Who Is Gwendoline Christie? Does Actress Have Any Children? Husband And Parents

Who Is Gwendoline Christie? Does Actress Have Any Children? Husband And Parents

Gwendoline Christie is a well-known name in the fantasy genre. Fans also identify her as Brienne of Tarth, one of the show’s many renowned warriors, and are interested in her children and husband.

Her well-known celebrity and intense acting skills combine to produce a persona with a commanding presence. Christie has the ability to play a wonderful villain, which her fans like.

Christie’s height grabbed the attention of photographer Polly Borland in 2002, and she was featured in the Bunny series of images. She made her film debut in 2007 with the short film The Time Surgeon.

Christie has appears in works by filmmaker Nathaniel Mellors, such as the Seven Ages of Britain Teaser. She also contributed to the first four films in his Ourhouse series of experimental short films.

She also worked as an associate producer on Ourhouse behind the scenes. Christie was in charge of the casting, costumes, props, and make-up.

Gwendoline Christie
Gwendoline Christie

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Does Gwendoline Christie Have Any Children? Her Husband

Gwendoline Christie currently does not have any children. Similarly, as many admirers have speculated, she does not have a husband.

Christie, on the other hand, is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Giles Deacon. He is a British fashion designer, the creative director of the Giles Deacon group, and the founder of a fashion firm.

The inspirational couple began dating in 2013 and has been together ever since. Deacon is best known for creating Pippa Middleton’s wedding gown.

Gwendoline has also collaborated with celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Billy Porter, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Furthermore, his art was featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2019 Camp.

It was also the theme of that year’s Met Gala, for which he designed a gown for his partner Christie. The gorgeous couple has made numerous public appearances together throughout the years.

According to Deacon, Christie inspired his brand’s first couture collection in 2016. Christie was nominated for an Emmy in 2019, and the couple walked the red carpet together.

People Recognize Heartstopper’s Sebastian Croft as Young Eddard Stark from Game of Thrones

Inside Gwendoline Christie Family: Her Parents And Siblings

Gwendoline Christie was born in Worthing, West Sussex, England to parents. Her father works as a salesperson, and her mother is a housewife. Whether she is a single child or has brothers and sisters, her siblings’ knowledge remains hidden beneath the rock.

Christie was 18 years old when she left home and volunteered for a year at Central Saint Martins in London. She also helped the MA fashion design students at the college.

Christie studied in the Drama Centre London in her early twenties and graduated in 2005 with a First Class BA (Hons). As a child, she trained in dance and gymnastics.

She worked with Declan Donellan in ‘Great Expectations’ at the Royal Shakespeare Company that autumn before beginning her professional career. She then worked in regional theatre, on international tours, and in the West End.

2022 Gwendoline Christie Net Worth

Gwendoline Christie’s net worth is believed to be $4 million. Christie, a British actress, is one of the industry’s most adored.

In 2007, she made her professional acting debut as the Queen in “Cymbeline” at the Barbican Theatre and in the film “The Time Surgeon.” Christie has since worked on numerous films and television shows.

She rose to prominence as Brienne of Tarth in “Game of Thrones.” Her character, an extraordinarily tall, strong, and plain-looking woman, quickly became a reader favorite.

She has also contributed to major films such as Star Wars, Wizards vs. Aliens, and Top Of The Lake.

Early years

Gwendoline Tracey Philippa Christie was born in Worthing, West Sussex. She has two younger half brothers. Her mother stayed at home while her father worked in sales and marketing. She grew up in a little town near the South Downs. She used to be a gymnast as a child, but she resorted to acting after injuring her back. Around 2002, she worked in a shop in Brighton.

She received her diploma from the Drama Centre London in 2005. She was informed she wouldn’t be able to work because she was abnormally tall and didn’t resemble most actresses. When she told her agent she wanted to be an actor, she was told, “Well, good luck with that.” Tilda Swinton’s performance in Orlando inspired her to continue working toward this aim. In a 2017 interview, she stated, “Well, she’s in a movie, she’s out of this planet, and she’s not in the room.” “I understood there might be room for me as well.”

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Christie’s height drew the attention of photographer Polly Borland in 2002. Christie was the subject of the well-known Bunny series of photographs between 2002 and 2008. Christie claims she hoped the images, in which she is mostly naked, would help her accept her body and question beliefs about what it means to be a woman at the time. She later expressed surprise that she had agreed to meet with them.

Christie has been taught by actor and author Simon Callow since she was in theater school. She has played the Queen in Shakespeare’s Cymbeline alongside Tom Hiddleston, Mag Wildwood in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Lucifer in Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus, where she “stood out” (2010).

Christie’s debut film, a short named “The Time Surgeon,” was released in 2007. Nathaniel Mellors wrote and directed the film. In the years since, she has appeared in several of his works, including Seven Ages of Britain Teaser, a short TV film that introduces the final episode of the documentary series Seven Ages of Britain, and the first four films in his Ourhouse series of experimental short films, which were released in 2010 and 2011 as part of art exhibitions or public screenings. She was also an associate producer on Ourhouse and was responsible for casting, costumes, props, and make-up. And, she made her feature film debut in 2009 with a small role in Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. She appeared in the music video for “Damaris” with Patrick Wolf in 2009.

Professional Life

Christie was cast as the warrior Brienne of Tarth in the second season of HBO’s fantasy TV drama Game of Thrones in July 2011. Many readers of the books adore her character, an extraordinarily tall, muscular, and plain-looking woman, and Christie was proposed for the role long before tryouts. Christie stated that she could draw on her own experiences of being bullied because she was tall and didn’t seem like a girl or a guy to play Brienne, a role she desired after reading the books on which the program is based, A Song of Ice and Fire.

She began dressing for both men and women in order to prepare for the auditions. This assisted her in entering the psyche of her more male character. She also began a rigorous training regimen and gained more than a stone (6.4 kg, 14 lb) of muscle. George R. R. Martin, the show’s co-creator, producer, and author, says she earned the part virtually without a fight following an amazing audition in which she was already clothed and made up as Brienne. She prepared for the role by working out a lot and taking horseback riding, sword fighting, and stage fighting skills.

Christie was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress on Television in 2014 for her work as Brienne in the show’s third season. Because she was a member of the cast, she was nominated for four Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series (she was not a part of the nominated cast in certain years depending on her number of appearances each season).

Christie also appeared in the British science-fiction fantasy drama Wizards vs. Aliens, which was developed by Russell T. Davies and Phil Ford, who also created Doctor Who, as Lexi, the 17-year-old Princess of the Nekross, an extraterrestrial civilization that was conquering Earth. The series aired from 2012 to 2013. She donned a lot of make-up for the role, but she looked like herself when she portrayed Lucy, Lexi’s human form. She also has a minor role in Terry Gilliam’s 2013 film The Zero Theorem.

Gwendoline Christie
Gwendoline Christie

Television Shows And Roles Of Gwendoline Christie

Seven Ages of Britain Teaser (2010) The Operator
Game of Thrones (2012-19) Brienne of Tarth
Wizards vs Aliens (2012-13) Lexi
Top of the Lake: China Girl (2017) Miranda Hilmarson
Star Wars Resistance (2018) Captain Phasma (voice)
Green Eggs and Ham (2022) Marilyn Blouse
The Sandman (2022) Lucifer
Wednesday (2022) Larissa Weems

Quick Facts

Full Name Gwendoline Tracey Philippa Christie
Date Of Birth 28 October 1978
Age 43
Birth Place Worthing, West Sussex, England, Britain
Profession Actress
Education Drama Centre London
Years Active 2006-present
Height 190 cm (6 ft 3 in)
Partner Giles Deacon (2013–present)

Some FAQs

How tall is Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) in real life?

Gwendoline is 190 cm (6 ft 3 in) tall. She once revealed that her height led to her being bullied when she was younger.

Was Brienne of Tarth a real person?

Brienne of Tarth is a fictional character in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels and its television adaptation, Game of Thrones.

Where is Gwendoline Christie from?

Gwendoline Christie was born in Worthing, West Sussex, England to her parents.

Does Gwendoline Christie have any children?

Gwendoline Christie doesn’t have any children till now. Christie is in a long-term relationship with her partner, Giles Deacon.

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