1969 [Delhi Postman/Mail Guard 2014]
  • ‘Tradition of Trust’ is the tagline of Allahabad Bank

Science & Technology Current Affairs Question

  • Bronze, brass and gun metal consist of which metal? Copper [Delhi Postman/Mail Guard 2014]
  • Chemical name of ‘Baking Soda’ is Sodium Bicarbonate [Delhi Postman/Mai! Guard 2014]
  • Which fuel is used in gas welding? Acetylene [CDS-I 2015]
  • In human digestive system, the process of digestion starts in Buccal Cavity [CDS-l 2015]
  • Which micro nutrient is present in soil for various crops? Manganese [CDS-I 2015]
  • Sodium metal should be stored in Kerosene Oil [CDS-I 2015]
  • The term Vaccination’ is derived from which language? Latin [CDS-I 2015]
  • Which metal is prominently used in mobile phone batteries? Lithium [CDS-l 2015]
  • How many elements are there in 5th Period of Modern Periodic Table? 18 [CDS-I 2015]
  • Minamata disease wais caused by toxic quantities of Mercury [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Which chemical substance is used for the preservation of fruit juice? Sodium Benzoate [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]

Miscellaneous Current Affairs Question

  • Who acts as the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee? Seniormost Chief of Staff [CDS-l 2015]
  • GD Birla, Ambalal Sarabhai and Walchand Hirachand were associated with which sector? Industrial sector  [CDS-l 2015]
  • ‘International Yoga Day’ will be observed from the next year on June 21 [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Who has been awarded Lai Bahadur Shastri National Award 2014 for Public Administration, Academics and Management? Tessy Thomas [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • Rolene Strauss, selected as Miss World 2014 at London, belongs to South Africa [UP PSC Revenue Officer 2014]
  • The ‘World Cancer Day’ is observed every year on February 4 [SBI Associates Clerk 2014]
  • What is the full form of ‘PETA’? People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [SBI Associates Clerk 2014]
  • 2014-15 Hero Federation Cup is won by Bengaluru Football Club [SBI Associates Clerk 2014]
  • In which State is ‘Chilka Lake’ situated? Odisha [Delhi Postman/Maii Guard 2014]
  • Who won the women’s singles title of US Open Tennis tournament 2014? Serena Williams (USA) [Delhi Postman/Mail Guard 2014]
  • Which Indian State is also called as ‘Electronic State of India’? Karnataka [Madhya Pradesh Invigilator 2014]
  • The headquarters of Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is situated in Rome (Italy) [Madhya Pradesh Invigilator 2014]

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