International Current Affairs December 2015 (Part 4)

China Parliament Ratified $ 100 Billion to AIIB

  • China’s Parliament ratified the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) agreement on November 4, 2015 that establishes the legal framework for the bank. In this regard, Lawmakers voted at the closing meeting of the bimonthly session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee.
  • With China being the largest shareholder, the ratification is a significant step closer to the AIIB’s formal establishment slated for the end of 2015.
  • BRICS members China, India and Russia are the three largest shareholders, with a voting share of 26.06%, 7.5% and 5.92%, respectively.
  • With an authorised capital of $ 100 billion, the AIIB will finance infrastructure projects like the construction of roads, railways, and airports in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Sierra Leone Officially Declared ‘Ebola-free’

  • Sierra Leone has been declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on November 7, 2015. WHO country director, Anders Nordstrom, confirmed 42 days had passed without any new cases, thereby satisfying criteria that transmission of the virus has ended.
  • Ebola spread to Sierra Leone in May, 2014, when a young pregnant woman and an older housewife were diagnosed as the country’s first cases. Overall, the death toll for the outbreak in 3 West African countries i.e., Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea stands at 11313.
  • Now, Sierra Leone’s neighbour Guinea is the only western African country still having few reported cases Ebola since the deadly outbreak began in December, 2013. Earlier in May, 2015, WHO had officially declared Liberia as first country to be Ebola-free.

Maldives Parliament Impeached its Vice-President

  • Maldivian Parliament Majlis impeached Vice-President Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Ghafoor in an extraordinary sitting on November 5, 2015. 61 Parliamentarians out of the 85 present voted in favour of the motion.
  • Adeeb is the second Vice-President to be impeached in Maldives within the last six months after impeachment of his predecessor Mohamed Jameel since June, 2015. He has been charged with plotting to assassinate the President and is under arrest since October 24, 2015.

UN Committee Adopted : Non-nuclear Resolution

  • The UN General Assembly’s disarmament committee adopted the draft resolution on November 2, 2015 with 156 countries voting in its support. Japan has submitted similar measures for 22 straight years.
  • The text stresses the inherently immoral nature of nuclear weapons and urges nuclear powers to be more transparent in their disarmament efforts. It also urges world leaders to visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which suffered atomic bombings during World War Two.
  • A conference to review the Nuclear Non-Proliferation 1 Treaty in May, 2015 failed to adopt a final outcome document. Now, the United States, Britain and France j abstained from voting despite having supported similar texts in past years. China and Russia opposed the text.

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AKP Regained Grip on Power in Turkey

  • Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development (AK Party) has won back its majority and able to form a single-party ‘ government again after the general election on November 1, 2015. AKP won 316 seats of total 550 members of the Grand National Assembly of the . Parliament by securing 49.4% of the votes.
  • I Justice and Development Party (AKP) is founded by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Its main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) won-134 by securing 25.4% votes. It had secured an outright majority since 2002 but fell short at the last election in June, 2015.
  • So, there was a coalition but coalition negotiations between the ruling AKP and the opposition broke down and the snap election was called by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in August, 2015.

‘One-Child No More’ China Ended Decades-Old Restriction

  • After more than 35 years, on October 29, 2015 China has rescinded its law banning many families from having more than one child; all of them will now be allowed to have two. The shift comes as China faces low fertility rates and an aging trend in its population. China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission also looked at policies that would ‘reduce the burden’ on parents who have two children. Only-child parents were given more leeway.
  • In this regard, the ruling Communist Party of China has issued an official communique at the end of party’s 4 day plenary session headed by President Xi Jinping in Beijing.


Global Gender Gap Report Released

  • The World Economic Forum (WEF) released its annual Gender Gap Report on November 19, 2015. Around 145 countries were evaluated for their approach to gender equality based on economic, educational, health-based and political indicators.
  • According to the report, the global gender gap in health, education, economy and politics has reduced by only four percent in the past 10 years and it would take another 118 years to achieve total equality.
  • The report showed the gap in the education-employment- , leadership flow. While, more women than men have enrolled in universities in 97 countries, women in only 68 countries constitute the majority of work force.
  • The report put India at the 108th rank in gender equality by moving up six places whereas, Iceland topped the chart for the seventh consecutive year.

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