Elliotte Friedman Bio, Age, Career, Wife, Net Worth And More

Elliotte Friedman: A Canadian Sports Journalism Icon

Elliotte Friedman, born on September 27, 1970, is a prominent Canadian sports journalist renowned for his extensive work in ice hockey reporting.1

Since 2014, Friedman has been an indispensable asset to Sportsnet as an ice hockey reporter and an insider for the NHL Network. His insightful analysis and deep understanding of the game have made him a trusted voice in sports journalism.

Early Life and Education

Elliotte Friedman was born and raised in a middle-class Jewish household in Canada. His upbringing in this environment shaped his values and work ethic. Friedman pursued higher education at the University of Western Ontario, where his passion for sports journalism began to take shape.

During his time at the university, he worked for the student newspaper, The Gazette. His dedication and talent quickly propelled him to the role of sports editor and eventually editor-in-chief for the 1992-93 academic year. This early experience laid the foundation for his future career in sports media.

Career Beginnings and Rise to Prominence

Friedman’s career in sports journalism took off shortly after his graduation. He began working in various media outlets, gaining experience and honing his craft.

His big break came when he joined CBC Sports, where he covered a wide range of sports, including the Olympics and hockey. His insightful reporting and ability to connect with audiences set him apart in a competitive field.

Transition to Sportsnet and NHL Network

In 2014, Friedman made a significant career move by joining Sportsnet as an ice hockey reporter. This role allowed him to focus on his passion for hockey and provided a platform to reach a broader audience.2

As an insider for the NHL Network, Friedman became known for his breaking news, in-depth analysis, and insider knowledge of the NHL. His work has earned him a reputation as one of the most reliable sources of hockey news.

Contributions to Sports Journalism

Friedman’s contributions to sports journalism extend beyond his reporting. He is known for his detailed and well-researched pieces, often providing behind-the-scenes insights into the world of hockey.


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His work is characterized by a deep respect for the game and its players, and he is lauded for his balanced and fair reporting.

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Elliotte Friedman: A Distinguished Career in Sports Journalism

Elliotte Friedman’s illustrious career in sports journalism began in 1994 at Toronto’s sports radio station, The Fan 590. This marked the beginning of a journey that would see him become one of the most respected voices in sports media.3

Elliotte Friedman
Elliotte Friedman (Image: Source)

At The Fan 590, Friedman honed his skills and developed a reputation for his in-depth analysis and comprehensive reporting.

Play-by-Play and Reporting

One of Friedman’s early significant roles was doing play-by-play commentary for Toronto Raptors games, both on radio and television. This experience allowed him to showcase his versatility and ability to engage audiences with his detailed and dynamic commentary.

Additionally, in 1998, Friedman expanded his repertoire by reporting on Toronto Blue Jays games. This dual role in covering both basketball and baseball demonstrated his broad knowledge and adaptability in sports journalism.

Freelance Work and Print Media

Beyond his broadcasting responsibilities, Friedman also engaged in freelance work for prominent publications such as the London Free Press and the Toronto Star.

This period was crucial in shaping his journalistic skills, as it allowed him to explore different facets of sports reporting and to reach a wider audience. His articles often provided deep insights and detailed analysis, earning him respect in the print media landscape.

Transition to Television

  • Friedman’s transition to television further solidified his status as a premier sports journalist. His ability to seamlessly move between radio, television, and print media highlighted his versatility and depth of knowledge.
  • On television, he continued to cover a range of sports, providing commentary and analysis that resonated with viewers.
  • Friedman’s career took a significant leap when he joined CBC Sports. At CBC, he covered major sporting events, including the Olympics, bringing comprehensive and insightful coverage to Canadian audiences.
  • His work at CBC further established him as a trusted and authoritative voice in sports journalism.
Elliotte Friedman
Elliotte Friedman (Image: Source)

Elliotte Friedman’s Personal Life: Who is His Wife, Steph Friedman?

Elliotte Friedman, the renowned Canadian sports journalist, is not only known for his stellar career in sports media but also for his strong personal life, which includes his marriage to Steph Friedman. The couple has been together for over a decade, having tied the knot on September 3, 2009.

The Journey Together

Elliotte and Steph’s relationship has been a testament to enduring love and mutual support. They have navigated the complexities of their respective careers while maintaining a strong and supportive partnership. Their marriage, which has lasted more than a decade, stands as a solid foundation amid the often hectic world of sports journalism.

Elliotte Friedman
Elliotte Friedman (Image: Source)

Who is Steph Friedman?

Steph Friedman is a dynamic individual with a rich professional background. Before embracing her passion for cooking, Steph worked as a TV producer. This role honed her skills in organization, creativity, and communication, all of which she has seamlessly transitioned into her current pursuits.

From TV Producer to Culinary Enthusiast

After her career in television, Steph shifted her focus to her passion for cooking. She has become a well-known culinary enthusiast, sharing simple and delicious recipes that cater to the needs of busy individuals.

Her approach to cooking emphasizes practicality without compromising on taste and nutrition, making her recipes popular among her followers.

Social Media Presence: @serveitupsteph

Steph shares her culinary creations and cooking tips on her Instagram handle, @serveitupsteph. Her social media presence is characterized by a warm and approachable style, making cooking accessible and enjoyable for her audience.

Through her posts, she provides step-by-step recipes, cooking hacks, and meal planning advice, all aimed at simplifying the culinary experience for her followers.

Balancing Career and Family Life

Balancing a high-profile career in sports journalism with family life can be challenging, but Elliotte and Steph manage it with grace. Their mutual support and understanding have been crucial in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Elliotte’s demanding schedule as a sports journalist often involves extensive travel and long hours, but Steph’s support and their strong partnership help him navigate these challenges.

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Elliotte Friedman’s Net Worth and Earnings in 2024

Elliotte Friedman, a renowned Canadian sports journalist, has carved out a significant niche in the world of sports media. His dedication, skill, and in-depth knowledge have earned him a substantial net worth and an impressive annual salary.

As of 2024, Friedman’s estimated net worth is approximately $1.5 million. This financial success is largely attributed to his extensive career in journalism, covering some of the most exciting and critical moments in sports, particularly hockey.

Elliotte Friedman
Elliotte Friedman

Building a Career in Sports Journalism

  • Elliotte Friedman began his journey in sports journalism in 1994 at Toronto’s sports radio station, The Fan 590. His roles ranged from doing play-by-play commentary for Toronto Raptors games to reporting on Toronto Blue Jays games.
  • This early exposure laid a strong foundation for his career, showcasing his versatility and depth of knowledge in multiple sports.
  • Friedman’s transition from radio to television, including his significant tenure at CBC Sports, further solidified his reputation.
  • Covering major sporting events like the Olympics allowed him to reach a broader audience and demonstrate his exceptional reporting skills.
  • His eventual move to Sportsnet and the NHL Network as an insider further enhanced his profile and contributed to his financial success.

“31 Thoughts” and Expanded Influence

One of the key factors contributing to Friedman’s net worth is his “31 Thoughts” column. This weekly column provides in-depth analysis and exclusive insights into the NHL, making it a must-read for hockey fans and insiders alike.

The popularity and credibility of “31 Thoughts” have significantly bolstered Friedman’s standing in sports journalism, adding to his overall earnings.

Salary and Income Streams

  • Elliotte Friedman’s estimated annual salary is around $200,000. This figure reflects his prominent role as a senior reporter and insider for Sportsnet and the NHL Network.
  • As a key figure in sports journalism, Friedman’s primary income comes from his roles at these major sports networks.
  • His expertise and ability to break significant news stories make him an invaluable asset to these organizations.
  • Over the years, Friedman has contributed to various publications, including the London Free Press and the Toronto Star.
  • His freelance work, while not his primary income source, adds to his overall earnings.

Elliotte Friedman’s Path to Prominence in Sports Journalism

Elliotte Friedman was born and raised in a middle-class Jewish household, where his early years were marked by a passion for sports and storytelling. This dual interest set the stage for what would become an illustrious career in sports journalism.

Friedman’s parents nurtured his curiosity and supported his budding interest in sports, providing a foundation that would later prove invaluable in his professional life.

University Involvement and Leadership

  • At the University of Western Ontario, Friedman quickly became involved with the student newspaper, The Gazette. Initially taking on the role of sports editor, his dedication, and leadership skills were soon recognized.
  • His insightful coverage of university sports events and his ability to connect with athletes and coaches set him apart.
  • He didn’t just report on the games; he told the stories behind them, bringing a human element to sports journalism that resonated with readers.
  • His exceptional work and commitment to journalistic integrity led to his appointment as editor-in-chief of The Gazette during the 1992-93 academic year.
Elliotte Friedman
Elliotte Friedman
  • In this role, Friedman not only honed his editorial skills but also learned the intricacies of managing a publication, from content creation to staff coordination.
  • His tenure as editor-in-chief was marked by significant improvements in the quality and reach of the newspaper, further solidifying his reputation as a promising young journalist.

Breaking into Broadcasting

After graduating, Friedman’s entry into professional journalism began in earnest. In 1994, he joined Toronto’s sports radio station, The Fan 590, a pivotal move that marked the beginning of his broadcasting career.

Working at The Fan 590, Friedman covered various sports, demonstrating versatility and a deep understanding of the sports world. His ability to articulate complex sports strategies and convey the excitement of games to listeners quickly garnered him a following.

Television Career and Rise to Prominence

Friedman’s talent in radio broadcasting did not go unnoticed. In 1998, he transitioned to television, joining the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

At CBC, he worked on Hockey Night in Canada, one of the most prestigious sports broadcasting programs in the country. This role provided him with a national platform to showcase his skills and insights into the world of hockey.


1. Who is Elliotte Friedman?

Ans: Elliotte Friedman is a well-known Canadian sports journalist and broadcaster. He is best recognized for his work with Sportsnet and Hockey Night in Canada, where he provides in-depth analysis and reporting on the NHL.

2. What is Elliotte Friedman’s age?

Ans: Elliotte Friedman was born on September 27, 1970, which makes him 53 years old as of 2024.

3. What is Elliotte Friedman’s career background?

Ans: Elliotte Friedman began his career in sports journalism with the Toronto Star. He then worked for The Score before joining CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada. Following the transition of NHL broadcasting rights to Sportsnet, he continued his role as an analyst and insider, becoming one of the most respected voices in hockey journalism.

4. Who is Elliotte Friedman’s wife?

Ans: Elliotte Friedman is married to his wife, Stephanie, who prefers to maintain a low profile. The couple is known to be private about their personal life.

5. What is Elliotte Friedman’s net worth?

Ans: Elliotte Friedman’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 to $1 million. This estimation is based on his long-standing career in sports journalism, his prominent roles with major networks, and his contributions to sports media.

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