Dena Bank PO Previous Year Solved Question Papers

Dena Bank PO Previous Year Question Papers

Hurry up and grab the best collection of every PO previous paper related to DENA BANK PO previous years exam. We are providing free download links to aspirants who want to ace the DENA BANK PO entrance exam. Get success and be a topper with DENA BANK PO previous years papers and DENA BANK PO previous years questions. Winners do not waste time, thus download all the papers have a healthy preparation for the exam. Every important information has been listed below and, explained properly. Hurry!

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Dena Bank is a famous bank in India and, it calls candidates for recruitment for the position of Probationary Officer. It is a coveted position and, every aspiring candidate wanting to work in a bank should fill in for the same.The entrance exam is conducted by Board of Indian Banking Personnel Selection whenever vacancies are released by Dena Bank.


  • Exam pattern for DENA BANK PO exam is divided into two sections, where one is exam section and the other is interview.
  • Exam section has two exams : Preliminary and Mains
  • Written Preliminary MCQ exam has 100 questions to attempt in 60 minutes. Subjects which are included in this exam are Logical Reasoning, Quantitative aptitude and,English.
  • The Mains written MCQ paper comes with 200 questions, which are to be attempted in a total time of 120 minutes. Total marks are out of 200, with each question of 1 mark.
  • Every candidate who clears the cut-off of the written exam clears the pathway to the Interview.

Subject-wise Question Partition for DENA BANK PO MCQ paper –

For Preliminary Paper : ( Every question carries 1 mark)

Reasoning Ability –  has 35 questions, for 35 marks.

Quantitative Aptitude section has 35 questions for 35 marks

English Language section has 30 questions for 30 marks.

For Mains Paper :

Reasoning has 50 questions

General Awareness section has 40 questions

Quantitative Aptitude section has 50 questions

English Language section has 40 questions

Hindi Language section has 40 questions

Computer Knowledge section has 20 questions

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Syllabus for DENA BANK PO Entrance Exam –

( A few topics are listed here for reference – consult the main website of DENA BANK for full syllabus reference and download )

Few topics which come in the Logical Reasoning section of DENA BANK PO Exam – Analogies.

Arithmetic Number Series,Arithmetical Reasoning,Coding and Decoding,Discrimination,Figures Classification,Non-verbal series,Observation,Relationship concepts,Similarities and Differences,Spatial Orientations,Spatial Visualization,Visual Memory and many more..

Few topics which come in the Computer Literacy section of DENA BANK PO Exam –

Computer Hardware,Computer Software,Internet Usage,MS Excel,MS Power-Point,MS Word,Operating System and many more..

Few topics which come in the General Intelligence section of DENA BANK PO Exam –

Current Affairs – International & National,Events related to India and its neighboring countries,General Polity,Indian & World Geography,Indian Constitution,Indian Culture & Heritage,Indian Economy,Indian History and many more..

Few topics which come in the Quantitative Aptitude section of DENA BANK PO Exam –

Number System,HCF, LCM,Simplification,Decimal Fractions,Ratio and Proportions,Unitary Method,Percentage,Time and Distance,Time and Work,Profit and Loss,Average,Simple and Compound Interest,Mensuration (2D and 3D),Algebra,Data Interpretation

Few topics which come in the English Language section of DENA BANK PO Exam –

Verb,Adverb,Subject Verb Agreement,Error Correction,Tenses,Sentence Rearrangement,Fill in the Blanks with Modals, Articles etc,Comprehension,Answering questions based on Unseen Passages, Vocabulary, Synonyms, Antonyms

Previous Year Question Papers for Dena PO Bank

We mean good for every aspirant trying its best to ace DENA BANK PO entrance exam, thus we provide the best resources possible for any candidate to find on the internet regarding DENA BANK PO previous year papers and, DENA BANK PO previous years questions. We list mock websites for DENA BANK PO entrance exam for every candidate should practice online and get a hang of how to do it. We also provide an exhaustive list of downloadable resources for for DENA BANK PO previous year papers, DENA BANK PO previous year question papers. Go through each DENA BANK PO previous year question paper and, practice as much you can!

Aspirants you can also study along with Dena Bank sample paper. Also, you can know the standard of the question papers and the level of difficulty through this exam sample paper or previous year paper itself. Based on that difficulty and standard, the applicants can start preparing for the Dena Bank.

Sample Questions:

Directions—(Q. 1-25) What should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following questions?

1. 666 ÷ (2.4 × ?) = 185
(A) 1.5 (B) 2.5
(C) 0.5 (D) 5
(E) None Of these

2. 956 × 753 = ?
(A) 723692 (8) 727398 (C) 710308 (D) 719868 (E) None of these

3. 3⁄8 × 4⁄7 × ? =5376
(A) 30912 (B) 25144
(C) 24808 (D) 25088 (E) None of these

4. [(9)3 × (?)2] ÷ 21 = 1701
(A)6 (B) 3
(C) 11 (D) 4
(E) None of these

5. 897214 – 336 – 46521 – 1249 – 632176 = ?
(A) 217832 (B) 216725 (C) 216932 (D) 315950 (E) None of these

6. 666 × 68 × 6 = ?
(A) 263836 (8) 236736
(C) 283376 (6) 238826 (E) None of these

7. √11881 × √? = 10137
(A) 8649 (B) 9216
(C) 8281 (a) 9409 (E) None of these

8. 3.5 × 2.4 × ? = 42
(A) 1.5 (8) 0.2
(C) 0.8 (0) 1.2 (E) None of these

9. 3√804357 = ?
(A) 98 (B) 89
(C) 96 (D) 93 (E) None of these

10. √? + 16 × 24 = 186
(A) 14864 (B) 13924
(C) 15376 (D) 15876 (E) None of these

11. (?)2 ÷ (0.04)2 × 5.6 = 117740
(A) 33.64 (B) 6.2
(C) 38.44 (D) 5.4
(E) None of these

12. 9418 – ? + 1436 + 2158=5658
(A) 7523 (8) 7352
(C) 7232 (D) 7325
(E) None of these

13. 9865 + ? + 8174 + 2257 = 19425
(A) 4047 (B) 4136
(C) 4129 (D) 4092 (E) None of these

14. 9⁄? × 33824 63
(A) 4228 (13) 4632
(C) 2416 (0) 8456
(E) None of these

15. 64% of ? –  96% of 1120 = 499.2
(A) 2800 (B) 2540
(C) 240 (D) 2280 (E) None of these


1. A 2. D 3. D 4. D 5. C 6. E 7. A 8. E 9. D

10. C 11. E 12. B 13. C 14. B 15. C

Download Dena Bank PO Previous Year Question Papers

You are here at the right place and here at current-affairs, we are providing you with Dena Bank PO, Entrance Exam Previous Year Question Papers which will help you in your applications. Download these Dena Bank previous paper question papers and start your studies afront.

These papers are very beneficial for your Dena Bank entrance exam and they will surely improve your time management skills. These past year question papers of Dena Bank PO, Entrance Exam have been provided free of cost for the candidates who have applied or will apply for the same.

These Dena Bank PO,Question Papers are helpful for the better preparation of Exam. Thus, they will help you to understand the Exam pattern in a way that will help you to perform better in the Dena Bank PO, Exam. With regular practice with these papers during the exam, you will be able to perform in an efficient manner in your Dena Bank PO, Entrance Exam.

Learn the time management skills and improve them with these Dena Bank PO, Entrance Exam Previous Year Question Papers provided for you. The candidates can note the previous repeated questions in Dena Bank Entrance Exam Previous Year Question Papers that cover the overall important topics. So, to help the candidates we have provided Dena Bank PO, Entrance Exam Previous Question Papers in pdf format. If the applicant’s practice using this test papers, it will help Dena Bank PO,question paper appeared candidates to answer maximum questions.

Reasoning – Dena Bank PO Previous Year Question Papers

Quantitative Aptitude – Dena Bank PO Previous Papers

English – Dena Bank PO Model Papers

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