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Who Is Elizabeth Stage? Kelley Clayton Mother Now – Dateline

Elizabeth Stage is the mother of the 35-year-old woman who was brutally killed in 2015. Her name is Kelley Clayton. What happened to her family? Let’s find out what’s going on.

Clayton, who was 35 years old, was killed on September 29 at her home in Caton Town, New York, while her two kids were still there. The whole country was shocked by the event.

At first, it was hard for the police to figure out why the murder happened. They thought it was all random and pointless. Why would someone kill a woman with two kids in such a terrible way?

Police were shocked to find out that Clayton’s husband had hired a man to kill his wife. Since then, many questions have been raised about the murder in New York.

Kelley Clayton
Kelley Clayton

Who Is Elizabeth Stage? Kelley Clayton Mother

Kelly Clayton, who was killed in Elmira, New York, was killed by her mother, Elizabeth Stage.

Just over an hour after the police arrived, Stage got to the scene of the murder. When she saw the dead body of her daughter, she was traumatized and couldn’t say a word.

After Kelley’s killer, Thomas Clayton, was put behind bars, the victim’s mother could finally get justice. She told the NBC show Dateline that she got the tattoo to remember her daughter.

Elizabeth also takes care of her grandchildren right now.

Elizabeth Stage Age: How Old Is She?

The exact age of Elizabeth Stage is still being looked into. Stage should be in her 70s by now, since her oldest daughter is already 42.

Kelley, the person who was killed, was Elizabeth’s youngest child. Kelly’s sister Kim always looked out for her because she was the youngest in the family, but Kim couldn’t save her from the killer.

Clayton, who is 35 years old, lived in Las Vegas for a long time before she moved to New York. Kelley moved to Elmira, New York, with Thomas after they got married. There, she died in a horrible way.

Elizabeth Stage Husband Details

Howard Stage, Elizabeth Stage’s late husband, was the Fire Chief for the West Elmira Volunteer Fire Department in New York.

In the most recent episode of Dateline, some hidden facts about the family were shown. Thomas Clayton wanted to get all of Clayton’s insurance money, so he paid Michael Beard to kill Clayton.

On the day of the murder, Thomas was playing golf with his friends. He planned and carried out the crime with a cell phone, which the police later used as proof.

Clayton and Michael are now both serving life sentences, and Stage is busy going to see her grandchildren. May the person who died finally find peace.

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