How Old Are Carlo Calderone? Bio, Career, Family, Bike Ride and More

Carlo Calderone, a talented and rising star in the entertainment industry, has captivated audiences with his exceptional acting skills

His recent performances have garnered immense attention, propelling him into the limelight and expanding his dedicated fanbase.

This article delves into Carlo Calderone’s journey, specifically focusing on his remarkable portrayal of Spaddaro il Freddo in the highly popular Netflix series “Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery.”

Carlo Calderone is a remarkable actor who has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema and television. Despite his privacy and the scarcity of personal details online, his talent and dedication to his craft have garnered widespread recognition.

As he continues to mesmerize audiences with his performances, it is evident that Carlo Calderone’s journey in the entertainment industry is only just beginning. Stay tuned to witness the unfolding chapters of this talented actor’s captivating career.

Carlo Calderone
Carlo Calderone (Image: Source)

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Carlo Calderone: Who Is He?

Carlo Calderone’s Talent Shines as Spaddaro il Freddo in the Trending Netflix Series

In his breakthrough role as Spaddaro il Freddo, Carlo Calderone has demonstrated an extraordinary level of skill and versatility.1

The character’s complexity and Calderone’s captivating portrayal have struck a chord with viewers, leading to a surge in popularity for the actor.

As audiences immerse themselves in the intriguing world of “Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery,” Carlo Calderone’s portrayal has become a major talking point, generating widespread acclaim and increasing curiosity about his future projects.

Joining Forces with Ficarra and Picone

The Comic Duo Collaborates with Carlo Calderone in the 2022 Italian Television Series.

Adding further to his growing reputation, Carlo Calderone had the privilege of working alongside the renowned comic duo, Ficarra and Picone, in the Italian television series released in 2022.

This collaboration not only showcased Calderone’s ability to seamlessly integrate into an ensemble cast but also highlighted his comedic timing and flair.

The dynamic chemistry between the trio was a significant factor in the show’s success, garnering praise from critics and viewers alike.

Carlo Calderone
Carlo Calderone (Image: Source)

Carlo Calderone: Bio

An Insight into the Life of the Talented Actor

Carlo Calderone is a highly acclaimed actor, known for his outstanding performances in various movies and television series.2

With his exceptional talent and versatile acting skills, he has captivated audiences worldwide. In this article, we will delve into the life of Carlo Calderone, exploring his age, family background, and other intriguing aspects of his career.

Early Life and Background

Born on October 31, 1987, in the picturesque city of Palermo, Italy, Carlo Calderone entered the world with a natural flair for the performing arts.

As a young talent, he quickly discovered his passion for acting and embarked on a journey to make a name for himself in the industry.

Although specific details about his upbringing and family remain undisclosed, it is evident that his early experiences greatly influenced his artistic pursuits.

Carlo Calderone
Carlo Calderone

Nationality and Language Proficiency

Carlo Calderone’s impressive filmography includes notable works such as “II cacciatore” (2018), “Mascarpone” (2021), and “Squadra antimafia- Palermo oggi” (2009). Through these performances, he has showcased his remarkable range as an actor and garnered critical acclaim.

While his IMDb profile provides a comprehensive overview of his professional achievements, personal information about this talented individual is scarce on the internet.

With Italian roots running deep within him, Carlo Calderone proudly holds an Italian nationality. As a native speaker, he is fluent in the Italian language, effortlessly expressing himself through his mother tongue.

Furthermore, he has demonstrated commendable proficiency in English, expanding his reach and engaging with a wider audience.

Physical Attributes

Carlo Calderone possesses a distinctive presence that leaves a lasting impression. Although precise measurements are not publicly available, one can gather an impression of his appearance through the photographs he has shared on social media.

The charismatic actor stands at an estimated height of around 180 cm, complemented by an athletic physique weighing approximately 70 kg. His captivating brown eyes and dark blonde hair add to his overall allure.

Carlo Calderone has cultivated a private and enigmatic persona, shielding his personal life from the prying eyes of the public.

Consequently, information regarding his parents and family members remains undisclosed, with limited details available on the internet. The actor maintains a discreet social media presence, abstaining from sharing any photographs featuring his loved ones.

Carlo Calderone
Carlo Calderone (Image: Source)

Carlo Calderone: Career

Carlo Calderone, an accomplished actor with a promising career, has captivated audiences with his remarkable performances.3

While his net worth remains undisclosed, his journey in the entertainment industry speaks volumes about his talent and dedication. In this article, we delve into Carlo Calderone’s rise to fame, his notable projects, and the potential for future success.

The Early Years and Acting Training:

  • Carlo Calderone’s passion for acting led him to pursue formal training at the renowned Accademia Nazionale di Arte Drammatica Silvio D’Amico between 2009 and 2012.
  • During this time, he honed his craft, learning the intricacies of the art of acting.
  • Since 2013, Carlo Calderone has embarked on an impressive journey in the television industry.
  • With unwavering commitment, he has showcased his acting prowess in a series of captivating performances.
  • IMDb, the trusted source for entertainment information, records his debut in the popular TV series “Royal Pains” as the character Gino.
Carlo Calderone
Carlo Calderone

Noteworthy Projects:

  • Over the course of his career, Carlo Calderone has contributed to 12 remarkable projects, consistently mesmerizing viewers with his on-screen presence.
  • His dedication and talent have been evident in every role he undertakes, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.
  • In 2015, Carlo Calderone received a well-deserved nomination for the prestigious Miglior Attor Giorgio Armani award in Italy.
  • This recognition serves as a testament to his acting abilities and positions him as a rising star in the industry.
  • With continued improvement and captivating performances, it is likely that Carlo will secure numerous awards and potentially land leading roles in future projects.

Social Media Presence:

  • Carlo Calderone maintains an active presence on Instagram, where he shares glimpses of his personal life and professional projects with his followers.
  • By following @carlocalderone, one can explore his captivating photos and gain insights into his leisure activities and ongoing ventures.
  • Carlo Calderone’s net worth remains undisclosed, but his undeniable talent and dedication to his craft have propelled him to great heights in the entertainment industry.
  • With a series of remarkable performances under his belt, along with industry recognition and a growing social media presence, Carlo is poised to achieve even greater success in the coming years.
  • Keep an eye on this rising star as he continues to captivate audiences with his exceptional acting skills and strive for excellence in his career.

Carlo Calderone: Bike Ride

Carlo Calderone loves to do bike ride, often he went out with his royalenfield.


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Who is Carlo Calderone?

Carlo Calderone is a fictional character from the popular television series “Gomorrah.” He is portrayed as a high-ranking member of the Savastano clan and is known for his cold, calculated demeanor and his involvement in various criminal activities.

What is Carlo Calderone’s role in “Gomorrah”?

Carlo Calderone plays a significant role in “Gomorrah” as one of the main antagonists. He starts off as a trusted ally of the Savastano family but eventually becomes a formidable rival and a major threat to their power.

How does Carlo Calderone’s character evolve throughout the series?

Throughout the series, Carlo Calderone undergoes a significant character development. Initially, he is a loyal and obedient member of the Savastano clan, but as the story progresses, he becomes more ambitious and power-hungry, leading him to challenge the clan’s authority and pursue his own interests.

Does Carlo Calderone have any allies or enemies?

Carlo Calderone has a complex network of allies and enemies within the criminal underworld depicted in “Gomorrah.” He forms alliances with other rival gangs and individuals to expand his influence and undermine the Savastano family.

However, he also has many enemies, including the Savastano clan and their loyal associates who seek to eliminate him and protect their own interests.

What are some memorable moments involving Carlo Calderone?

Carlo Calderone is involved in several memorable moments throughout “Gomorrah.” One notable scene is when he orchestrates a strategic takeover of the city’s drug trade, resulting in a violent conflict with the Savastano family.

Additionally, his calculated moves and manipulative tactics make for intense and suspenseful moments as he navigates the treacherous world of organized crime.

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