Dee Forbes: Husband Dennis Horgan, Children, Family, Career and More

In the dynamic realm of media, Dee Forbes emerges as a trailblazing force, crafting a tapestry of innovation and steering with unparalleled leadership

Let’s delve into the intriguing aspects of Dee Forbes’s life, exploring details about her husband, kids, and family dynamics.

Dee Forbes stands not only as a pioneering figure in media but as a resilient leader who faced challenges head-on, leaving an enduring legacy.

Her journey unfolds as a testament to breaking barriers, making her a luminary in the ever-evolving world of media.

Dennis Horgan’s journey from a passionate aviation enthusiast to a celebrated aerial photographer is a testament to the seamless fusion of passion and talent.

His ability to capture the world from above not only reflects his mastery in the field but also invites viewers to witness the world through a new lens, where every detail tells a captivating story.

Dee Forbes
Dee Forbes (Image: Source)

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Dee Forbes: Career

The First Woman at the Helm: Dee Forbes’s Historic Appointment

Dee Forbes etched her name in history when she became the first woman to ascend to the prestigious position in the media industry.1

This significant milestone speaks volumes about her prowess and determination to break barriers in a traditionally male-dominated sphere.

A Stellar Career Path: President and Managing Director at Discovery Networks Northern Europe

Prior to her groundbreaking appointment, Forbes showcased her exceptional skills as the President and Managing Director at Discovery Networks Northern Europe.

Her tenure in this role demonstrated not only her competence but also her ability to navigate the intricate landscape of media with finesse.

Navigating Controversies: The RTÉ Episode

While Forbes’s journey was illustrious, it wasn’t devoid of challenges. One notable episode involved her stint at RTÉ, where controversy swirled around payments to broadcaster Ryan Tubridy.

This led to her suspension and eventual resignation in June 2023. Despite the adversities, Forbes handled the situation with grace, leaving an indelible mark on Ireland’s media landscape.

Shaping Ireland’s Media Landscape: Forbes’s Enduring Legacy

Dee Forbes’s influence transcends the hurdles faced at RTÉ. Throughout her tenure, she wielded a profound impact on Ireland’s media landscape, molding the trajectory of public broadcasting.

Her strategic decisions and innovative approaches continue to resonate, shaping the industry’s evolution long after her departure.

Dee Forbes
Dee Forbes (Image: Source)

Dee Forbes: Husband Dennis Horgan

A Renowned Aerial Photographer in West Cork, Ireland

In the realm of aerial photography, Dennis Horgan stands as a luminary, bringing the landscapes of West Cork, Ireland, to life through his lens.

Let’s delve into the extraordinary journey of this acclaimed aerial photographer.

Early Inspiration: The Genesis of Horgan’s Aerial Affinity

Dennis Horgan’s aerial odyssey traces back to the inauguration of Cork Airport in 1962. Witnessing this momentous event ignited a fervent passion for aviation within him, setting the stage for a remarkable trajectory.

From Aspiration to Aviator: Horgan’s Soaring Journey

Fuelled by his love for aircraft, Horgan transformed into a skilled aviator, seamlessly merging his piloting prowess with an innate talent for photography.

Helicopters and fixed-wing planes became his wings, enabling him to embark on photographic ventures not only across Ireland but also beyond its borders.

Aerial Artistry Unleashed: Horgan’s Impressive Portfolio

Horgan’s lens has painted a vivid canvas over the years, attracting diverse clientele. Industries, architects, hotels, tourism boards, and sports facilities, among others, have sought his expertise to encapsulate their essence from a unique vantage point.

Partnering with Perspectives: The Broad Spectrum of Horgan’s Captures

As a former broadcasting executive, Horgan’s lens doesn’t discriminate in subject matter.

From the bustling cityscapes of Cork to the serene expanses of rural Ireland, his portfolio boasts a rich diversity that resonates with viewers.

Crafting Masterpieces from Above: Horgan’s Signature Style

What sets Horgan apart is his ability to consistently showcase the finest angles, turning ordinary scenes into extraordinary visual narratives.

His lifelong dedication to perfecting the craft is evident in each photograph, creating timeless pieces that leave a lasting impact.

Dennis Horgan
Dennis Horgan (Image: Source)

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Dee Forbes and Dennis Horgan: Children

A Journey Beyond Parenthood

In the realm of RTÉ, Director General Dee Forbes and her husband, Dennis Horgan, have crafted a remarkable life, devoid of parenthood but rich in shared passions and purpose.2

Nurturing a Unique Connection

Although the pitter-patter of little feet doesn’t echo through their home, the bond between Forbes and Horgan flourishes amidst common interests and flourishing careers.

Transformative Leadership in Broadcasting

Dee Forbes, a former broadcasting executive, stands as a beacon of transformative leadership in the broadcasting domain, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Capturing Perspectives from Above

On the other hand, Dennis Horgan has etched his name in the skies through captivating aerial photography projects that unveil distinctive perspectives of Ireland and beyond.

Horgan’s lifelong love affair with aviation finds its roots in the unwavering support and inspiration provided by Dee Forbes, his partner in life and creativity.

Beyond the Conventional Family

Although their family unit may be compact, the duo embarks on an expansive journey through realms of travel, photography, media, and innovation, ensuring a life brimming with fulfillment.

The Tapestry of Dynamic Careers

Forbes and Horgan, with their dynamic careers, remain woven into the fabric of the ever-evolving world around them.

Dee Forbes and Dennis Horgan paint a picture of a life unconventionally enriched, transcending the traditional definition of family.

Their shared passions, coupled with individual successes, create a narrative that speaks volumes about fulfillment beyond the confines of parenthood.

Dee Forbes
Dee Forbes

Dee Forbes: Family

Delving into Dee Forbes’ Roots in Drimoleague, County Cork

Dive into the heart of Dee Forbes’ origins as we explore her familial ties in Drimoleague, County Cork.3

Discover the rich tapestry that has woven the story of this remarkable individual, beginning with the picturesque village that shaped her formative years.

The Foundation: Vincent and Mackie Forbes’ Village Bar

At the epicenter of Dee Forbes’ upbringing stands the village bar run by her parents, Vincent and Mackie.

This establishment not only served as a hub for the locals but also laid the groundwork for a family steeped in warmth and togetherness.

Forbes-Horgan Nexus: The Core of Family Unity

Within this closely-knit family unit, Dee Forbes and her husband Horgan play pivotal roles. Uncover the dynamics of their relationship and how it forms the nucleus around which the rest of the family revolves.

Siblings and Spouses: A Network of Support

Delve into the intricate network of relationships that make up Dee Forbes’ family circle. Meet her mother, Mackie Forbes, her brother Eamonn, and his wife, Grainne.

Explore the integral roles played by Aodhdin, sister to Dee Forbes and former President of Discovery Networks Northern Europe, along with her husband, Liam.

Extended Family Chronicles

  • Beyond the immediate family, the Forbes saga extends to include a cast of significant characters.
  • Get to know Eoghan, Ciara, Aisling, Lily Anne, Mavourneen Smith, Aoife and Pat Looney, Killian, and Ruth Forbes. Each member contributes to the tapestry of this cohesive family structure.
  • Step into the pages of Dee Forbes’ life as we unravel a momentous occasion that showcased the strength and unity of this extraordinary family.
  • Gain insights into how their cohesive structure played a pivotal role during this significant event.
  • Dee Forbes’ family narrative is not just a tale of individuals but a testament to the power of familial bonds.
  • From the foundation laid by her parents to the extended network of siblings and their spouses, every thread of this intricate tapestry contributes to the vibrant story of Dee Forbes’ remarkable journey.
Dennis Horgan
Dennis Horgan


1. Who is Dee Forbes?

Dee Forbes is an accomplished media executive who currently serves as the Director-General of RTÉ (Raidió Teilifís Éireann), Ireland’s national public service media organization.

With a rich background in the media industry, Forbes has held various leadership roles, contributing significantly to the broadcasting landscape.

2. What is RTÉ, and what is its significance?

RTÉ, short for Raidió Teilifís Éireann, is Ireland’s national public service media organization. It plays a crucial role in providing a wide range of content, including television and radio broadcasts, as well as online services.

RTÉ serves as a key platform for news, entertainment, and cultural programs, contributing to the cultural and informational fabric of Ireland.

3. How did Dee Forbes contribute to the media industry before RTÉ?

Before her role at RTÉ, Dee Forbes had an illustrious career in the media industry. She held key positions at various major companies, such as Turner Broadcasting System and Discovery Networks.

Her contributions included shaping content strategies and overseeing the operations of prominent television networks, showcasing her expertise in the dynamic media landscape.

4. What challenges has Dee Forbes faced as the Director-General of RTÉ?

As the Director-General of RTÉ, Dee Forbes has faced challenges typical of the evolving media landscape. Financial sustainability, adapting to digital transformations, and meeting diverse audience expectations are among the complex challenges she has navigated.

Forbes has implemented strategies to address these issues while ensuring RTÉ remains a relevant and influential media entity.

5. What is Dee Forbes’ vision for the future of RTÉ?

Dee Forbes envisions a dynamic and innovative future for RTÉ, adapting to the changing media landscape.

Her focus includes expanding RTÉ’s digital presence, embracing technological advancements, and continuing to deliver high-quality content that reflects the diversity and interests of the Irish audience. Forbes aims to position RTÉ as a forward-looking and resilient media organization.

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